Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

 Carpet-Cleaning-by-EOT-Cleaning-CompanyCarpeting is expensive. It is everyone’s dream to maintain their carpet for the longest time possible. To achieve this, regular cleaning is vital. First, it is important to identify the best carpet cleaners who employ professionalism and use appliances that will not accelerate wear and tear. Employing simple maintenance habits will also see your carpet lasting longer.  So, how do you go about it?

  1. Regular vacuuming; Vacuum on a weekly basis. Ensure that all spots are covered, under the furniture and under the mats. Go for quality vacuums, they will give your carpet a thorough cleaning.
  2. Dust the floor with baking soda before vacuuming; Baking soda absorbs odours. Concentrate on spots sending off stronger odours. Your carpet will always smell fresh. There are chemical based powders that get rid of odours but baking soda is chemical free and does the same job.
  3. Work on stains immediately they appear; apply your approved cleaner on the stain and rub it out before it settles in. use a clean clear rug to rub the stain. A clear rug prevents your carpet from absorbing coloured undesirable dyes. Dry the particular spot and vacuum.  If you want to avoid chemical based cleaners, white vinegar and club soda are good cleaner alternatives.

Carpet cleaning can be made easier by preventing stains. Some stains can get really stubborn if allowed to stay for a long time without being cleaned out. Stains can be prevented by following these easy steps;

  1. Use mats, rugs and runner

Identify the most delicate places and place easy –to- wash rugs. Place rugs in the dining area. Select a suitable playing site for the kids to play in cases where there are young kids in the home. Place a mat or a rug and train them to play on that particular spot.



  1. Use repellents in case of pet

If you have pets in the house, train them to urinate outdoors.  Pet urine leaves an unpleasant stench on the carpet and also accelerates wear and tear if done repeatedly. Spray the carpet with repellents. Pets are not comfortable with repellent smell and will avoid the carpet. White vinegar, lemon juice and alcohol are alternative non-chemical based repellents and will do a job as good.


  1. Shoes discipline

Remove shoes while in the house. Shoes will bring all the outdoor dust into the house. Guide your guests to do the same and this will save you a lot of work, as well as maintain your carpet. Kids too need to be trained not to enter the house with shoes.


  1. Eat and drink far away from the carpet

Food and drinks are the most common stain sources. Eat and drink over tiled and wood floors. Encourage guests and kids to avoid eating and drinking around the carpeted areas too.

Above all, avoid using carpet powders regularly. They increase wear and tear. Use baking soda to remove stains. Do not rub in stains, blotting motions are gentler and maintain the carpet fabric after getting rid of stains. Before using a cleaner, test it on small spots of the carpet to avoid massive damage.

Every cleaning company claims to offer the best services. However, it is important to do a good research on cleaning companies that offer higher quality cleaning services .their staff should be committed to do a good job at any time of the year, and have a record of their efficiency. This will of course need you to delve deeper into your pocket, but it’s incomparable to re-carpeting all over again after paying cheaply. Remember, decent carpeting tells a lot about a home owner and the cleaners employed. A high level of maintenance is therefore very important.