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Are you a resident of Kensington Gardens, Paddington station, King’s road, Notting Hill, or the surrounding area? If you do and are looking for a reputable end of tenancy cleaning company, then talk to us. We help you with your end of tenancy cleaning in Kensington and Chelsea. If you had paid some security deposit when occupying the house, chances are that the landlord will not hand back the money until you have done your part of the bargain; which is why you need to ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and readied for the next tenant. EOT helps get the job done in a matter of hours. You don’t have to stress yourself or risk hiring a substandard service provider; talk to a tried and tested cleaner, talk to EOT. Our end of tenancy cleaning Kensington and Chelsea are tailored to suit either the tenant and property owner or landlord.

Below, we have compiled 5 good reasons why you should always consider EOT for all your end of tenancy cleaning needs;

    • Great customer care service; all our services are hinged on one basic principle, which is the fact that your ultimate satisfaction is our number one goal. From the moment you contact us with any queries, to the moment we come over and clean up your premises, to the time we leave and await your feedback, EOT always ensures that you’re well listened to. Our teams are available 24/7 and you’re welcome to get in touch. We are not the kind that promises to call and never end up doing so.
    • Prompt response; secondly, we strive to respond to all your requests on time under all circumstances. We can quickly give you a free quotation on phone based on the information you give us. Once we’ve agreed on the rates, we are able to send over our cleaners right away or when it’s convenient with you. In special cases where you are away and want us to go clean a house you wish to occupy around Chelsea, we will equally head there and do just that. In short, we’re always at your disposal and able to take any course of action that you deem fit.
    • Professional personnel; a company is only as good as the employees it has with it. We value our cleaners and all are carefully picked. We vet them, check their backgrounds, and ensure that they are men and women of integrity. As such, you can only rest assured each time they come over to your premises. We clean all your rooms and garage without any carelessness or negligence that often leads to damage. The fact that all our cleaners are fully insured means that we have most scenarios covered and addressed.
    • Highly experienced; EOT has highly experienced and skilled cleaners who’re capable of handling all manner of tasks. We meticulously clean your kitchen, bathroom and toilets, living room, ceiling, lofts, garages, garden; even offer additional carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We know all the areas that one is likely to forget cleaning when vacating a premise. We go as far as unclogging your chimney and ridding it of any cobwebs. We do not do these things at an extra cost, or with much additional time. Instead, it’s just that we’re used to this job and can get it complete within a few hours.
    • Awesome offers and bonuses; at EOT, we care about our clients and always strive to give them value for money. Each time you hire our end of tenancy cleaning services, you become eligible for handsome discounts and offers. The discounts help you save a few coins, and also make you feel that we indeed value doing business with you. We especially have pleasant offers as we approach this Christmas season. If you hire our end of tenancy cleaning services, we’re offering absolutely free carpet or upholstery cleaning services. Did you hear that? Not discounted or reduced, rather absolutely free carpet cleaning. It means that once we’ve charged you for the usual house clearance services, we’ll do an additional task for you at no cost at all. We can also offer discounts for larger projects like clearing a 3 or more bed roomed house. All in all, just talk to us today and let’s explain to you what offers you’re eligible for.

Most tenants in Kensington and Chelsea who are moving out tend to relocate within the neighborhood, or in another borough of London. The last thing you want is to get a negative referral from your landlord, or to antagonize him. The cost of a good reputation is much more compared to what it’d cost you to hire a reputable end of tenancy cleaning company. EOT is always pleased to work for you and make this often tedious task, an easy one. For property owners looking to have their premises cleaned after the lapse of a tenancy agreement, we also offer clearance services for such. Furthermore, we are capable of deploying different teams of cleaners simultaneously. This is especially important for real estate agencies that may have more than one house or offices in needs of cleaning. EOT is always equal to the task and we never disappoint. Additionally, we encourage home owners and tenants to recycle or donate some of the items they no longer require. The point is that; there is no point in cluttering your landfill with junk and rubbish that cat be taken for recycling. Likewise, if there are items that are still usable and you won’t need them in your next house, it makes much sense to donate such. Don’t worry about how to go about that; we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Kindly get in touch with us today with all your queries and we’ll be glad to answer. You can get our services at anytime or on any day including on weekends. You just need to call us or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you promptly.