How To Eliminate Odours Effectively

Research from National Institute of Heath (NIH) has shown that there are over 1 trillion smells which can be distinguished by humans, so perhaps it comes to no surprise that we prefer surrounding ourselves with the nicer scents. 

With that said, what do you do when your house spells a bit questionable? The cleaning experts at End of Tenancy London have decided to help you eliminate odours effectively and made a list of tips to help you do just that.

Why does my house smell bad?

In order to get rid of a bad odour, you need to identify what the root of the problem is. The source of the smell might not be easily identifiable and sometimes if the smell is musty, it could indicate the existence of mould in your house. Mould is very dangerous to humans when inhaled, so if you suspect that is the case you should act immediately by dealing with the mould yourself or by hiring a cleaning company.

If mould is not the reason for the bad odour, these are a couple of other reasons why your house may not be smelling its best.

Mouldy food

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Not taking out your rubbish regularly or cleaning out old food from the fridge can become a reason for bad odour in your house. Even dirty dishes left in the sink for too long can make your place smell bad, so it’s best to keep on top of these chores and keep the kitchen clean of mouldy food.


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Pets are part of the family but, just like the rest of us, they need washing regularly. Keeping your pet clean will prevent the house from having that unmistakeable pet smell. Simultaneously, pets can leave little ‘accidents’ behind, which can be another reason for a bad odour in your house. Ensuring pets are properly potty trained, and cat litter is changed regularly, can help keep your house smelling fresh.

Dirty laundry

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If you catch a strange whiff in your bedroom, the dirty laundry basket could be to blame. Studies have shown that our sweat is actually odourless until it gets into contact with a certain type of bacteria, so if your laundry smells bad, it has probably become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Stagnant air

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If you don’t open your windows regularly, the air in your house will become stagnant, making it an unpleasant space to live in.

How to get rid of bad odour in your house

You should start my making a cleaning checklist of the tasks to complete in order to create a fresh-smelling home. The checklist could include:

Take out the bins

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As mentioned before, mouldy food can make your home smell, so you need to make sure you always keep on top of taking your rubbish out regularly and cleaning the bin with antibacterial products, if you want to make your house smell nice[AC1] . Simultaneously, make sure the dishes are cleaned as the food residue on them can start smelling if left uncleaned for too long.

Clean the fridge/dishwasher

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Expired food in your in your fridge will eventually release a bad odour. And not only that, it is a huge source of bacteria which you don’t want in your fridge, next to the products you are eating.

Cleaning the dishwasher is just as important, as the food particles remaining there, combined with the humid environment, becomes a great place for bacteria to thrive.

Do laundry

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Making sure the laundry basket is taken care of as soon as it fills up will help you get rid of that stale clothing smell, and the bacteria growing on them. Simultaneously, just-washed laundry will fill the room with a pleasant, fresh smell.

Deodorise the drains

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If your house is spotless and you have a hard time finding the source of the bad odour, the sink could be the likely culprit. Unpleasant drain smells are not uncommon. There are a few ways in which you can get rid of the smell.

The first tip is to use a combination of hot water and dish soap. You will need to put a plug into the sink hole, fill it with hot water and then add some soap to it. Once you mix the soap with the water, take out the stopper and let the water clean the drains.

A second tip is to use baking soda, lemon juice and hot water. You will need to add all the ingredients together and pour them down the drain. The baking soda and lemon juice will not only clean the drain, but it will make it smell nice as well.

Both of these methods are great ways to clean your kitchen without chemicals.

Air out the house

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This final tip is good practice no matter what the source of the bad smell is. So, how often should you air out the house? Our experts claim that it should be done regularly- even in the winter! A few minutes a day should do the trick.

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