How End of Tenancy Cleaning Can Improve Corporate Image


In such cities as London, business people are always shifting to better locations. Some will stay within the city while others will relocate to other cities. In such situations, these businesses are those that operate on rented spaces and once they move out to new locations, other businesses move into their former location. To make the shifts easy especially for the new businesses settling in new locations, landlords ensure that there is an agreement in place for the former tenant to offer end of tenancy cleaning services. This way, new tenants will find the place clean and well maintained.

For the business people who are moving to a new location, end of tenancy cleaning is not just a tenancy requirement, but also something that can be used to improve their corporate image. Corporate image is basically the reputation of a business with the audiences that are important to it. The business environment today is changing at a very high rate and this means that businesses are constantly in a competition, trying to outdo each other in the business industry. A business’ corporate image can significantly affect how people, especially its clients see it, and this determines how they will transact with the business in the future.

If therefore you are worried about your business’ corporate image, you have to do what is required of you and this involves offering end of tenancy cleaning before you move out of the rented premise. This is not only a legal requirement in some instances but also a way to ensure that you leave the premises without any problems and also on good terms with your landlord. It is always to the business’ advantage to guarantee that the cleaning is done well, meeting all the requirements stipulated in the tenancy agreement. If not, you will not only lose your tenancy deposit but also your corporate image.

What to do for after tenancy move out cleaning?

For any business that is moving out, it is important for the business person to know what he stands to benefit from the end of tenancy cleaning and also how much he stands to lose if it is not done as per the landlord’s expectations. There is a lot at stake if things do not go on well and the most important thing you might lose here is your business’ reputation. Every business needs a good reputation to survive the competition in the business world. Any form of negative publicity might end up damaging your business’ image for a long time and this may affect your business for a very long time.

To avoid all these problems, see to it that any damage that was incurred during your tenancy period or one that was caused by you is repaired before you move out. If there is anything missing or completely damaged, ensure that it is replaced. Do your part to make certain that the premises are as good as you found them if not better. Take time to supervise the cleanup too as this is the only way you can be sure that it has been done thoroughly.

Work with your landlord’s End of tenancy cleaning checklist

To be able to fully satisfy the requirements by your landlord, you need to work with his end of tenancy cleaning checklist. The checklist will vary so much from one landlord to the other. It will also depend on the kind of premise you have been using. The property owner or the letting agent should be willing to provide you with the final inspection checklist to work as your guide during the cleaning.

DIY/professional cleaning services

With the checklist at hand, it is now up to you to do the cleaning yourself or you can hire the help of a professional cleaning company. If you have the time and the know-how, cleaning the premises yourself will not only save you a lot of money but also improve your corporate image. A company that takes time to clean before moving out will definitely impress a lot of potential buyers in the business industry.

If however you do not have the required tools, equipment and supplies but you still want to maintain your corporate image, you can work with a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. A company that specialises in EoT cleaning will know the required standards of cleaning by most landlords. They will also know where to clean in order to meet you and your landlord’s requirements. They will also work with the checklist from your landlord as a guide on the most important areas.

Above all, a cleaning company will save you a lot of time and effort. It will take care of the cleaning as you handle other business issues, taking the burden off your shoulders.


Whether you clean the premises by yourself or you hire professional cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning is important for every business as far as improving its corporate image is concerned.

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