Canada Water Office Cleaning

Canada Water started as an old dock and has become a hot spot for commercial properties and office blocks. Billions of pounds have been ploughed into the district, with no sign of slowing down. For that reason, Canada Water office cleaners are now in high demand.

Designed to impress, offices in the SE16 area require extensive upkeep. We provide a professional and thorough service to ensure the offices maintain an excellent standard of cleanliness. Whether the office is big or small, your staff can expect a spotless working environment every day.

Areas of professional office cleaning

There are different kinds of office cleaning you can opt for, depending on the circumstances and needs of the business. End of Tenancy London can offer a range of areas of Canada Water office cleaning, such as: 

  • Office kitchens – As with your own home, office kitchens often need a deep clean. With the number of people using the appliances on a daily basis, they will get dirty very quickly. Having a professional team coming in and thoroughly cleaning your office kitchen will mean your employees can prepare and enjoy their lunches in an orderly environment. 
  • Meeting rooms and communal areas – These spaces are regularly used so should be kept clean to avoid the transmission of germs.  
  • Receptions – These areas are often the first place your customers, or potential partners, see, so make sure they are leaving a good impression. Keep the space tidy and sparkling with professional cleaning services. 
  • Toilets – As with your bathrooms at home, office toilets need to be cleaned very regularly. You also need to remember to fill up soap dispensers, toilet rolls and hand towels for your employees. 
  • Clutter organisation – Offices can easily get cluttered with excess items, which can lead to health and safety issues. Let us organise this clutter and get your offices looking tidy. 
  • Regular cleans – A one-time clean is often not enough for most offices and will need weekly or monthly visits to keep them well kept. We can offer regular visits from our team in Canada Water to clean all areas of your commercial space. 
  • In-depth cleaning – If you’re moving offices, you’ll need to have an in-depth cleaning to pass your end of tenancy inspection. We’ll be able to tackle all areas of the property to make sure everything is up to your landlord’s standard. 

If you have any special requests in terms of areas you want to be cleaned, get in touch with us, and we’ll be able to accommodate this. 

Trained and experienced office cleaners in Canada Water

All of our Canada Water commercial cleaners are meticulously selected based on professionalism, experience and location. We have reliable cleaners who are trained and experienced with working in commercial buildings. Our staff will ensure your offices and receptions are immaculate.

We can arrange specific cleaning requests for your offices and provide flexible schedules to meet your requirements. If you are moving to a new office, organise to have our Canada Water end of tenancy cleaning services in order to guarantee the commercial property is left in perfect condition.

Book an appointment now 

If your company is moving offices or needs a spring clean, then get in touch today to book an appointment. You can do this in several ways, such as: 

  1. Fill in our online booking form – This is a quick and easy way of registering your interest in office cleaning. You can choose a time that best suits you, as well as give any other information you think we’ll need. A member of the team will then be in contact to confirm your booking. 
  2. Give us a call – You can call us on 020 33 711 200, and a team member will be able to answer any of your questions as well as give you a personalised price quotation.
  3. Drop us an email – We also regularly monitor our inbox for any appointment requests. Make sure you tell us your and your company name, address and any special requirements in the body of the email. You can contact us using this method here [email protected]

We’ll always try to book you in for an appointment as soon as possible and will look to offer time slots that are outside of the business hours to minimise disruption. 

FAQs – Canada Water office cleaning

What is included in office cleaning? 

If you hire us, you can be sure that you’ll be left with a clean office. However, the areas we will focus on will depend on what your requirements are. If you want a deep clean, then we will be able to tidy every room, wipe down office equipment, hoover or mop flooring, as well as any other cleaning tasks. 

If you would like us to clean one room, we can do that too! This will all be discussed when you make your appointment. 

How often should my office be cleaned? 

This can depend on how many people work in your office as more people will result in more dirt accumulating across the commercial property. However, a good rule of thumb is to have regular tidying every week or so with an in-depth clean at least four times a year in areas with heavy footfall. 

What products do you use? 

The products we use will depend on the needs of the job, but we can guarantee that we only use high-quality and safe cleaning products. We also focus on sourcing eco-friendly products that won’t have a detrimental effect on your local environment. 

Should I hire a professional cleaning team? 

Businesses will usually opt to hire a professional cleaning team as the area is too large to tidy themselves. They also have a responsibility to their employees that their workspace is kept hygienic, so cleaners with relevant training and specialist experience are the best option to achieve this. 

Professional Canada Water office cleaning will be able to leave your workspace in a better state than you believed possible.