Speed Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Is unexpected company coming? Did your neat-freak mother-in-law just call to say she’ll be there soon?

If so, you may need to clean your home FAST! Here are 13 cleaning tips that will get your home clean in 30 minutes.


Speed Cleaning Tips From End Of Tenancy London

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Our Speed Cleaning Tips For Your Home

  1. It’s a cleaning tip that you may hear a lot, but its one of the most important tips any one can ever give you…Stay on top of things. Do regular cleaning so the work (and the grime) won’t build up.
  2. Have a cleaning routine. Going in the same order each time means you won’t waste minutes wondering what to do next.
  3. Use a cleaning tote. Fill it with everything you need, and carry it from room to room.
  4. Go for an easy-to-clean lifestyle. Choose bedding that yields an easy-make bed. Avoid dust-catching knick-knacks.
  5. Be clutter-free. Grab a laundry basket, throw clutter in it without sorting, and hide it away.
  6. Focus on high-traffic areas; skip cleaning certain spots for now. You can do the top of the fridge and under the beds at another time.
  7. Clean while you sleep. Just before bedtime on the night before cleaning day, run the dishwasher and put cleanser in the toilet. When you wake, put away dishes and brush the toilet.
  8. Multitask. Launder sheets, towels, and shower curtains while you work on other things.
  9. Extend your reach. For your vacuum cleaner, get an ultra-long extension cord for less unplugging and replugging. Use a duster with an extra-long or expandable handle.
  10. Let products work for you. Saturate the shower with cleaning spray and let that sit as you empty the trash; dirt will be easier to wipe away minutes later. Consider buying a robotic vacuum cleaner that moves and cleans on its own.
  11. Condense cleaning products and tools. Use a single all-purpose cleaner instead of multiple products. Instead of both broom and vacuum, use the vacuum only, and vacuum each strip of carpet only once—you’re in a hurry, remember?
  12. Enlist help. Ask family members to pitch in, or call in a favor from a friend.
  13. Do shiny things last: mirrors, faucet fixtures, door knobs, cabinet handles, front of fridge, etc.

With this speed-cleaning routine, you’ll get the job done quickly. Plus you’ll enjoy showing off your clean home to unexpected guests. And who knows? You might even get a compliment from your mother-in-law!

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