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The Most Satisfying Cleaning Videos on TikTok

Whether you’re looking for cleaning inspiration or entertainment, TikTok is awash with cleaning videos. With the platform’s users watching 167 million hours of videos per minute, the app presents a highly engaged space where ‘cleanfluencers’ can share tips and organisation hacks through before-and-after transformations and time-lapse videos.   Experts at End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services sought… Read More

A Guide To Removing Limescale From A Toilet

Removing Limescale - Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Limescale is a deposit of calcium carbonate, it often builds up in kettles, boilers, pipework, and other surfaces where “hard water” has evaporated. Unlike milk, this calcium is a bit harder to flush away from your toilet bowl. If the build-up of bad limescale in your toilet is becoming an issue and you are unsure how to… Read More

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home

Prevent The Spread Of Infection

It’s no secret that germs are spread through contact with an infected ill person, or by touching surfaces or equipment that isn’t kept clean and free from germs. As a result, in order to prevent further spread of infection, it’s a good idea to regularly deep clean your property to get rid of any nasty… Read More

10 Ways To Use Vinegar Around The House

Vinegar Bottle

Cleaning your house is a time-consuming and tedious task, but with the right tools and hacks, you can clean your house in no time with the help of a handy ingredient that’s already in your cupboard: vinegar. From shower heads to blinds, the experts at End of Tenancy London explain how cleaning your house with vinegar can… Read More

How To Eliminate Odours Effectively

How To Get Rid Of Household Odours

Research from National Institute of Heath (NIH) has shown that there are over 1 trillion smells which can be distinguished by humans, so perhaps it comes to no surprise that we prefer surrounding ourselves with the nicer scents.  With that said, what do you do when your house spells a bit questionable? The cleaning experts… Read More

How To Clean Makeup Off Different Objects

How To Clean Makeup Marks

If you are thinking it’s time to deep clean your home, you will need to get rid of all the miscellaneous stains you’ve been dreading cleaning until now. Makeup has become a staple in our lives, and because we use it so much, it’s inevitable that sometimes it can go on places other than our… Read More

Natural Cleaning Products: The Best Eco-Friendly Brands

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Organic over chemical cleaning is one of the biggest green trends of 2019. This craze for natural cleaning products was caused by the majority of supermarkets failing to offer any Eco-friendly options.  Many people have been unknowingly buying cleaning products that are not only damaging to their health, but also to the environment. Whether you’re… Read More

How To Make Your House Smell Nice In 6 Steps

Clean Bathroom

Do you struggle to keep your house smelling good all the time? Well, maintaining a nice, fresh smell is essential to creating a warm and inviting environment, and can even affect your mood, according to scientific studies – it’s that important! But making sure your house smells amazing every day, can seem like an impossible… Read More

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide: Bathrooms

All tenants have a duty to ensure that their rental property is up to scratch by the time to vacate and hand the keys back to the landlord. In most cases, landlords will withhold your deposit until you’ve cleared and cleaned the premises – whether it’s a rental home, office or commercial property. If you… Read More

How To Clean Your Kitchen Without Chemicals

Clean House Without Using Chemicals

There is nothing more rewarding than stepping into a clean kitchen at the end of a long day. Yet, is a clean house worth the steep price of those harmful chemicals? We think not. That is why we created this guide to help you get a clean house without using chemicals. Ways to clean your… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Limescale

Close Up Of Calcified Limescale Build up

Research into how hard water affects UK residents has revealed that one third of respondents saw their home appliances (showers, taps, pipes, washing machines etc.) damaged by limescale. Furthermore, over 25% felt that their household water supply had a detrimental effect on their skin and hair. What is Limescale? In light of these findings, and… Read More

What Is The Difference Between Deep Cleaning And Regular Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning House

We are constantly asked what the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning is. Simply put, regular cleaning is what you would do on a consistent basis to keep your home tidy and clean. This can include: Mopping the floors and hoovering/dusting around the house Tidying up the objects around your house Cleaning the bathrooms… Read More

How To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

Window Cleaning

With spring in full bloom, it’s time to start the seasonal cleaning sessions. However, after you’re done with mopping the floors and dusting your furniture, there comes the dreadful task of cleaning the windows. While this can be an easy and fast job for the ground floor ones, the high windows might prove to be… Read More

How To Clean A Patio Properly And Easily

How To Clean Patios

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to sit around and absorb the sun from your patio. However, after months of not properly being used, your patio might not be in its best shape and it might need a proper clean to bring it back to life. Whether you do it… Read More

How Can A One Off Cleaning Help You?

