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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Southwark

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Southwark

If you are a resident of Southwark and are looking for a fast, effective, and affordable EOT cleaning service provider then you have come to the right place. End of Tenancy Cleaning Services is pleased to announce to you that we are your best bet any day. Whether you’re a landlord, a property manager, or even a tenant looking for a reputable company to help you in cleaning up your premises; End of Tenancy cleaning services has a load of experience in getting the job done. We are particular and precise when it comes to the details; an end of tenancy cleaning is not just like any other type of cleaning; it has to be brilliant. Your home, office, apartment or whatever premises that needs a professional and thorough cleaning, can greatly benefit from our services. We offer our services in and across London; you need us, just give us a call.

Why hire End of Tenancy cleaning services?

As a tenant, you are in a tricky situation because your landlord may decide to deduct or keep all of your rent deposit. In fact some serious property owners and managers will insist that all EOT be done by a professional and experienced cleaning company. You want everything to be left sparkling clean; the carpets, upholstery, kitchen, bathroom, even the garden if there’s any. The point is that; if you’re vacating premises, it is only civil that you ensure that the next tenant finds it in the best condition possible. Our End of Tenancy cleaning series in Southwark are tailored to ensure that you can even book us on the last minute. When you have notice to vacate and want to do your part in ensuring that you leave the premise clean; always feel free to speak to us and we’ll respond promptly. We understand just too well how hectic it can be trying to move in to a new place, settling in, and also ensuring that you leave the old premises in the right condition. Your deposit may easily get lost if a landlord feels that you have not done enough in ensuring that you clear up the place and prepare it for the next occupant. We help you avoid such eventuality; better safe than sorry.

Our services are affordable, and super reliable;

It doesn’t matter what time you call us, or the nature of your EOT task. From residential areas to offices and other commercial entities, we offer the best cleaning services in the entire Southwark. We don’t overcharge simply because you have urgency to get the job done; our rates are constant and dependent on just the amount of cleaning that requires to be done. And we will offer you a free quotation on phone or even on site. Once we agree on how much the task will cost, you can sit back and watch things get done superbly, impressively. Our professional cleaners are sure to get the job done regardless of whether you leave on the top floor of some apartments, or on a ground floor office space. End of tenancy goes to great lengths in training and equipping our staff. They are courteous and hardworking.

Eco friendly services

In most cases, some EOT companies tend to dwell so much on getting the job done without giving much thought to the means and methods used in getting the job done. When scouring and rubbing surfaces like tiles for grime and other substances, baking soda always gets the job done; one doesn’t have to make use of commercially made detergents that may contain some harmful elements in them.  It’s not enough that an end of tenancy cleaning service provider in Southwark offers affordable services; eco friendliness is an equally huge contributor.  AS for the Waste and rubbish that we collect from your home or office, most of it will end up as recycled material. Broken office chairs and other furniture pieces can be repaired or repaired for some other purposes. Even for e-waste like damaged TV or printers, we are able to dispose of such in accordance with bylaws put in place by the Environmental authority. E-waste is common in offices, and also homes where some toys and electronics may need to be disposed of in a special manner.  Our staff will get things done correctly, no need for you to worry.

Same day services

Offering same day services is something most companies struggle with. But we are glad to inform you that we have the means and modes to respond to all your requests promptly. For some reason, most Londoners tend to wait till last minute before asking for a cleaning company. But the time the deadline for moving out is lapsing, that’s when they are running all over looking for any company that may help out. Avoid this last minute rush by contacting us today and let’s you give you a free estimation of what it’ll cost you when it is time to move out. You can engage us via email or phone; our customer care is always on standby. We also offer our services on weekends, if that’s when you find it most convenient. At other times, we offer our services in the evening especially for home owners that are always on the move and hardly at home. By giving us a call today, you will be well informed on the processes of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

We use a checklist;

All our services are done based on a checklist that we use to guide us. We do not do things randomly; we always start with the most urgent and noticeable places in a home, before going for those that are likely to be forgotten.  In most cases, the landlord will want to look at the bathroom in particular and see that the basins and sinks are all dazzling clean. Failure to this, even the new tenant who plans to move in could be easily put off.

Just get in touch with us today for all your end of tenancy cleaning in Southwark.