Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning your leather sofa.

Having leather sofa in your home adds some elegance and sophistication to the space. Moreover, leather is long lasting material that can fascinate you and your guests for many years. Cleaning your leather sofa regularly, will keep it looking as good and shine as new. When cleaning your leather sofa, you need to know some… Read More

How to protect a newborn from mould in your home?

Your newborn has just arrived in your home and you want everything to be perfect. Probably, one of the things that you worry about is germs. Have in mind, that not all germs can hurt your baby, but there are some of them, which can be really harmful. When we talk about germs and babies… Read More

To clean your home or to live your life?

To clean or to live? That is the question that every woman asks herself? No matter if you are a housewife or a working lady, probably you spend many hours in cleaning, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc.That might be really overwhelming and stessful. Perhaps the answer is in finding the “golden mean”. While thinking whether… Read More

What not to do when cleaning stainless steel surfaces?

Nowadays you can find stainless steel appliances in every modern kitchen. These shiny surfaces make your home more elegant and add one gleaming image to your kitchen space. Keeping that image, however, needs some efforts from your side. Cleaning stainless steel surfaces may be a real pain in the neck so We would like to… Read More

What to avoid in cleaning during pregnancy?

Pregnancy may cause different type of influence on a woman’s body and mind. Some ladies blossom like flowers during that period. Others feel sick and get exhausted even by normal and regular activities like doing the laundry, cooking going for a walk or cleaning during pregnancy. However, you should be very careful in the last… Read More

Why should you use professional services for office cleaning?

Clean and fresh spaces should be a priority for every respected company. A well-organized office is more attractive and preferred not only by employees, but also by recent and future clients. Using professional services for office cleaning is awlays the easiest way to demonstrate attention for details. That is how you can show your attitude… Read More

Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Microwave

Probably we can find a microwave in every modern home. Their use is an everyday fact because it is the fastest way to heat food. If we have to compare, cleaning your microwave is much easier than cleaning your oven. It will take you less efforts and time. So you just need to get into… Read More