Checklist For Commercial Cleaning In London

Commercial Cleaning in London:

If you considering to hire a commercial cleaning service, you may be interested in knowing how their cleaning methods differ on your own. As they are professional cleaners they do have knowledge in cleaning everything and know what is the best cleaning method that suits you. Commercial cleaning is designed for large commercial buildings.

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Commercial Cleaners use more advanced cleaning equipment and procedures which are specially designed for commercial buildings. The commercial location types include shopping centres, banks, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets, and warehouses. The machines that commercial cleaners use are quite rare and very powerful. They also care about your health and environment. Since they use safety detergents and water during cleaning.

Cleaning Checklist:

Based on Daily Cleaning:

  • Sanitise all bathrooms.
  • mirror, counter top and edges in the bathroom to be washed thoroughly.
  • Purify all washbasins.
  • Wipe paper towel container, dust doors, wipe door handle’s inside and outside and light switches.
  • Sweep and mop bathroom rugs.
  • Clean, sweep and mop kitchen, bedroom and hall.
  • Vacuum carpet runner.
  • Wipe light switches, door handles, and doors.
  • Clean cigarette from an urn on the porch.
  • Polish drinking fountains.
  • Neat glass doors, all windows and window tapes.

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Based On Weekly Cleaning:

  • Clean and sanitise work desks, phones, computers, printers and file cabinets.
  • Sweep and Vacuum all offices.
  • Emptiness door runner.
  • Windowsills, baseboards, and other flat surfaces to be dusted.
  • Dust bookshelf and order them neatly.
  • Clean the kitchen area.
  • Clean and disinfect the outside of the refrigerator.
  • Sweep and wipe a floor.

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It is also important for everyone to take a deep clean to make your place look fresh and clean. By doing as an individual, we don’t know what are all the cleaning techniques and powders to be used. Even we don’t know to order the cleaning service list. Hence it is best to hire a professional service support who does all the work for us. Hence keep your place clean and live healthily.