Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and upholstery are the most sensitive parts of the house. They often fill with dust and allergens and should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week.

Carpet cleaning is quite intricate work and should be to the experts, which we happen to be, as our specialized teams are fully qualified and are skilled at restoring carpets back to their original condition.

Our carpet cleaning service includes, not only vacuuming, but also grooming, rinsing and drying.

We know how to take care of the most expensive and finest fabrics and can remove spots and spills, while still preserving the fabrics. To remove embedded dirt, we deep clean the carpets professionally using the necessary specialized equipment. The carpet cleaners we use are capable of removing enough liquid away from your carpets in order to avoid any mould or perhaps damp.

Our experience and knowledge of various cleaning agents and specific cleaning processes means, that water marks, colour bleeding and creasing don’t damage your carpet.

Carpet cleaning is essential for keeping your carpets fresh and new and deep cleaning is recommended every six months.

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