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Loft Cleaning

Whether you’re nearing the end of your tenancy, moving property or need your attic cleaned, our professional loft cleaning team in London are on hand to clear your loft and ensure it is left in good condition.

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A well-maintained residence will be one that is sparky clean and germ free.
Allow our professional cleaners to work their magic in cleaning your landings, stairwells and walkways.

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What does our loft cleaning service involve?

Our expert cleaning clean offers professional loft cleaning services that are both cost-effective and dependable. You won’t be able to find another loft cleaning company in London that delivers high-quality services at such fantastic prices.

No matter what you require, we are more than happy to help. With such high standards and values, it is no wonder End of Tenancy London cleaning company is one of the most popular companies in and around the capital.

Our loft cleaning services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removing any clutter
  • Removal of cobwebs, dirt and dust
  • Vacuuming of the loft floor

If you have carpet in your loft after a conversion, we’ll be able to carry out deep carpet cleaning of it to make sure it comes up smelling and looking fresh. 

Why is loft cleaning important? 

The major importance of carrying out thorough loft cleaning is to stop the spread of microorganisms and other pollutants such as rodent faeces and urine, debris, and dust throughout your home. Some dust and debris can travel directly into the air we breathe through small holes and gaps between pipes and lights within the house, while others move through the air ducts in the ceiling. 

Rats, squirrels, raccoons, and even bug larva can hibernate in your insulation, causing it to become filthy and damaged. Over the years, there may be long periods of time where you don’t go into your loft and simply forget about the items you have stored up there. During these times, we find that it is full of dust and garbage.

Without proper cleaning, you are putting you and your family’s health at risk as well as damaging parts of your home. However, we understand that cleaning your loft can be daunting when faced with years worth of dust and clutter. 

What happens during loft cleaning?

Here is a rough outline of what you can expect from our loft cleaning services at End of Tenancy Cleaning London:

1. Our team comes to your home

When our crew arrives at your house, they will first meet with you to discuss and agree on the work that will be done. They’ll start by placing dust blankets throughout the working area and emptying your loft once you’ve consented.

2. We prepare the area

Any objects you choose to keep will be stored in the specified area of your house. The trash and undesirable things will be bagged and brought away with us, when feasible, to be recycled. We will then dispose of the excess waste in compliance with rubbish disposal regulations.

3. We’ll help sort your belongings

If you want, our crew will assist you in sorting through your belongings to choose what you want to keep, and after you’ve decided, they’ll assist you in putting everything away, whether in the loft or elsewhere. If you want to skip this step and sort through your things yourself then that is no problem at all. 

4. We’ll start the cleaning 

Once all of your belongings are out of the way, we’ll be able to start with the cleaning. This will mostly consist of dusting to make sure all cobwebs and particles are removed from your loft, as well as sweeping and hoovering every section of the floor. We’ll really get into the corners to ensure no spot is left uncleaned. 

Areas covered by our loft cleaning service

Our professional cleaning team is based in Greater London and is on-hand to get your home looking cleaner than ever before. Our team of experienced cleaners will travel to your property (home or commercial business space), bringing the relevant cleaning supplies, to get the job completed to a high standard. We guarantee a five-star service – no less.

If you are based in London – whether it be North, South, East, or West – and looking for expert loft cleaners to spruce up your loft space, perhaps for a Spring clean, book in with us today!

If you are unsure whether we cover your postcode, feel free to contact the team for clarification or any further queries you may have about our loft cleaning service.

Are you interested in our loft cleaning service? Contact us today or book online!

Why choose End of Tenancy London?

Our professional cleaning services are unbeatable in quality and price, just ask our clients! Our professional, highly experienced team provide a thorough clean in little to no time, without sacrificing quality.

In fact, despite offering a free re-clean service to our customers if they are not satisfied, we have never had a single re-clean request, which is testament to our team’s fantastic work ethic and meticulous cleaning process.

How to make a booking on End of Tenancy London cleaning

Booking our cleaning services has never been easier here at End of Tenancy London. To schedule a suitable time for our team to visit your property, there are two ways to do this:

Get in touch with the team by calling 020 33 711 200

Use our simple online booking form – all you have to do is input a date, time, your address, and the service you require