Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning in the UK officially starts on the 4th March, and continues throughout the month. Spring cleaning may feel like a chore, but if you suffer from seasonal allergies, spring cleaning is vital to get rid of dust and mold that accumulates over the winter months. Studies have also shown that spring cleaning boosts productivity, increases energy levels and relieves stress, so what other reason do you need to get spring cleaning your home?

Cleaning company End of Tenancy London has listed 6 tips for spring cleaning to make your house sparkling clean with a lot less effort.

6 spring cleaning tips:

Tackle Each Room Separately

Spring cleaning can be made easier by tackling room by room. This method offers a more effective and meticulous approach, especially when deep cleaning your home at this time of year. It is useful to download a room checklist, to ensure you are cleaning all the necessary areas of your home and don’t miss anything.

Note: Feel free to skip items if you have recently cleaned these areas and instead focus on parts of your home that have been neglected over the winter months.  

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Declutter and Organise

One of the biggest jobs of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter you don’t need. It is the perfect time of year to declutter any additional objects or items that are overcrowding your home. Once you have decluttered and the mess is gone, cleaning is a lot easier and can offer the perfect opportunity to refurbish your house.

When decluttering your home, one effective and productive technique is the systematic four-step approach. Here you identify the problem, analyse the reason, determine your solutions and then implement the remedy.  

You may also want to take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book when spring cleaning your home and get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. If it doesn’t make you happy or isn’t a useful addition to your home, it’s not worth it being there. The same goes for clothes too, try splitting your clothes into keep, store, trash and charity/give away.

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Complete the Seasonal Chores

When spring cleaning, it is a good idea to complete all the necessary seasonal chores that you carry out each year. These tasks are often neglected throughout the year but once completed they will help you run your home more smoothly.

For example, cleaning the BBQ, patios and windows is a good place to start, to get ahead before Spring is in full swing and you begin to spend more time outdoors and entertaining family and friends.

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Get the Family Involved

Getting the family involved is a great option to help ease the stress of spring cleaning. Allocate each family member different tasks to complete the chores between you. It’s the perfect time to get your family working together.

Note: Putting on some music or adding in rewards can be a good incentive to get the chores done, especially when children are involved.

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Use Minimal Cleaning Products

Don’t be tempted to splash the cash on all the new cleaning products you see in store. Spring cleaning is easier and more effective when you just use the basic cleaning essentials, or even make your own from scratch at home. For example, a good all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths can go a long way.

You’ll be surprised just home many cleaning items can be hand-crafted using items found in your cupboards at home. DIY cleaning products, such as using vinegar or bicarbonate of soda around the home, can be a great way to create eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as saving some money.

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Create New Cleaning Habits

Spring cleaning is the perfect time of year to establish new cleaning habits which you can maintain throughout the year. For example, getting into the routine of doing quick 15-minute clean-ups can help you keep your home clean and tidy all year long!

Here at End of Tenancy Cleaning London, we recognise that time is precious and that often families do not have the time to deep clean regularly or put into practice these spring cleaning hacks. That’s why we offer professional spring cleaning services to turn your home into a clean and tidy haven. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or to book an appointment.