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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Dulwich

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Dulwich

If you want to experience a difference in EOT cleaning, try EOT Cleaning services. They are not like any others cleaners you’ve used. You will realise that they are the easiest way to get your property cleaned at the end of the tenancy. Their friendly and competent staff will contact you and offer you the best price for your cleaning. You only have to tell them what type of cleaning you need to be done, where you require the work done, and a time that is convenient for you, and they guarantee to take care of the rest.

Don’t get ripped off by unreliable and expensive cleaning companies. EOT Cleaning Services offers the best prices and you will also get premium quality. Royal Cleaning delivers several cleaning services such as end of tenancy cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, deep cleaning, oven cleaning,hard floor cleaning and after builders cleaning.

In cities such as Dulwich Wood and East Dulwich, people are always relocating due to various reasons. To make your end of tenancy move seamless you can hire the services of an EOT cleaning firm. They will work with you to ensure that you leave the premises cleaner that you found it. They will also ensure that every nook and cranny is dusted and cleaned to ensure you get your deposit back, leaving you and the landlord happy.

By listening to valued clients EOT Cleaning Services have managed to outlay the best cleaning services that make all of their customers return whenever they are in need of any cleaning services.

Tips to maximize chances of getting your security deposit

You need to consider cleaning the property before moving out at the end of your tenancy. Most property ownership Real Estate Agents require tenants to return their home in the same condition as it was when they occupied it. It could be a daunting and challenging task for you. It is the only way to guarantee you will also get your safety deposit returned in full. Failure to do so, the cost of damage beyond repair will be retained from your deposit. To help you get your money and part ways with the owner amicably, below is a quick and easy cleaning guide for you to consider.

General Guidelines

You might be convinced that you can get the work done by quickly dusting, vacuuming and mopping the property, but truth be said, the end of tenancy cleaning is a lot more demanding. To meet the standards and approval of your landlord and incoming tenants, you need to deep clean the property. It implies that you need to start with the high surfaces so that any dirt o the floor.

Dust all furnishings including curtains, blinds, fittings and furniture. Remember to get rid of dirt from the windows, ceilings, corners and top of the doors. Cleaning of wardrobes and cupboards is another chore they should handle. Remove all your belongings before attempting to clean and then start dusting. All of these should be carried out in any spaces in the premises. Once ready, they can proceed to the cleaning of inside windows, light switches, door handles, skirting boards and other areas.


The kitchen is the room that requires most of their attention since a lot of the dirt and dust accumulates there. The area is also where the landlord will inspect first to ensure that they spend enough time cleaning it.  First impressions here will have a substantial impact on whether or not you’ll get your safety deposit back from the landlord.

Start by decluttering the whole area removing any items.  They will dust the counter tops, cupboards, drawers. They should also clean the kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher from inside and out.  Let them vacuum and mop the floor eliminating any remaining dirt and dust.

If you’ve been diligent during your stay and have regularly cleaned the kitchen, they’ll have an easy time deep cleaning it at the end as the kitchen will probably be in a pristine condition.


The bathroom is another demanding room in the house. Ensure that they’ve de-scaled the bathtub, taps, toilet and shower facilities. They will clean and scrub the extractor fan, mirrors and any surfaces to remove traces of grime, mould or dirt. When they are  done, professionals will disinfect the entire room with a multi-surface bathroom cleaner. Regularly cleaning the bathroom makes cleaning at the end of the lease a breeze.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

If any stains were not on the upholstered furniture or carpet flooring, at the beginning of your occupancy, they’re likely to result in your landlord deducting the cost of a professional cleaning service from your bond. To avoid this, they need to deep clean all carpets and upholstery. As vacuuming removes only dirt and debris from such surfaces, they’ll have to clean stains in other ways such as:

Treating the spots with an over-the-counter stain removal product.  However, they need to be cautious as it may damage the fabrics further.Once they have accomplished all of the above, you can invite your landlord or Realtor for an inspection.

In case you have a busy schedule or lack time to take care of the move out cleaning consider hiring Royal Cleaners as an external help. You’ll be glad to know that they are reliable and their service at the end of the tenancy in Dulwich Wood and East Dulwich is impeccable.

Convenient and safe

For the convenience of all their clients, they work every day of the week, and their call operators work all day and night daily to ensure that all your needs are catered for.  For your peace of mind all of their cleaners are fully vetted and insured. All of their clients get a 5 star cleaning service.  They accept nothing but high quality from their employees. If any of their customers is not content with the service provided, they get an unpaid cleaning as part of their 200% guarantee policy. If you are interested in the services they provide review their cleaning services page or send them a quotation request from their booking form.