House Cleaning Tips For 2019: Residential Cleaning Thing You Should Know


Despite all the talk and anxiety about Brexit and how it’ll unfold, a whopping 6 million Britons employ domestic cleaners to clean their homes, offices, and other premises. In other words, most people would rather have a cleaning agency or company come over and clean their premises, not because it is a luxury, but rather, a necessity. And even as we wind up 2018 and look forward to what 2019 has to offer, did you know that there are simple house cleaning tips you can try out to make things easier? This is especially so when you consider that 47% of people spend over 5 hrs a week cleaning their homes. How do you make these 5 hours easier and more convenient to work with? Have a look below;

  • Decluttering your home; if you are keen enough, you’ll realize that your home has items you don’t use regularly. There are valuables and items you have not used in the last 6 months or so. You don’t have to usher in 2019 with these, some could be junk that you’ll not need in the near future. Thus, start by sorting out such items, categorize them into either to be ‘donated, ‘thrown away, or to be reused. By so doing, you’ll; not just declutter your home; you’ll also make space and room for new items.
  • Make it regular; general cleaning is a good thing, it enables you to attend to those neglected areas of your home that are rarely attended to. Now, instead of waiting until the rooms are sop dusty or cluttered, how about embracing regular cleaning? In other words, don’t wait for months before you dust that loft or clean up that garage, basement room. In 2019, make a habit of cleaning up after every 2 weeks or so. By so doing, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, tidier environment in your home.
  • Get a helping hand; whether you’re looking to clean your residential area, office, it’s important that you get a helping hand. You may think that cleaning your rooms helps you save a coin here and there, but professional cleaning companies make things much easier. A good cleaning company will ensure that all the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and freshened up even when you’re too busy or not in the mood to ‘work. Such cleaning companies have the tools and equipment to leave your premises sparkling clean.
  • Have fun; cleaning your home in 2019 doesn’t have to be a task or a duty that makes you break a sweat. Rather, you can make it a fun activity that you look forward to each weekend. You can do this by including your children or partner in your house cleaning. When you do it jointly, house cleaning becomes fun, plus you are able to do it more thoroughly. You know your home better than any cleaning company and as such, you’re best placed to know what areas need to be cleaned first, what areas need special attention.
  • Bicarbonate soda works; the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and as such, it’s important you keep it clean at all times. Bicarbonate soda is easily available and it is one of the best cleaning agents for your oven or cooker! It’s eco-friendly, and it removes stains and other dirt with ease. Just mix the bicarbonate soda with water, wash the interior of your oven and leave it overnight before rinsing. All the stubborn grease and stains will easily go away, it leaves the cooker looking and smelling fresh; much better than any chemicals you’d opt for.
  • Long-term planning; in 2019, try and avoid random, haphazard cleaning. In other words, look at cleaning as a necessary activity that requires long-term planning. The best way to achieve this is by hiring the services of a reputable cleaning company like EOT Cleaning. Such a company will ensure that your home is ever clean and tidy, even when you’re busy or held up. Cleaning companies are best placed to come over and clean your house on weekends, on public holidays, and so on. You can thus concentrate on other more important things, as the company takes care of the cleaning aspect of your premises.

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