How To Clean Leather Sofa Domestic Cleaning Tips

Having leather sofa in your home adds some elegance and sophistication to space. Moreover, leather is long-lasting material that can fascinate you and your guests for many years. Knowing the best ways about how to clean your leather sofa with household products regularly, will keep it looking as good and shine as new.

cleaning leather sofa sophistication

When cleaning your leather sofa, you need to know some specific methods of maintenance and to use special cleaning products.

1. Prepare materials and tools for cleaning:

  • cleaning leather sofa vacuum_cleanervacuum cleaner with brush attachment;
  • solution of white vinegar and water or special leather cleaner;
  • microfiber cloth
  • bucket.

2. Start with dusting the sofa.

Use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment and dust thoroughly. You need to begin with this step to avoid any spreading of dust and dirt afterward. If there are any cushions, clean carefully between them. Have in mind that you may scratch the leather with that attachment, so be careful.

3. Concentrate on the dirty parts of the leather.

cleaning leather sofa clean_leatherIf you prefer to use a homemade product, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a small bucket. Apply with a clean cloth. The cloth must be damp, not soaking wet. Wipe down all areas of your leather sofa, but focus on the spots, that are most soiled. You do not need to rub hard. That may harm the leather and press the dirt into it. Rinse the cloth often. If you use some special cleaning product, you have to test it first on a hidden place of the sofa. Be aware that leather is a natural material and not every cleaner may be effective exactly for your furniture. That depends on the type of leather. So you may need to try different products before finding the right one for cleaning your leather sofa.

4. Remove specific stains.

The most important that you have to know about stains is the sooner you treat it, the better. Different stains need different methods:

  • cleaning leather sofa staingrease stains – clean them immediately with a dry cloth, do not use water because it can help the grease to soak into the leather. If the stain has dried, apply some baking soda and leave it for a few hours to absorb the grease. Then brush it off gently with a cloth.
  • ink stains – you can dab some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton cloth or swab. Then apply on the stain by wiping carefully.
  • stains from mold and mildew – use a solution of equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol.
  • dark-colored stains – these stains are really visible on white and beige leather. Make a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and cream of tartar. Apply it to the stain for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can rub it gently and then wipe it off with a damp sponge.

For some stubborn stains it is better not to take chances, but to call a professional company.

5. Dry the surface.

Moisture can really harm the leather. So take a clean cloth and dry the whole sofa with it. Be sure that you have wiped every treated area. You can also ventilate the space and leave it for a few hours.

6. Finish with conditioning.

cleaning leather sofa conditioningWhen your leather sofa is completely dry, apply some wax-based conditioner with circular motions. Use a dry and clean cloth for that purpose. Leave it for a few hours and wipe again. That will make your leather sofa shine as new. Be aware that conditioning must be done at least once a year.

Cleaning your leather sofa at home with natural products might be an easy or a tough job. From one hand, that depends on how often you take care for your sofa. From the other hand, there could be some stains that you cannot manage dealing with. This is the time when you have to call the professionals.