The Most Satisfying Cleaning Videos on TikTok

Whether you’re looking for cleaning inspiration or entertainment, TikTok is awash with cleaning videos. With the platform’s users watching 167 million hours of videos per minute, the app presents a highly engaged space where ‘cleanfluencers’ can share tips and organisation hacks through before-and-after transformations and time-lapse videos.  

Experts at End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services sought to find out the most popular cleaning videos on Tiktok and which videos were the most ‘satisfying’ to watch. To do this, we then calculated the like to view ratio for the most viewed videos under ‘cleaning’.

The results

1. @cleaning_dirtycoins

In first place, the most satisfying cleaning video was created by @cleaning_dirtycoins, with a like to view ratio of 2.61. The incredible footage captures the moment grime was removed from a 1968 Irish coin using various ingredients, including lemon juice and baking soda, deodorant and metal polish.

The video garnered over 18 million likes and 18,000 comments, with one user writing ‘Btw this is SO satisfying’ and another, ‘Here comes my OCD’.

The TikTok account features dozens of other videos, with coins receiving the same pristine makeover.

@cleaning_dirtycoins Reply to @gage.1911 #fyp #viral #pinkstuff #cleaningcoins ? ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

2. @jettsetfarmhouse

Ranking second was a video by @jettsetfarmhouse, which had a like to view ratio of 4.22. The clip features a mother declaring that her daughter’s room ‘needed a little bit of attention,’ right before she transformed the war zone into a sanctuary. The difference between the beginning and end of her video is nothing short of dramatic – and with over 3.5 million likes, viewers certainly found the clip mesmerising.

@jettsetfarmhouse @aisleyjett #bedroomcheck #motherdaughter #cleaning #cleaningtiktok #cleantok ? original sound – jettsetfarmhouse

3. @cleanwithrab

The third most satisfying cleaning video was created by @cleanwithrab, and had a like to view ratio of 4.3. What do you do when you knock over your hot chocolate onto a cream carpet an hour before potential house buyers come for a viewing? @cleanwithrab frantically revealed all, to the satisfaction of 3.2 million users who liked the clip. 

@cleanwithrab And that’s it on stressful mornings. I’m done #cleanwithrab #foryou #fyp? #carpetcleaning #cleaningtiktok #cleantok #electronicmusic #UnfoldChallenge ? Oh No – Kreepa

4. @cleanhabitsllc

With a similar score of 4.49, @cleanhabitsllc’s video ranked in fourth with a video shocking viewers with a mind-boggling demonstration of him cleaning their phone screen. All it took was a deep scrub, ‘squeegee-ing’ off all the suds, then towel drying the wet edges. 

The video was a hit, and with over 80,000 comments, users wrote: ‘thank you funky man in my phone,’ ‘thank you next time my phone needs a cleaning I will find your services,’ ‘that was satisfying ngl?’ and ‘who else phone seemed cleaner after this ?’.

@cleanhabitsllc Cleaning the inside of your phone screen via #tiktok *had to recycle the vid. #fyp #satisfying #clean #challenge #handwashchallenge #viral #smooth ? Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

5. @cleaning_dirtycoins

Appearing once again among the top 10 was another video by @cleaning_dirtycoins – a result of 4.67 placed it fifth place. Interestingly, in professional coin collecting circles, the general rule is to not clean coins because cleaning products remove the lustre and add tiny scratches that could render the coin worthless. But that’s not a concern for @cleaning_dirtycoins, whose coin-cleaning footage is extremely popular on the app, with this post amassing a staggering 2.7 million likes. 

@cleaning_dirtycoins i forgot to reply to the comment but this was @robloxlamasilver idea!!! #coincleaning #fyp #satisfying ? Calm LoFi song(882353) – S_R

6. @axelwebber

With a similar result (4.71), the sixth most satisfying video was shared by @axelwebber, who had eyes glued to the screen with his clip on how to clean the smallest apartment in New York City. With incredibly high levels of engagement, the post was flooded with comments about cleaning: ‘Please tell me you have a different sponge for dishes my man,’ ‘Cinderella wants her job back,’ ‘my cleaning motivation,’ were just a few of the 11,000 comments. There’s no doubt Axel is keeping his 4 million followers entertained.