One Off Cleaning Services

If you are looking for one of cleaning for a one time deep cleaning session, we have the solutions for you. What is one of cleaning? A deep cleaning session that will be done by a regular cleaner to make your house is clean for all year with great price value. You can have a one off… Read More

Premium House Cleaning In Canary Wharf

Cleaning Company Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is one of the main areas in London, that we operate and we are busiest in the Canary Wharf area. We have most of our end of tenancy cleaning staff working providing a premium cleaning for house and flats in Canary Wharf. When it comes to flat cleaning we work with landlords and estate agencies… Read More

Does Landlord Have To Clean Before The Tenant Move In?

Helping Landlords Clean

Does landlord have to clean the tenancy property before I move into the rented property? This is a question most of the tenants may have! We see so many people searching on Google to know if the landlord should have cleaned the flat, house or say the property because a new tenant moves into the place. We… Read More

Guide To End Of Tenancy Cleaning In 2019

Guide To End Of Tenancy Cleaning In 2019

When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, many companies on Google doesn’t know how to do it right. For example, if you check some of the companies that are on top that says they know how to do end of tenancy cleaning doesn’t even know how to perform after tenancy cleaning according to… Read More

How End of Tenancy Cleaning Can Improve Corporate Image

How End of Tenancy Cleaning Can Improve Corporate Image

In such cities as London, business people are always shifting to better locations. Some will stay within the city while others will relocate to other cities. In such situations, these businesses are those that operate on rented spaces and once they move out to new locations, other businesses move into their former location. To make… Read More

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Every Landlords Dream

End of Tenancy cleaning: Every Landlords Dream

Every landlord would want their premises to be left clean always, whenever a tenant decides to vacate. This isn’t something that every tenant is keen to do before their move away so sometimes it’s not done right. If a housing unit is left dirty some extra strain is left on the landlord since the premises… Read More

Use Our Mobile App To Book Cleaners Online

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Mobile App

When you are looking for cleaners in London to come to your house and perform a cleaning session, you can now book us directly on our mobile app which is on ISO and Android. As the leading professional cleaning services company in London, EOT Cleaning is always looking for better ways to make it easier… Read More

How To Know If You Have Hired The Right EOT Company

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team

End of tenancy cleaning is an important exercise to perform when moving out of a rented property. Whether it’s the tenants or landlords responsible for this process it should be done properly. Usually, a house is likely to have all sorts of dirt while it’s occupied since all the amenities are active. These are the… Read More

Stains Which Require A Professional Cleaning Service

Stains Which Require Professional Cleaning Service

Stains are tenacious discoloration marks which stand out once they form on a surface or fabric. Various forms of dirt can cause stains on different places in a house. Some places are commonly stained than others depending on the daily routines that take place. Every residence or household is likely to encounter different types of… Read More

5 Residential Cleaning Services From EOT Cleaning

5 Residential Cleaning Services From EOT Cleaning

The 5 Residential Cleaning Services From EOT Cleaning that you should know. We offer services from Regular Home Cleaning to Commercial cleaning in London. Our experts are equipped with Highly advanced cleaning Equipment. Our Services include: Regular Home Cleaning Spring Cleaning After Builders Cleaning End of Tenancy Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Share this Image On Your… Read More

How We Can Help Residential Property Owners In London?

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team

As the London’s leading cleaning services company we’ve decided to expand our staff this year. The reason is we are getting more and more people inquiring from us daily and demanding the home cleaning services. Recently we hired over 30 more staff to join our cleaning company. It’s a a fun place to work at… Read More

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpeting is expensive. It is everyone’s dream to maintain their carpet for the longest time possible. To achieve this, regular cleaning is vital. First, it is important to identify the best carpet cleaners who employ professionalism and use appliances that will not accelerate wear and tear. Employing simple maintenance habits will also see your carpet… Read More

5 Residential Cleaning Services In London By EOT Cleaning Company

Residential Cleaning Services in London

End of Tenancy (EOT) Cleaning Services offers professional services in the area of residential cleaning whether there are homes, flats or residential places. Some of the most significant phases of cleaning are; Regular home cleaning Spring cleaning After builders cleaning End of tenancy cleaning Office and commercial cleaning Regular Home Cleaning In order to maintain… Read More

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Spices

Kitchen cleaning Cleaning your kitchen should be given special attention because we store foods, vegetables and more. To keep all the kitchen things clean and fresh, cleaning every day is more important. Experts recommend cleaning the kitchen daily once to maintain a fresh kitchen environment. Garden cleaning While you take care of the kitchen, it… Read More

How To Get Free Carpet Cleaning Services In Canary Wharf?

