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All You Need To Know About End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Canada Water

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Canada Water

As a property owner or tenant in Canada Waters SE16, there comes a time when you have to make arrangements to have the place cleaned up. Here at EOT, we are your professional and caring partner when it comes to all your end of tenancy cleaning services. We pride ourselves of having worked with hundreds of property owners in helping them prepare their premises for a new tenant. First impressions count a lot and the last thing anyone wants is to have a prospective tenant or buyer come view the property; only to be disgusted by the stained sinks and tiles! With EOT end of tenancy cleaning services, we go the extra mile of offering a wide range of services including Canada Water carpet cleaning and SE16 office cleaning.

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Why is an end of tenancy cleaning important?

Depending on the terms of the tenant agreement signed, the task of the end of tenancy cleaning can fall on either side; it can be the responsibility of the property owner, or the tenant. Either way, the cleaning has to be done, and in a meticulous way for that matter. Mind you, most property owners will withhold the deposit you paid until and unless you have ensured that the place is sparkling clean. Why risk much, for a task we can help do for you pretty fast? We have the tools, we have the personnel, and well, we have the passion for the job too! EOT is not just an end of tenancy cleaning service provider. Nay! We are your professional and caring partner every step of the way.

There are times that property owners have a day or a few hours to clean up their premises before a new tenant moves in. How do you ensure that the kitchen is clean and the tiles conspicuously clean, that the bathroom sinks aren’t stained at all, that the drainage system is as it ought to be? Only when you have a reliable partner like EOT, that you can rest assured that it’s all possible. Seeing that SE16 has many rental properties and apartments, one has to be keen to ensure that they are working with a professional company. Never assume that you can do the cleaning yourself, unless you have invested well in really getting the job done. You’ll need to have detergents, machines to wash and vacuum your carpets/ upholstery. And even if you had these, you’d perhaps lack the skills to ensure that thorough cleaning is done. On the other hand, we have a team of over 15 energetic and passionate cleaners in Canada Water who’re on standby at any given time. For an office, or typical house that needs to be occupied by a new tenant, we just need to deploy 4 cleaners; they’re sure to get the job done within 4 hours! In instances where you wish to have more than one house or property cleaned simultaneously, we are able to deploy multiple teams of cleaning teams. Does it get better than that?

If you live near Canada Waters SE16, you do not have to wait till the last minute, then start running helter skelter looking for an ideal cleaning service provider. Always think ahead, make enquiries and have that info at arm’s length. Why is this? It is very possible that as a tenant, you’ll want to do whatever it takes to get the premises cleaned really well, so that you can get back your deposit. You’re thus likely to call an end of tenancy cleaning company at the last minute, in near desperation. Such a company on the other hand will take advantage of your haste to overcharge you, and a probable shoddy job. But with EOT, we are your caring partner; you can always contact us well in advance via emails. We send you a free quotation of not just what it would cost you to get the job done, but also how we’d get it done. This is meant to instill confidence in you. We have done it before we can do it for you.


The cost of hiring our services will prove to be worth every coin and penny. Once you’ve updated us on when you wish to move out, or move in to your new house, we immediately get to work. As you concentrate on transporting your items and belongings, we have already cleaned the new home and ensured it’s ready for you.

EOT emphasizes on a holistic approach to all end of tenancy cleaning processes. Our trucks and vans are always equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for any related job that we may encounter. This includes, not just detergents and vacuum cleaners, but also ladders that we can use to reach lofts and other high places. Other times, it is about clearing leaves that have accumulated on roofs of houses surrounded by trees.

Professionalism matters too – professionalism during an end of tenancy cleaning is mandatory. Professionalism starts with the careful vetting of all cleaners working for the company, and properly emphasising to them the values and ethics needed in this job. For instance, the cleaners should maintain decorum and integrity when getting the job done. Shouting and making noise as they hoist up bulky items for instance is not professional. Usually, the company should offer their services without interfering with the tranquillity of the neighbourhood. Similarly they should display integrity and guarantee that nothing gets lost or damaged when in the line of duty. Some companies go to extents of insuring their cleaners so that everything is covered when they are at your service.

We have an eye for detail and precision. It is an interesting fact to note that our cleaning teams are always composed of both men and women. Women are particularly good at cleaning kitchen appliances like Ovens, burners, grills, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and so on so forth. Their male counterparts on the other hand are busy scrubbing and scouring the bathroom basins and toilet seats, or even ensuring that the garage is cleaned of any and all junk. Basically, we will cover every aspect and angle of an end of tenancy cleaning.

In Summary, contact EOT for all your end of tenancy cleaning jobs in Canada Waters SE16 and the surrounding areas. Our services are professional, thorough, and really affordable. We also pride ourselves of being an eco-friendly company that never uses any chemicals in our cleaning (especially important for regular SE16 domestic cleaning). Chemicals do not just harm the environment; they can also be toxic if used to clean ovens and grills. EOT are the real pros, we have a friendly and ever polite customer care team that’s on standby 24/7. Feel free to give us a call today, or drop us an email with your contacts; we’ll promptly get back to you.