@axelwebber Cleaning up #clean #100sqft #nobigdeal ? original sound – Axel

7. @hidayahga

In seventh place, @hidayahga’s clip had a score of 5.09 and garnered over 3,500 comments. BibiI, who describes herself as ‘a girl who loves pastel outfits’ in her bio, has over half a million followers on the app. With the continued popularity of time-lapse videos, she has used this filming style to capture the process of her hanging up her clothes which had been on a pile on the floor at the start of the clip, to reveal an impeccable closet. In awe, users commented ‘heaven ?’  ‘miss girl living everyone’s dream’ and ‘Please donate some clothes to me ??.’

@hidayahgantime lapse = im not on my phone so i clean my room faster? original sound – ??SIMP CITY??

Disclaimer: Please note that the song used in this video is explicit.

8. @alialicatcat

Next up in eighth place was @alialicatcat’s video, which had a like to view ratio of 5.33. Cleaning vintage pieces might seem like a laborious task, but her video catered to millions who were keen to see how she washed a skirt suit by soaking it in a bathtub. With over 2 million likes, viewers were eager to share their views, with one commenting: ‘honestly, I’m so glad that the actual proper methods to hand wash garments are working their way back into common knowledge. Gentle soap, warm water,’ and another, ‘my mom has used (and highly recommends) castile soap my WHOLE LIFE, and it’s so funny seeing everyone discover it. Clearly, her gross-but-satisfying video presents ample fodder for those who enjoy doing a deep clean of their own!

@alialicatcat I’m disgusted AND intrigued?Thanks for the tips @costumiereextraordinaire! #vintage #cleaning #cleaningtiktok #clean #ew #oddlysatisfying #thrifted ? Cigarette Duet – Princess Chelsea

9. @jenny_s.home

Ranking in ninth place is @jenny_s.home’s clip, with a score of 5.36. The influencer, Jenny, captioned this clip, ‘The family is clean, this feeling is great #cleaning #housework’, and you can watch her hoovering, ironing and mopping, all done using high-tech appliances in the comfort of her luxury apartment. The video’s appeal? According to the New York Times, the influencer plays the ‘role of cheerleader and best friend, commiserating about the mess and offering strategies on how to tackle it.’ And so her 4 million followers tune in, some of them while cleaning their own homes or lounging on the sofa to gain some ‘cleaning inspo’. 

A few of the 19,000 comments shared were: ‘Think she has OCD and is a millionaire at the same time’ and ‘satisfying just looking at this’ and another, ‘what in the organise is this ?.’

@jenny_s.home The family is clean, this feeling great? #cleaning #housework ? original sound – Jenny

10. @cleaning_dirtycoins

Appearing in the top 10 for the third time is another video from @cleaning_dirtycoins. Securing the tenth spot, it had a like to view ratio of 6.37. The cleaning process in this footage involved using ‘everything’ from deodorant, foam soap, nail polish remover, salt and toothpaste, the Pink Stuff, lemon juice, and baking soda and micellar water. With a staggering 7.9 million likes, @cleaning_dirtycoins is sure keeping her 2.5 million followers entertained.  

@cleaning_dirtycoins Reply to @specialworldandfacts #coincleaning #viral #fyp #satisfying #asmrtiktoks #asmrvideo #asmr ? Taste It – Ikson

These cleanfluencers inhabit a corner of the internet where people tune in to watch others clean anything – whether it’s coins, closets, carpets, or gadgets – and they’re incredibly satisfying to watch because of their focus on the finished product. With the hashtag #CleanTok boasting a whopping 7.9 billion views, and from the staggering numbers of views as seen through our results, these cleaning videos continue to captivate viewers, giving watchers a way to bring what they see on the app into their own lives.


  1. Experts at were intrigued to find out the most satisfying cleaning videos on TikTok.
  2. The top 50 most viewed videos under ‘cleaning’ on TikTok were listed.
  3. Each video’s like to view ratio was calculated to imply the most satisfying by the most likes to views.
  4. The videos were then ranked with the smallest like to view ratio being the most satisfying.
  5. Data is correct as of 10/02/22 and is subject to change.