Carpet Cleaning Services In London

Cleanliness speaks a lot about our personality either in our homes or offices. When it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning, the contract signed between the landlord and the tenant determines who pays for this vital service. Usually, you’ll find numerous companies offering their services in Canary Wharf, each claiming to be the most… Read More

Sofa Cleaning Tips For 2018 Good Life

Sofa Cleaning Tips For 2018 Good Life

It’s coming to an end of the second month in 2018 and hope you are living a great life in London. Today we wanted to share with you some sofa cleaning tips for you and we’ve done a nice infographic to showcase the tips as it’s eye catching, shareable and easily digestible by you. With that… Read More

How To Check For Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Service In London

Carpet Cleaning Service Getting your carpets cleaned is a time-consuming task. When you find your carpets with more dirt and dust, it’s a complex thing. When you spill something on the carpet and if the spill is not been cleaned for a long time, your carpet absorbs all the dirt inside the carpet fibre. This… Read More

Our Social Media Recap So Far In 2018!

Social Media Recap

At EOT Cleaning, we are always active on Social Media to make sure we engage with our clients effectively utilising the power of Social Media. Today, we are presenting a Recap on what’s achieved so far this year!

The Importance Of Steam Carpet Cleaning

renovation cleaning in london

Carpet Cleaning Cleaning the carpet is a challenging task for every individual. If you don’t clean the carpet for a long time, that may spoil your carpet look. While we are back to the home from the office, dust in the slippers or boots can stick into the carpet. If you don’t give attention to… Read More

The Benefits Of Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

Bedroom Cleaning In London

Bedroom cleaning Cleaning may be a boring and burden task for many people. But, taking few minutes to clean your room helps you in keeping yourself healthy and energetic. There are many people who doesn’t have enough time eat on time. But you should remember one thing, keeping oneself clean is not enough, Keeping our… Read More

Tips To Organise Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning In London

Kitchen cleaning Cleaning your home is an important part in day to day life. With busy schedules, you often don’t do it regularly. It is not a big issue, you can clean out home once a week. But, if you don’t clean your kitchen daily, it may cause many health hazards over a period of… Read More

How To Choose Home Cleaning Professionals

Home Cleaning Professionals In London

Home Waste Cleaning Service: Every day the amount of waste storage in the home kitchen is increasing. Professionals recommend not to store a large amount of kitchen waste for a long time. Because large kitchen waste storage may cause health infections and bad smell throughout the home. Hence, it is important to take off all… Read More

Trustworthy And Professional Cleaning – London

Trustworthy and Professional Cleaning - London

The importance of trusting people in your homes is tremendous, this is just one of the reasons to employ EOT Cleaning London to give you an exceptional service while leaving you with peace of mind that you can trust your home with our professional company.  Here at EOT Cleaning we need space an time to… Read More

Why Tackling Window Cleaning Services Is Important

Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning services in London Home cleaning is one of the important activity that keeps us healthy in our day-to-day life! On the other hand, cleaning your windows is also important.  We should give more attention to detail when it comes to window cleaning.  Everyone knows that one should give more attention to home cleaning… Read More

How To Maintain Your Office Space Clean

Affordable End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Office Cleaning in London Cleaning is a most important task in our day to day lifestyle. But we fail to do it everyday because of our busy schedules. Not only at home, but also cleaning is important at an office. Keeping your office room clean can prevent you from many diseases. Sitting in the same… Read More

How To Maintain A Carpet Clean

Carpet Cleaning In London

Carpet Cleaning Cleaning the carpet with chemical free detergent is more important. If you have kids, chemical-free detergents is mandatory. Kids play on the carpet, so it is important to keep them clean. When you spill something on the carpet, that has to be cleaned within few minutes so you can save more time in… Read More

End Of Office Tenancy Cleaning In London

Office Cleaning In London

Office Cleaning: As people spend most of their time in Office, it is mandatory to maintain a clean environment. Cleaning is just not about taking off the unwanted documentary and organising the place. It is about cleaning the entire office and spreading a good fragrance. A good environment helps us to work more energetic. It… Read More

