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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in South Kensington

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End of Tenancy Cleaning South Kensington

When you live in rented property in South Kensington and your house contract is about to end, you are supposed to perform an end of tenancy cleaning and pass the following inspection before you could leave.This type of cleaning is now well-known and it is a nightmare of almost every tenant. It is hard and inclusive. It is deep and specialized. But thanks to EOT Cleaning Services, you don’t have to carry this burden alone any longer! If you arrange an appointment with our team, we will come at your door, fully-equipped, and we will transform your house within hours. We have worked with many property owners and tenants in South Kensington and you too are welcome to try out our professional and affordable services!

Why EOT Cleaning Services?

There won’t be a single imperfection left and every stain is treated, every cleaning problem solved! That’s our word, and you can always take that to the bank. And because we are sure in our final results, we guarantee you an inspection pass, as well. EOT has the skills, the experience, the personnel, and well, we also have the passion! This makes us your ideal company for all manner of thorough end of tenancy cleaning. This includes residential homes, offices, commercial buildings, gardens, and so on so forth. In a nutshell, we handle all your cleaning needs in South Kensington and the immediate areas.

EOT’s end of tenancy cleaning approach is tailored to be as thorough as possible. We do not concentrate only on high-traffic areas or the utensils and furniture pieces you use the most. Instead, we try to treat every square inch within our reach and pay attention to spots that often get neglected in your daily or weekly brush-up.

Here is a quick overview of the chores our teams usually take care of

General sanitary treatment;

Kitchen sanitary treatment

Bathroom sanitary treatment

Why Book EOT Cleaning Services?

You have an after-vacancy cleaning procedure coming up? This is not a reason to panic, on the contrary – EOT can help you faster than you can imagine! Our detailed procedure task list that you see is a good proof of that. EOT’s premium service packages make sure all hygienic problems of your former residence are addressed properly, with the required levels of care and professional skill. And what is even better – you do not need to invest a small fortune on the procedure, on the contrary – our rates are among the most competitive you can find on the South Kensington service market.

EOT has been in the home maintenance and housekeeping business – years of hard work, gaining invaluable knowledge and the respect of a large group of satisfied customers and property owners in South West London. We work with a team of thoroughly reliable, skilled specialists who deliver excellent results under all sorts of pressure – tight deadlines, sanitary challenges and demanding landlords. But challenges we relish, and never come short of our own high expectations.We like to think of ourselves as a well-oiled machine that does not stop until we get the job done. This result-oriented attitude has helped us become one of the most efficient service providers in the business, and deliver premium quality on a permanent basis. The second cornerstone of our success is the meticulous training each of our team members receives before they join our staff.

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How Do We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

It may be you that order the move-out cleaning procedure, but it is your property owners that have the best interest in the outcome. Keeping this in mind, we always stay in touch with them to specify what their expectations might be. But including them in the service process does not stop there – when our quality supervisors do the last checkups, we always invite the landlords to join us. Should there be any problems, we can address them immediately – all additional procedures are free of charge!

Christmas is just round the corner!

Like any other professional company, EOT Cleaning Services always takes pride in giving back to the same clients who have made us what we are not just in South Kensington, but also the larger London area. What a better way to do so, than by offering a free service here and there each time you hire us? Property owners, managers, tenants; you can now enjoy our free carpet cleaning services each time you call us for an EOT. This can also include cleaning your upholstery at absolutely no cost, depending on the size of your premises. Feel free anytime, any day to engage us; our phones are open all day, and we respond to all emails. Taste the difference in professional cleaning services today by trying out the one and only reliable partner in all your end of tenancy cleaning needs; EOT Cleaning Services.