How To Know If You Have Hired The Right EOT Company

EOT-CleanersEnd of tenancy cleaning is an important exercise to perform when moving out of a rented property. Whether it’s the tenants or landlords responsible for this process it should be done properly. Usually, a house is likely to have all sorts of dirt while it’s occupied since all the amenities are active.

These are the most common dirt accumulating areas; 

  • Showers heads clogging
  • Top corners are likely to have cobwebs
  • Floors are easily stained
  • Soiled carpets
  • Scratched walls
  • Dirty windows
  • Ovens attract a lot of dirt due to their use
  • Refrigerators due to the storage roles they play
  • Handles, knobs, and switches
  • Kitchen sinks

It’s not easy to thoroughly clean these areas because some windows can unreachable and you could lack the expert knowledge of removing stains. Professional end of tenancy cleaning companies is likely to do a much better job.

end-of-tenancy-cleaners-working-at-homeHow do you know if you have hired the right end of tenancy cleaning Company?

  • Company reputation; a reputable EOT company is likely to have a good work ethic. Modern technology has enabled Londoners to search almost everything on the internet including essential services. Reading reviews on the internet can shed light on what to expect from a company. The right End of Tenancy cleaning service should have positive reviews on the internet. If customers have given more positive feedback than negative on that particular company then you are on the right track. Some feedback from people who have been served by a particular company before can be quite informative and helpful. 
  • Prompt response; the right end of tenancy cleaning Company should respond promptly when you reach out for them. A well-established company should have a standby team ready to be dispatched to your premise as soon as you request their services. As a landlord, your vacant house may be awaiting cleaning so that you can usher in a new tenant. If the end of tenancy cleaning is to be done by the tenant moving out, a company that responds fast shows more professionalism and the faster you can get your deposit back. 
  • Competent staff; professionalism of their staff should be instrumental in finding out if you the right end of tenancy cleaning service. Competent staff should be well acquainted with what they do, the right solutions to the challenges that will arise during the cleaning process. A clogged shower is not supposed to pause a great challenge for them. Competent staff should have the right stain removers for the common tenacious stains. They should know to deal with the grime and dirty sinks without scratching them. 
  • Right equipment and tool; Equipment and tools can enable you to determine whether you have the right company. Advanced cleaning equipment is an indicator that you have the right end of tenancy cleaning service. They should have vacuum cleaners; toilet brushes, extendable dusters for your roof in case of cobwebs and a squeegee for the windows. Right equipment and tools show that the service provider knows what they are doing. The oven should be left sparkling clean without damages and so is the refrigerator. 
  • Quality services; the right end of tenancy cleaning service should provide top notch services. They should consider your concerns while cleaning certain areas and offer expert advice. Involving you in the process and allowing you to inspect and give feedback is one of the characteristics of a good cleaning service. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the right service providers, they will ensure you are satisfied before they leave the premises. 
  • Household name; the right company should probably have a household name. If you have heard of it anywhere in London you have probably heard more than just the name. Renown companies tend to be experienced in their field so a well-established end of tenancy cleaning company should be reputable a well-known. 
  • Right pricing; the right end of tenancy cleaning company should be able to offer reasonable prices. Justifying the cost after evaluation of the premises by giving a breakdown and explaining why a certain area demands more attention is a good pointer. The charges should be within the prevailing market price. 

Knowing that you have the right end of tenancy cleaning service should not be an impossible task. The above indicators will easily help you identify if you are getting value for your money. The right service providers will meet your expectations or probably exceed them. As soon they are done, your cleanliness concerns should be gone without a doubt. This should enable you to notify the landlord and pass the inspection getting your deposit back promptly if you are the vacating tenant. In a situation where it’s a landlord who has reached out for the service, his property will be left presentable and ready for viewing, expect your next client to be satisfied by the level of cleanliness.

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