Things To Consider While Choosing Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In London

A carpet sets the tone of a living space giving it a distinct character. Whether in the office or at home it is important to always ensure your carpets are clean and in good condition.  Carpets are guaranteed their share of daily dirt and a prone to the occasional spillage of food, drinks and beverages, and in some cases where pets are involved – faeces.  Agreeably, carpets host more germs than any piece of furniture and upholstery in any living space.

Cleaning carpets can be an uphill task particularly if carpets are cleaned by house or office staffs that have other tasks to attend to and may not give proper attention to the cleaning that needs to get done.  It is obvious – the only solution is hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

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Types of Carpets

Carpets are made from a wide range of fabric including nylon, wool, polyester, olefin, and triextra. There are also many synthetic varieties also available in the market. Carpets are usually constructed in a number of ways namely; cut pile, loop pile, patterned loop, cut and loop pile. Cut pile has a high density comprising of highly interwoven yarn that assists it in holding its shape.  It is hardy and excellent for high traffic areas. Loop piles – loops of the same height are constructed and are suitable for an informal look.  Loop pile is also good for high traffic. Patterned loop comprises of a multi level loop pile of different loop heights and is an excellent choice for casual look. Finally, he cut and loop pile is a combination of both cut pile and loop pile designs. This combination allows an array of textures and colours that can hide soil and stains.

There are a number of things to consider while choosing a professional carpet cleaner:

  • Knowledgeable on carpet; is the potential service provider knowledgeable on carpets? A professional carpet cleaner appreciates and attends to the fabric and design of the carpet during the cleaning procedure.  Having these facts before hand eliminates disastrous scenarios in the cleaning process.
  • Understanding of product; Part of being knowledgeable on carpets is also being knowledgeable on the best suited product for the different types of carpets in the market. While interviewing a potential carpet cleaning service provider – ask questions to ascertain that they are knowledgeable.
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  • Type of cleaning equipment and number of staff; it is important to know what they will use to clean your carpets especially if you are dropping the carpet off at their premises. It may surprise you that they may use cold water, bar soap and a brush to get the cleaning done.  Also get to know how many employees the service provider has – this gives you an indication on whether they may get overwhelmed with work should they have other work to consider.
  • Tour their premises; if you are fortunate to have time on your hands, visit their premises ask to view work in progress – you will be one step closer in making a decision.
  • Track record; Ask the potential carpet cleaning service provider for a client list in which you can ascertain their track record.
  • Locality; It is best to always have a good service provider in your location. This way they are easily accessible and save you time.
  • Check the fine print; be clear on what the service provider states in his agreement. The fine print may not be favourable to you. Always ensure that any damage on your carpet during cleaning is catered for in the agreement.

For one to always have their carpets in excellent condition, they need the right cleaners to do the job properly.