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End of Tenancy Cleaning Stroud Green

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End of tenancy cleaning in Stroud Green just got easier and more affordable, thanks to EOT Cleaning Services. We are pleased to introduce our professional and effective services to all tenants looking to thoroughly clean up their homes or offices before moving out. Hopefully, you found the premises safe when you moved in and it’s only honorable that you ensure you leave it equally sparkling when you move out. We are your reliable partner for all your end of tenancy cleaning needs. We’ve ensured that the booking process is easy and have in place a customer care team 24/7. Our services are effective and always guaranteed to impress. You can also request for a free non obligatory quote on phone. In essence, you’re most welcome to engage us for all your end of tenancy cleaning needs here in Stroud Green and surrounding areas.

We assure you of a dedicated and professional team of cleaners that derives satisfaction in impressing you. They’re well organized and experienced in cleaning your entire home. As some scour and scrub the bathroom tiles, we have others who’re cleaning windows from inside out, dusting and wiping curtain rails, cleaning the oven, and so on. Our approach is holistic, which means that you get everything done in just one go. We don’t take the entire day in your premises in the name of cleaning. Time is valuable and we always prefer getting the job done and having the tenant inspect it right away. Once you’re satisfied with our work, we can then depart.

Our customer care team is warm, courteous, and ever at your services. Let us know when you plan to move out, and whether you got any special requests. It doesn’t matter whether you live at the top floor of an apartment or in the ground floor, we’ll do our best to clean it up to professional standards. We are meticulous and deliberate in ensuring that no please is left unattended. When you contact us, we will ask a few questions to help us plan and know what equipment to deploy. We also offer steam cleaning and vacuuming services upon request. Unlike some cleaning companies, we never ask you for a deposit before coming over to your place to inspect the work ahead. We believe that the client has a duty to win the confidence of clients by showing that they’ll offer them value for their money. We’re always humbled to refer to you some of our previous tenants so you’re sure we deliver what we promise.

You can also have a look at the reviews in our page, you’ll see that most of the tenants who tried our services were pleased and would gladly recommend us. Why? Because like we mentioned, our motto is hinged on three principles; professionalism, effectiveness, cost friendliness. These are the principles that have many tenants and landlords entrust us with all their end of tenancy cleaning tasks; we’re the real pros in this area. We have received zero complaints from our past clients, nor have we had to repeat the cleaning twice! This tells you that we are dedicated to getting the job done the right away. We will come over to any place you’re located in Stroud Green. The moment you’ve contacted us and we’ve agreed on the cleaning date, we always request clients to ensure they’ve unplugged their freezers and fridges. This makes cleaning them easier as the ice will have thawed to reveal the dirty parts. It’s is also important the electricity in the house is well connected and we have access to hot water; hot water is vital when cleaning grease and grime off the tiles, or disinfecting sinks and toilets.

In order for the landlord to ascertain that indeed the end of tenancy cleaning has been done thoroughly and professionally, a checklist comes in handy. They can use that to tick and confirm that indeed everything is in accordance to standards. We are always guided by a checklist when offering our services; we never leave anything to chance. EOT Cleaning Services is ever committed to maintaining our reputation of a professional and effective service provider. In case you have any complaints regarding our services, we’ll take them seriously and endeavor to correct them right away. We always invite tenants or landlords to inspect the premises the moment we finish cleaning; if any area needs to be relooked into, we’ll be glad to oblige. However, after 24 hours we may be unable to offer additional corrections especially if they were not noticed on the first day. Either way, we always strive to come to an amicable solution.

Our doors will remain open even during this Christmas season and the New Year eve; we are committed to serving you as and when you need us. You can contact us via our online Live Chat and we’ll be glad to respond. You don’t have to wait till the last minute; you can now book our services in advance. We’ll discuss your move out date and agree on a cleaning date. It could be on a weekday, weekend, public holiday, or late in the evening. Your convenience is our command.

Over the many years that we have been offering end of tenancy cleaning services in Stroud Green, we’ve formed close contacts with some of the top waste clearance companies around. If you have any waste or junk that needs to be cleared of before you move, just let us know and we’ll connect you to reliable clearance companies. Mind you, your landlord will expect you to leave not just the house clean, but also tidied up and devoid of any junk and clutter.

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For more information on how to book our end of tenancy cleaning services in Stroud Green, why not give us a call on 020 33 711 200? We promise you nothing but professional and effective cleaning services that will guarantee you a 100% refund of your deposit. We’d love to hear from you.