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End of Tenancy Cleaning Tottenham

Are you a tenant in Tottenham and are looking to end your tenancy soon? Or a landlord/ real estate agent searching for the right company for an end of tenancy cleaning service? We are a professional and cost effective company offering the best end of tenancy cleaning services in Tottenham and immediate areas. It doesn’t matter the size of your house or how much cleaning is needed; we always clean up everything to professional standards. Professional standards mean more than just what the eye can see; it means that even if you were to be asked to point out a fault, you’d not manage to! It’s because we do not leave anything to chance, it’s because we’re passionate about what we do!

There are numerous reasons why tenants ought to ensure that the end of tenancy cleaning is done to professional standards. Most importantly, is that you risk losing your deposit because landlords will withhold or deduct if the cleaning is shoddy. This could mean anything from a small issue like a dirty oven, cobwebs on the ceiling, stained sinks or baths, and so on. Our team of cleaners is well organized and very effective in handling all areas of your home. We systematically clean all rooms and appliances therein; wipe and dust curtain rails, photos, light switches, scrubbing floors, scouring stains off bathroom tiles, disinfecting toilets inside out, cleaning oven grills, and much more. In us, you have professionalism, effectiveness, and cost friendliness all combined into one. We always emphasize to our cleaners on the importance of treating our esteemed clients with utmost respect, and respect for their property. No shouting or straying from their core duty; cleaning your home thoroughly in the least time possible.

end of tenancy cleaning services

When you’re booking our services, we will want to find out exactly where in Tottenham you’re located, and whether you require additional services like Carpet and Upholstery cleaning. Also, always inform us if you live in a flat or apartment. However, kindly note that our cleaners do not hang from windows when cleaning them from outside. Also, our end of tenancy cleaning does not involve cleaning of laundry. These are things you explain to us on phone and we’ll advise you on the way forward. Our customer team will give you a free, non obligatory quotation that gives you an idea of what it costs to hire our services. The quotation is subject to changes. As a client, just leave the real work to us. We derive satisfaction in converting a dirty home into a sparkling one. It’s important that the next client finds the premises as clean, if not cleaner, than you found it. If you require steam cleaning, be sure to mention that when booking so that we bring in our cleaning machines with us.

After many years of practice, we have been able to come up with standard checklists that we use in our end of tenancy cleaning exercises. With such a checklist, we are always able to do a systematic job of tackling basically every component in your home that needs cleaning. We will clean obvious items like your windows and floor; but also have time for less noticeable ones like de-scaling shower heads. In a matter of hours, you will be smiling as you inspect the great job that our team did. The beauty of this all is that we do not exploit or overcharge you for our services. Our rates are competitive and accompanied by attractive offers. For instance, we offer free carpet cleaning to residents of Tottenham each time they hire us for end of tenancy cleaning. We also give handsome discounts to friends and colleagues you recommend; meaning that if you recommend someone to try out our services; we’ll do a great job for them and give a nice discount.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services offers you 24/7 customer care support, you’re free to speak to us any time or day. Give us a call on 020 33 711 200 and let’s know what time of the day you prefer to have us come over. Our team is able to strategize fast in instances when you want to hire our services on short notice. This includes on weekends and public holidays when most people tend to be at home. Leave us to get the job done as you concentrate on the new premises you’ll be moving to. Our cleaners are professionals who’re carefully vetted for their integrity, passion, and self drive. You never have to worry about losing any of your valuables during an end of tenancy cleaning exercise. Similarly, they’ll handle all items with care and caution when offering our services in an office setting that’s full of fragile items. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve entrusted the task to a tried and tested company, one that is 100% committed to giving you value for your money.

You have no reason to worry yourself sick wondering how to go about your cleaning; we’re just a phone call away and our services are really affordable. We are your surest bet if you’re looking to impress your landlord and deny them reason to withhold your deposit. Besides, you also leave the premises clean and impressive for the next tenant who’ll move in. Our services are fast and in a matter of hours everything will have a new look. We clean both the inside and outside of everything, from windows to toilets to ovens, cupboards, and much more. Spare yourself little embarrassments, let the pros come and do their magic. You’ll love it, you’ll be pleased and you’ll leave as a satisfied tenant. We also offer our services to landlords or managers of property looking for excellent end of tenancy cleaning services in Tottenham.

Give us a call today or better still, book our services online via an online form. Fill in your location, phone number, and leave the rest to us. We’ll always get back to you promptly and discuss the way forward.