End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Tenants

End of tenancy cleaning

Moving out of a rental property can be an overwhelming experience—from packing up to making sure your next home is ready for you to move into, you need to keep track of many details.

While landlords cannot require tenants to hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services, in most cases, the contract will state that the property must be cleaned to a professional standard. However, deposit deductions and disputes occur mostly in cases where people don’t clean their rental home to the required standard.

The main point is that tenants have a cleaning responsibility where they’re expected to leave their flat in the same condition as it was before their tenancy began. 

If you aren’t confident that you can achieve the standard of cleaning that’s required, End of Tenancy Cleaning London is here to help. We will work efficiently and professionally to produce superb results. 

To avoid any issues, for now, we’ve created this in-depth guide to give you expert advice so that you can claim your deposit back in full. We’ve covered tips for end-of-lease cleaning and the trickiest things to clean at the end of your tenancy if a landlord can charge you for damages after moving out, and we’ve also included the ultimate cleaning list for tenants. 


End of tenancy cleaning for tenants: Common FAQs

Cleaning can be one less thing to think about when moving, and both tenants and landlords turn to the services industry to handle this. To fill in the demand, cleaning companies have introduced ‘end of tenancy cleaning’ as a new service. End of tenancy cleaning is a top-to-bottom cleaning package designed especially for rented properties.

With this in mind, let’s go through some frequently asked questions. 

Can tenants clean the property themselves?

Yes. The 2019 Tenant Fees Act prohibits landlords from requiring tenants to pay for professional cleaning when checking out of the property. Although landlords can request their property be cleaned to a professional standard, besides the fair wear and tear. Ultimately, landlords can only expect the same level of cleanliness at check-out as the original move-in conditions. 

Can a landlord charge you for damages after moving out?

Prior to the Tenant Fees Act 2019, it wasn’t uncommon for tenancy agreements to include charges that the tenant could be responsible for. But now, the law is strict on what fees a tenant can legally be charged, and this includes: 

  • Rent.
  • A refundable security and holding deposit.
  • Payments in cases where the landlord needs to replace keys or an equivalent security device if the tenant misplaced it.
  • Charges for late rent payment. 
  • Charges for early termination of a tenancy agreement if requested by the tenant. 

Can a landlord charge you for normal wear and tear?

No, a landlord can’t charge you for normal wear and tear. An example of normal wear and tear would be a carpet that has gradually worn down over the years.

Can a landlord charge for repairs?

Yes, a landlord can charge you for repairs to the property and any items listed in the inventory. This includes replacing any items if they are missing or damaged beyond repair.

What are some tips for end of lease cleaning? 

Allow yourself enough time and energy to do the final clean and make it as near to the move out inventory as possible. 

Clean bedrooms, the kitchen, bathrooms and other living spaces thoroughly—the goal is to leave the property in pristine condition for the next tenant. Deep cleaning will also involve cleaning appliances, dusting surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors. See our tips for end of tenancy cleaning post to find out more. 

What are some trickiest things to clean at the end of a tenancy?

Scrubbing stubborn stains and dealing with mould are tedious tasks and among some of the trickiest things to clean at the end of a tenancy. Marks left by furniture, for example, can also be difficult to get rid of. Other cleaning challenges include removing limescale, which can be found on showerheads, kettles, toilers and taps. 

What’s included in an end of tenancy cleaning checklist? 

Tenants must use a checklist when clearing out, and there’s a high probability the landlord will use a similar list to inspect the property. 

You’ll need to cover all areas from cleaning walls to doors and carpets. Take a look at our tenant move-out checklist of the most important focus areas to help you do the best possible end of tenancy clean.

– Should tenants pay for a professional clean anyway?

As well as avoiding disputes and ensuring there are no cleaning-related deductions from your deposit, getting a good reference from your landlord if you’re planning on renting another property is essential.

Although doing the cleaning yourself might be cheaper, you’ll need to put in many hours to ensure the property is as clean as it was when you moved in. And are you confident your own cleaning is up to professional standards? If not, you might have to book a cleaner—a professional clean will give you great results if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself. 

When is the best time to arrange an end of tenancy clean?

Plan your cleaning process well ahead of time as this will save you the headache during the last days of your tenancy. Getting organised will allow you to clear out any of your large belongings and create space for greater cleaning access. Once your rental is empty, scheduling professional cleaning as close to your final move out date will allow the area to stay as clean as possible for when you eventually return the keys to the landlord. 


Why should you hire us?

Ultimately, professional end of tenancy cleaning is a deeper clean than a domestic one and will leave the space spotless.

While domestic cleaning will involve using standard cleaning products, professionals use industrial cleaning products. Professionals will also clean harder to reach areas. For example, while you might simply vacuum a carpet, a professional cleaner would utilise extraction methods for intense stain removal.

We strongly recommend you to take book our highly-skilled cleaners, rather than do it yourself so that you can benefit from:

  • Getting your full deposit back.
  • Professionals that will clean the property faster and according to your convenience.
  • A free quote when you get in touch.
  • We provide all the cleaning equipment. You don’t have to buy any detergent or tools.
  • Machinery for deep sanitising and removal of stains. 
  • Competitive and affordable rates.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.

Get in touch today for more information, or get your free quote through our online booking form. Call us for more information or make a direct reservation through our simple online form.