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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Richmond

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Richmond

It is the responsibility of every landlord to ensure that the property they’re letting is cleaned up to a professional standard. As a new tenant, you have the liberty to point out any areas that you feel are not as clean as one would expect; you note down those on the inventory before check-in.

Once you’ve moved in and after some time you decide you want to move out, you as the tenant will be required to do the end of tenancy cleaning. You have the leave the property as clean as you found it.

And this is where we come in; End of Tenancy Cleaning London offers you professional, thorough, and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services in Richmond and surrounding areas. We will do a great job so that you’re guaranteed of getting your deposit back!

Why End of Tenancy Cleaning London is the Best Choice

  • Excellent customer service

The first thing you’ll notice when you call is that we have in place a professional and friendly customer care team that’s here to serve you. We’ll want to find out where exactly in Richmond you’re located, the size of your house, and the date you plan to move out. This will help us come up with a checklist that our cleaners can rely on to get the job done. 

There’s more to an end of tenancy cleaning company than just getting the job done; professionalism and value for your money count too. 

  • Flexible and speedy appointments

Secondly, we have been serving the residents of Richmond long enough to understand that most of them look for end of tenancy cleaning at the last minute. No problem, we can mobilise our team in a day if that’s what suits you. 

You can never go wrong with us and our services are available any time it suits you. On weekends, public holidays, in the evening or any other time you’re free!

Armed with skills and immense experience, and a checklist, we ensure that we clean everything from top to toe, going over areas most tenants would hardly remember cleaning. This includes cleaning hard-to-reach places such as lofts, ceilings, bathroom tiles, removing cobwebs and so on.

  • Experienced and professional cleaners

All our cleaners are professionals who’re carefully picked for their dedication, passion and self drive. We love what we do, we love offering end of tenancy cleaning services to residents. 

We will handle all the delicate items with care; think of things like TV sets, laptops, cutlery, wall clocks, and any other valuable at home or in the office.

More often than not, a landlord withholds your deposit until and unless you clean up the property to professional standards. And since the landlord may not always agree with the tenant on the definition of professional standards, a checklist forms the common ground for both. This is why we always insist on being guided by a checklist, where the landlord can tick and confirm that indeed all rooms and areas have been thoroughly cleaned.

  • A licensed and fully registered company

End of Tenancy Cleaning London is a fully registered and licensed end of tenancy cleaning company. When you hire us in Richmond, you can always rest assured that you’re working with a company that has done hundreds of end of tenancy cleaning exercises before. Know that you’re working with a company whose ultimate goal is your satisfaction. 

Our joy and happiness come when your landlord has refunded your deposit and you’ve parted ways on good terms.

Commercial Cleaning in Richmond

EOT Cleaning Services London is a flexible and dynamic service provider; we offer our services not just in residential areas but also in commercial properties. 

Moving out of an office or commercial premises in Richmond? Looking for an end of tenancy cleaning company to professionally clean the place without damaging or breaking up any valuables? Talk to us today. We have the personnel, the tools and the experience to handle the cleaning needs of large offices or buildings. In such instances, we send one or two of our team members to come and assess the property and all that will need to get done. 

If it’s easier, you could also send us screenshots and photos of the property that needs cleaning. Using those, we can come up with an appropriate strategy to get the job done fast and professionally. We also give you a free, no-obligation quote phone and seek to know what time you’ll be available for the cleaning exercise.

Secure Your Appointment Today

We also offer you a free quote by phone or via our website. The quote may not always be final, as we are always open to negotiating and ensuring that we don’t dwell so much on money issues. Our passion and drive are in helping clean up your property and leave it dazzling clean. 

Just get in touch by calling us today on 020 33 711 200, and we’ll be happy to talk you through our services and give you a customised price quote. 

Alternatively, you can also fill out our online booking form, which takes just two minutes. You will be asked to fill out your location, contact details, and availability; we will then get back to you promptly for a follow-up. 

You never have to pay us anything in advance; only when we have cleaned up the property to professional standards do we bill our clients.