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All You Need To Know About End of
Tenancy Cleaning Services in Wimbledon

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon

Have you completed your tenancy in Wimbledon and need cleaning services as you leave? Are you a landlord or landlady who needs clean premises before a new tenant sets in? EOT Cleaning Services is excited to introduce our effective and affordable services. You can never go wrong with us, and here’s why;

About EOT

EOT has been in operation for 10 years. Each month, we help over 200 movers with our cleaning services. In recent years, the need to do an end of tenancy cleaning arose and EOT was born to meet it. We have successfully managed to give good services since.

Our customer care

The customer care of a company gives the first impression of the same. At EOT, we train our customer care to deal with the client professionally. They care will explain the company policies to you and advise on the bookings. They will give you the pricing and answer all other questions you might have.

We ensure prompt responses to the client’s queries. The client is answered through whatever method of communication convenient for them and available to us

Why you should go for EOT

Many tenants will not clean the apartment if the landlord/landlady is not firm with them. Homeowners have then resorted to withholding the deposit until they get justice for their property. But even without this measure, it is not ethical for one to usher another tenant into a dirty house. For these two reasons, EOT will help you keep a clean record. You do not need to have wrangles, and trash your name over cleaning.

Since moving tenants tend to clean only places that can be spotted, some landlords prefer cleaning services to do the job. The tenant is usually impatient to leave and cannot take the trouble to remove tough stains or wash the hard-to-reach spots. The potential incoming tenant might then refuse to rent the space. If you are in such a place in Wimbledon, make a booking with us.

Our services

Our services are open to tenants leaving their commercial premises, shop or residential house. One might assume that cleaning services are only there for homes. We help clean more than 200 premises each month. In fact, we have our polished skills because of this. Our trained cleaning staff is also more experienced because of this.

Our company uses its tools to do the job. We will not ask for your mower, rubber sucker or rake. All you need to do is to explain to us what you need us to do and we shall carry the necessary equipment to site. We guarantee satisfaction to both the customer and the owner.

Clients should know that we do not have to clean the entire house. You can choose to call us for a bathroom washing alone or the kitchen perhaps. This is possible with us. Why would we insist on scrubbing the living room if only the garage needs professional cleaning? We have expertise in tile cleaning, fridge and surface washing, working on door and window frames etc. we will clean your socket too so don’t get a shock trying to clean it yourself.

Our company works with property owners hence we know what areas need cleaning.

Our discounts in Wimbledon

Since we want to maintain our clients, we give worthy discounts to our return clients. We might, for example, offer to clean your carpet for free after washing your house.

EOT offers discounts over the holidays too. Visit our websites as often as you can to see our offers. You can also sign up to receive notifications. Do not miss our Christmas offers, though. We are aware of how messy things can get during this period.

Check out our after-winter cleaning prices. When spring sets in, all the residue dirt from winter needs to be scrubbed away. We love to do this for you at a good price.

Conclusion: Our EOT services in Wimbledon will not disappoint you in both cost and efficiency. Get in touch with us today.