How To Get Cleaning Jobs In London

Cleaning Jobs in London

Having the place neat and clean is often referred to as one of the best habits in life. If you are a person who has passion to keep things clean, you are eligible to be a Cleaning expert at EOT London. We hire new people every week based on our demand – supply balance for… Read More

How To Have Maintenance Contract For EOT Cleaning

Maintenance Contract For EOT Cleaning

Having a maintenance contract is important if you own many properties in London. At EOT Cleaning, we provide customised solutions for Estate agencies and Property owners. With this Maintenance system, you can get maximum ROI for your estate agency cleaning activities as well as you can gain maximum returning users in London. The Process of… Read More

How EOT Cleaners Can Help Vacation Rentals In London

Vacation Rental Cleaning London

EOT Cleaning is the leader in helping vacation rental properties in London. We deliver customised solutions to meet your property cleaning requirements in London. Vacation rental users will expect a lot of cleanliness and industry level standards to make sure the place can be rented with maximum profits in London. At EOT Cleaning, we offer… Read More

How We Offer Office Cleaning In London

Office Cleaning In London

At EOT London, we provide office cleaning service to our existing clients as on-going maintenance as well as we offer Office cleaning as one time service with a defined fee based on the office space and man power required to clean the place. We also provide customised Deep cleaning for your office space and you should… Read More

Why After Builders Cleaning Is Important

After Builders Cleaning London

If you are building your dream home / apartment / infrastructure in London, you should undergo a bunch of Government regulations to make sure you pass all the conditions and your property is up-to the standards. After builders cleaning is taken as one of the most important work to be done as soon as the… Read More

How To Get A Home Cleaning Service In London

Home Cleaning Service in London

Home Cleaning Service in London: Cleaning home is an art. Today, people don’t spend their time at home cleaning. When you keep your home clean and fresh, it gives you more energy and a healthy life. When you don’t have time, the best choice is to choose expert cleaning service. EOT London cleaning service will… Read More

End of Tenancy Cleaning Explained In 2018

home cleaning service 2018

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – If you a tenant and expecting 100% Advance back from your landlord, End of tenancy cleaning is mandatory in London. If you are planning to move out of a place in London, the regulations are strict and you should hand over the property in good condition and it should be… Read More

The Process Of Bathroom Cleaning

bathroom cleaning process

Cleaning your bathroom daily is often considered Mandatory for a healthy wellbeing. You should spend few minutes every day to make sure you clean your bathroom surface and make sure it does not become slippery. If you keep the place clean, you can stay away from the bacteria and virus that gets formed in the… Read More

Choose The Best Renovation Cleaning Service In London

renovation cleaning in london

What is Renovation Cleaning? This might sound weird. Still, this is one of the best service thats in highest demand in London. When you renovate your home, you will end up creating a lot of mess around your place. They are mostly dust particles (tiny particles) and they require lot of practice to be cleaned… Read More

Keep Your Environment Clean – London

keeping your environment clean

Having your place neat and clean will actually save a lot of cost when you are trying to switch homes in London. Further, having awareness created will be useful for making sure all people in your home will help you achieve the best results when it’s cleanliness. Below are some advantages that you can have… Read More

Contract Cleaners For Property Management Agencies

flat clearance for management companies

End of Tenancy Cleaning Contract offers for Property Management agencies in London. At EOT Cleaning, we offer dedicated cleaning services for Property management agencies who manage tonnes of properties throughout the year. If you own property across London, we will offer a customised pricing package (The most competitive pricing) and dedicated staffs for your properties… Read More

Professional Fat Cleaning For The Best Price In London

professional cleaning by EOT

Flat cleaning can be a frustrating job if you do it all yourself in London. You can stay assured that our cleaning experts will do all the needful to keep your flat clean and it will be up to the expectation of the Land lord. Our experienced cleaning team offers below: We offer cleaning services… Read More

How To Get Flat Cleaning Done Professionally In London

flat clearance in London

We are the #1 Flat Clearance experts in London with over a decade of experience in the Flat clearance industry. Mostly people who move in to London, prefer to rent a flat rather than renting an expensive home to stay. These people include Students who are entering the country to study in Universities and Colleges… Read More

House Cleaning Tips In London By Experts!

