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We are proud to offer you the most competitive end of tenancy cleaning cost in London available starting from a mere £90 for an amazing and high-quality cleaning package giving you Time: our professional and experienced cleaners work very effectively so even if you book our services at very short notice we’ll get it done ASAP so you can relax, get your deposit back and focus on what matters to you. Reassurance: we promise to offer the best cleaning services including quality eco-friendly cleaning products, background checked, certified cleaners and a free reclean guarantee on every booking so there’s no chance you won’t be able to claim your money back. Flexibility: whether you are looking for a cleaner in East or West London, North or South London – we have you covered! Our professional end of tenancy cleaning company will find you our best cleaning teams near you after we have received your booking. They’ll be there when you need them to deliver the best value cleaning service in London.All of our end of tenancy cleaning near routines are done according to a checklist to ensure nothing is missed. Get in touch today and lean back!

COVID-19 Update: We are still offering our after rental cleaning services as normal and delivering complete end of tenancy cleans to happy clients all throughout London. Please find detailed information on our Coronavirus cleaning services here. We are following the latest government and NHS advise when carrying out all of our cleaning services.

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is required by property owners and is the responsibility of the tenant who is moving out. Our professional and experienced team will ensure that the property is cleaned to the high standard required by the landlord or letting agency. Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 5 reviews.
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Why Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London A Must?

If you are a tenant who is renting in London and you want to make sure you receive your full deposit from your landlord or letting agency after you move out, you must leave the property in a clean and orderly state as mentioned in your rental contract.More than half of today’s deposit disputes in London are related to unkempt properties. As the tenant, you may prefer to do the job by yourself, but by hiring a professional cleaning company like us, you make sure that the whole property at the post tenancy address is left in a superbly neat and tidy condition when you vacate. No doubts about getting your deposit back.

End of tenancy cleaning
  • We work on short notice and to your demands
  • We have a detailed cleaning checklist approved by agencies
  • We work until the job is done – no time limits

We are amongst the top 10 cleaning companies in the UK providing post-rental checkout cleaners, because over the years we have worked with thousands of tenants, letting agencies, estate agents and landlords whose trust we have gained. we offer a whole range of cleaning services apart from end of tenancy cleaning such as residential cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc. and we cover all kinds of properties from flats and houses to luxury apartment units and offices. we don’t just offer cleaning services indoors, but also for gardens, swimming pools and much more. we have a very easy-to-use online booking system, giving you immediate access to the best cleaners in your area – we cover North to South London as well as East to West London. our staff are carefully screened and checked and they all receive regular training to provide a high-standard cleaning service


“After today’s work, I know which company I will go with for any future cleaning tasks. Good Job!”- Melissa

“I couldn’t have asked for more, these guys did a fantastic job! Thank You”- Anne

As a landlord, you may want to work with a trusted company, to carry out the services for a number of properties. If you own multiple properties do get in touch with us so that we can help you. We work with a checklist in order to satisfy the property owner’s requirements, paying close attention to every nook and cranny. Hiring professional help will ensure that your property is cleaned to perfection, thus maintaining your standards and making it easier to rent to others.

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How much does an end of tenancy clean cost?

How much it will cost to clean your flat or property once your tenancy comes to an end depends on many factors such as how many rooms you have, what specialist cleaning services you would like (if any) and what areas you want cleaned. Please find some averages (prices excluding professional carpet cleaning) below and enquire online for your personal quote!

  • Studio flat – from £99
  • 1 bedroom – from £126
  • 2 bedrooms – from £143
  • 3 bedrooms – from £181
  • 4 bedrooms – from £203
  • 5 bedrooms – from £286

What is included in an end of tenancy clean?

An end of tenancy clean by EOT will leave your property clean, tidy and free of clutter for the next tenant. The service includes a minimum of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and general cleaning and additional services such as a deep carpet clean can be added as they are needed. Rest assured, an end of tenancy clean offers a top to bottom service and will leave your property in a beautiful condition.

How long should an end of tenancy clean take?

Every property is different and in order to retain quality standards, a high-quality cleaning company will avoid offering definite time frames on how long a clean will take. Once we have a better idea on how many rooms need cleaning and what additional services are needed (if any), we can offer a more accurate estimate on how long it will take.

Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?

Whilst it is possible to carry out an end of tenancy clean yourself, it is not recommended. With certain cleaning conditions often needing to be met before you get your deposit back, it is much better to leave it to the professionals. We have experience cleaning countless properties at the end of a rental agreement and know what to look for whilst carrying out the clean. In fact, we have dedicated checklists for exactly this reason.