End of Tenancy Cleaning: Every Landlords Dream


Every landlord would want their premises to be left clean always, whenever a tenant decides to vacate. This isn’t something that every tenant is keen to do before their move away so sometimes it’s not done right. If a housing unit is left dirty some extra strain is left on the landlord since the premises cannot be let out or shown to the client while still dirty.

Transitioning from client to another should go smoothly for any landlord. A dirty vacated apartment will use money and time to clean. If an apartment takes a few weeks to clean after a tenant has left, the landlord will be missing out on rent that a new tenant would be paying. The money that a landlord will use cleaning the house could be spent on other important things.

Despite an agreement between the landlord and a tenant for a premise to be left as clean as it was when moving in, it may not be possible. This possibility might be undermined by the tenant’s lack of professional know-how on how to clean. Some stains are not easy to remove and an ordinary tenant lacks the professional knowledge and skill set to do It. Due to this, a tenant might fail to wipe them out leaving some parts of the house dirty. This is exactly why End of Tenancy cleaning is important. Read what is end of tenancy cleaning in London at https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk/ so you get the understanding.

So, why is End of Tenancy Cleaning every landlord’s dream?

  • Hassle free tenant succession; ushering a new tenant should be a smooth transition. What if the previous tenant left the house dirty? That would make things a little bit difficult. As a landlord you want your house to be ready for the next tenant as soon possible, but if there is sticky grime all over your kitchen, scratched doors, stained sinks and probably some cobwebs high on the roof. This might take a while to clean. What can ensure the dirt doesn’t hold you back? End of tenancy cleaning is the answer. If this cleaning exercise is undertaken thoroughly either by the outgoing client or a cleaning service company the landlord can let out his house right after as intended. A hassle-free tenant succession is every landlord wish and the end of tenancy cleaning delivers if when done properly. 
  • Smooth house viewing session; people are always looking for good houses to occupy. Landlords want to be always ready when a house is vacated, keeping it ready for viewing or occupancy. A dirty house can highly discourage a tenant from renting no matter how spacious or good, the last thing a tenant want is to be met by an odor at the door during a house viewing session. Those cobwebs hanging by the corner can make the client change his mind about the property. End of tenancy cleaning ensures the house is thoroughly cleaned and ready for viewing by possible future tenants. A presentable house attracts the interested party and is likely to be rented much faster, isn’t that what you as a landlord wants? Definitely, it is.
  • Avoidance of deposit disputes; no one looks forward to depositing disputes, not the tenant and certainly not the landlord. It’s good to steer clear of deposit disputes because they can go as far as ending up in court. The landlord wants to move on from one tenant to the next right after the house is left vacant, being embroiled in lengthy deposit dispute due to dirt can delay the house from being occupied especially if the solution is legally pursued. Its every landlord wish to pay the deposit after the inspection has been done especially if the tenant was responsible for end of tenancy cleaning and has done it well. 
  • House maintenance; just like many other things a house needs to be maintained. Cleaning is a way of maintenance since end of tenancy cleaning can entail the restoration of paint, removal of stains, cleaning of carpets, refrigerators, and ovens. A landlord wants to be able to restore and clean their property every time it is in disuse for the purpose of maintenance. End of tenancy cleaning enhance is a good practice in-house maintenance, if it’s done well the house will look clean and remain fresh. Despite whether it’s a company or tenants responsible for the end of tenancy cleaning its every landlord’s dream to have a well maintained clean property always. 

End of tenancy cleaning delivers a clean, fresh house to the landlord every time a tenant vacates. Either done by a cleaning company or the tenant, all the landlord wants is a clean house, a property is ready and presentable satisfies the owner as he awaits for tenants. This process instils confidence in the landlord as he puts the property back to the market, EOT is surely every landlord’s dream.