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Airbnb Cleaning Services In London

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Star Quality Cleaning

Quality work

At EOT Cleaning we provide high-quality cleaning services to all our customers. We are the leading company when it comes to after tenancy cleaning in London and we take pride to do our work.

Reasonable Cleaning Prices

Reasonable pricing

Our cleaning services are prices at a very competitive rate. So you know you are getting the end of tenancy cleaning services at the best rate in London. Our services are quality and affordable.

Customer Support

Best customer support

We have a live chat system on our website and we are online to help and answer any questions you have. Call us anytime and we are happy to take your bookings and do your AirBnb cleaning services.

Quick Service

Quick service

EOT Cleaning staff is trained to work efficiently and save your time. We are professionals in end of tenancy cleaning services in London. So hire us to cleaning your AirBnb host properties in London.

Did you know that with a single phone call, you can solve all your Airbnb cleaning needs in London as a host?

EOT Cleaning is a leading cleaning company that specializes in offering cleaning services to Airbnb hosts. Our professional cleaners are all well trained and immensely experienced. Our Airbnb services are ideal both for short and long stay rentals. Whether you’re looking for regular cleaning, or a one-off cleaning; we can gladly handle both with great excellence. Our desire is to leave all rooms clean and super comfortable, ready for the host who’ll occupy it. Airbnb cleaning services in London are meant not just to get your property cleaned.

We will clean all kinds of Airbnb property

From vacant rooms to fully furnished apartments, houses, and so on. Most Airbnb guests are looking for a clean and serene place to put up during their London stay. It is for you, as the host, to ensure that the place they’ll rent is spotlessly cleaned, and without any traces of the previous guest. No hair blocking sinks, no oily ovens or greasy walls. The only way to go about this is by hiring EOT Cleaning. Each cleaning exercise is a new experience that will bring freshness and a brand new feel for every property. All your customer care skills plus fair pricing will come to naught if the property isn’t well cleaned. In fact, most Airbnb guests are willing to pay even more if it means that they’re assured of a serene and clean atmosphere. Plus competition is stiff from other property owners around you. Stay on ahead of your game, let’s do the cleaning for you and you’ll love it.

Airbnb Cleaning Services In London
Airbnb Cleaning Package

Our Airbnb cleaning package
comprises of various exercises

If you are new or just beginning in the Airbnb business, we usually recommend that you try our one off first cleaning, before settling for the regular cleaning. Our high quality and efficient Airbnb cleaning services will breathe new life to your property; we’ll convert the premises into something every guest will marvel at. Seeing how diverse Airbnb rental properties are, we have tailored our services in such a way that they can be customized to suit every client. If you manage multiple properties across London, with different occupation and departure dates, all that you need is to leave the cleaning to us. The window between the time a guest has moved out, and another left can be short. Read more

In fact if your property is prime and much sought after, it is possible for a guest to depart in the morning and find another looking to move in the evening same day! Such is the nature of Airbnb and as such, the best way to be ever ready for occupancy is by having a reliable Airbnb cleaning company by your side. EOT Cleaning has immense experience working with many London Airbnb property owners.

Our goal is to help you attain 5 Star rating on Airbnb and we do this by taking care of all your cleaning needs. Our services are sure and efficient; you don’t have to worry about the guest being disappointed by a stained sink or dusty window sills and other minor things. Our professional Airbnb cleaners will come armed with a checklist they’ll use in cleaning up. Booking our services is extremely easy, it takes less than 60 seconds and once we’ve taken in your details, our cleaners can be at your place within an hour. It means that in instances where you have gotten an urgent booking but feel you have to do some quick cleaning, EOT will be a reliable partner. Show Less

AirBNB Cleaners

You can always count on our
Airbnb cleaners to be;

  • Fully trained, professional, and very experienced.

  • We equip them with all cleaning materials they’ll need. They come fully equipped to get to work right away.

  • All our Airbnb cleaners have their backgrounds carefully checked to ensure that they’re legal UK residents, and that they’re fit for the task at hand.

  • All our cleaners are highly rated. We have a large team of cleaners for office and domestic premises; however, only a few of the best are picked for Airbnb cleaning. They are extremely courteous and very good at what they do.

You just need to fill an online form or give us a call, and our sales team will be on standby to speak to you. We have a special representative who’s in charge of all Airbnb cleaning tasks. We are your reliable and professional partner who’ll take care of all your cleaning needs. EOT Cleaning can dispatch several cleaning teams at once, in different Airbnb properties. As such, we are your best bet if you have multiple properties and all need to be cleaned at once. In such kind of a scenario, we give customized pricing for all such properties. Our track record speaks for itself, our Airbnb cleaning services are sure to dazzle your premises. When we say that we are passionate, it means that we see the Airbnb property as if it’s ours; we strive to uphold international cleaning standards so that regardless of where your next guest comes from, everything’s well in place. This means paying attention to details and ensuring that every nook and crevice is thoroughly cleaned up.

EOT Cleaning is your best bet if you’re looking for professional and efficient Airbnb cleaners in London. Like aforementioned, we take time to vet and check the background of every single cleaner within the ranks. This means that we’re 100% certain that by the time we’re sending Airbnb cleaners to your property, all are trustworthy and reliable men and women who won’t disappoint. No damage or loss of property, our cleaning code of conduct directs our cleaners to always take photos of the premises immediately they arrive to clean, and afterwards when they’re leaving. If you have any comments or complaints, we’re always ready to listen and comply.

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