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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Wood Green

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Wood Green

Looking for a professional and cost effective end of tenancy cleaning company in Wood Green? Then you’ve come to the right place, EOT Services London is a professional company that specializes in cleaning out premises when a tenancy has ended. We understand well what real estate agents and landlords look out for. Our team of cleaners is highly trained and well equipped, we ensure that we leave you satisfied and pleased that you hired us. Think of us as an organized and effective team of cleaners that’ll need no supervision in order to clean up the place. Professionalism is our other name, just sit back and watch us get to work whether in your home or commercial premises. You’re moving out, you need to get the place cleaned; we are the guys to do the job!

Our customer care

We will come fully armed with our cleaning machines, cleaning products; we have modern machines for specifically cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Just feel free to speak to us anytime and we’ll be pleased to explain all that we do. In most cases, a tenant will wait until the last minute before running helter skelter, looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning. Sometimes, this may be understandable, what with the hectic and busy schedule of most residents of Wood Green. As such, EOT Cleaning Services assures you that you can speak to us any time, any day; we can mobilize our cleaning team on extremely short notices and get the job done really well. We appreciate it when clients cooperate and make the task of our cleaners easier. Before we arrive to offer end of tenancy cleaning services, we always advice clients to unplug their fridges and freezers and ensure that they have been emptied before. If we’ll need to use any ladders, then this should also be mentioned in the booking so that we come armed with all our tools of trade. In most cases however, we always send an advance team of one or two on site, they will advise the rest on the tools and equipment needed in the cleaning exercise.

EOT Cleaning Services also offers carpet and upholstery cleaning services; you should mention this to us when booking so that we include it in the estimate quotation. We’re actually offering residents of Wood Green and the immediate areas an attractive offer this festive season all the way to January; we’re offering free carpet and upholstery cleaning services to anyone who’ll hire us for end of tenancy cleaning services. We appreciate the support our clients have accorded us all year through, the chance they’ve given us to serve them and as a sign of appreciation; we’ll offer the free carpet cleaning to all tenants moving out during this festive season and early 2018. Does it get better than that? Take advantage of this offer and get to us or recommend us to a friend or colleague.

For landlords and real estate agents looking for a professional and affordable end of tenancy cleaning company for long-term engagement, we’re your best option. Our team of cleaners is experienced and passionate on what they do. We will always follow a checklist when cleaning up the premises so that nothing is left to chance. We’re professional to the core and will do whatever it takes to give your home or office a new, tidier look. Typically, a checklist may include;

Although it is very rare, there are times a landlord or tenant will feel that they have a complaint; perhaps this areas wasn’t cleaned properly, or this and that isn’t as dazzling as it ought to. In such instances, EOT Cleaning Services takes full responsibility for such and we always revisit to rectify such. However, the complaint has to be made within 24Hours; after 24 hours have lapsed, the complaint becomes null and void. Yet, in our many years offering end of tenancy cleaning services we have never had any complaints from a client due to shoddy work; in fact, we have often surpassed their expectations! You have no reason to worry; just show us the job and we’ll do it so well that you’ll never want to try anyone else. We have really simplified the booking process so that you can either get to us via phone, or online by email and Live Chat. We don’t nag you much with parking as we require parking just for one vehicle.

Even as EOT Cleaning Services wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, we also take this moment to welcome you on board; join our long list of happy clients who’ve tried our services before and found in us, a friendly, affordable, and honest partner. You’ll enjoy working with us. Don’t worry or get stressed up if you plan to end your tenancy soon; just speak to us and let’s walk that journey with you. Our services are 100% eco friendly and thus safe to the environment as well as those using them. You can hire us for office end of tenancy cleaning as well as a residential end of tenancy cleanup. We are the real pros, talk to us today for all your cleaning needs in Wood Green; you’ll be glad you did.