Home cleaning in London

Cleaning your house might sound a difficult job. But, when you hire experts from the best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company in London, your life becomes easy. We are in this Cleaning industry for more than a decade and we accomplish works as promised. You can check the reviews given to us from our Customers… Read More

How To Get 100% Advance Back In London?

clean your home london

If you are renting a house in London, you should have paid huge advance money to your land lord before you moved in to your house. But, when you leave the place, you should make sure you get 100% of your advance back by following these simple steps. 1. Move Out Professionally One of the… Read More

Clean Your Kitchen During End Of Tenancy

eot kitchen to be left clean

When leaving your old home, one of the important things to be done is cleaning. While you are moving out to a new home, it doesn’t mean that you should leave behind the old property as it is (you may not get 100% of Advance Back). It is important that you clean your home and… Read More

Clean Your Windows With Professional Assistance

best window cleaning

Work efficiency in an office purely depends on the atmosphere that is cleared by clean and ambient presence. But, how such a big office space can be kept clean 365 days an year? Well, that sounds like a crazy question. But, the answer is very simple. One should opt-in for professional help during such cases… Read More

Hiring Office Cleaning Professional

office cleaning tips by experts from EOT

Employees spend most of their time in Office space. They definitely need a healthy and comfortable working place. Cleaning your office regularly is important and it gives your employees a fresh and energetic environment to work! To make sure the place is neat and clean, you should hire cleaning service experts as they clean the office… Read More

Garden Cleaning Tips

Garden Cleaning by EOT

Garden cleaning plays a vital role in maintaining a clean premise. Any vacant site in your garden gets occupied by unwanted stuffs that gets dumped in the corner. In a couple of month’s the space gets filled by plants, microbes and other vegetation in the same space where the trash gets dumped. This place also… Read More

Carpet Cleaning Principles

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your carpet means keeping your place healthy. To clean carpets, professional cleaners use many advanced cleaning methods. By using these methods, carpets can be cleaned properly. Even in-depth dirt, hidden dust can be cleaned to prevent us from disease-causing bacteria. Clean environment gives a comfortable living! Principles of Dry Cleaning: Cleaning Carpet systems employ… Read More

Common Waste Management Mistakes To Be Reduced

Waste Management In London

Here are few common waste management mistakes to be avoided: Illegally Dumping: Illegal dumping continues to happen everywhere in the country. Wastes should never be disposed of in this way, no matter the discretion or planning included. This practice is illegal, endangers the surrounding and can be traced back to you with consequences. No Contingency… Read More

The Concept Of Waste Management

waste management concept

What is waste management? Waste management or waste disposal means the collection, transport, and disposal of waste. Waste management is the process of handling solid and liquid wastes and gives a quality solutions for recycling things that don’t belong to trash. It is all about how waste can be used as a helpful resource. Throwing… Read More

Common Types Of Home Wastes In London

types of home waste in London

Home waste can be classified into either liquid or solid waste. When this waste gets stored for a loner time, it end in creating health hazards in home. Waste has to be removed frequently from your home in order to keep yourself free from unwanted infections and diseases. Liquid and solid waste, both are dangerous… Read More

Waste Management System For Construction Sites

builders waste management

After constructing an infrastructure you should keep your site neat and clean. The after builders waste should be disposed carefully. The primary goal is to obtain a good standard of ‘housekeeping’ across the construction site. As building contractors, it is their responsibility to plan, execute and observe cleaning work and to make sure all the… Read More

Tips To Reduce Home Wastage In London

eot waste management tips

Home Waste: If you are not cleaning your home for a long time, tons of dust particles gets stored in corners that are actually unreachable in your home. These minute dust particles often make you feel uncomfortable and at worst case, causes health issues. Hence cleaning your home with just a wet mop is not… Read More

Tips To Maintain A Clean Office

office cleaning experts in London

People work at office for almost 8 hours everyday during weekdays. Most of the time is spent only in the office, but people forget to clean the office premises regularly. A place without cleanliness makes the employees feel uncomfortable and tired. For instance: Imagine an office place with lots of unwanted papers, broken furniture’s in… Read More

Home Cleaning Services In London

End of tenancy cleaning company

A clean and fresh environment gives comfortable and healthy living. When you clean your home daily, you will be free from diseases and many other infection-causing bacteria. When you clean as an individual, there is a chance that you leave rest of place uncleaned. When you hire a professional cleaning service, they help you in… Read More

Common Commercial Cleaning Mistakes

commercial cleaning london

Commercial Cleaning Service: Commercial cleaning is a wide term predominantly used by cleaning companies. Commercial cleaning services manage to operate during off-peak hours because they are washing commercial places when they aren’t being worked. A healthy working place gives more energy and comfortable working environment. Due to the healthy environment, people can work with more… Read More

Advantages Of Commercial Cleaning Services

cleaning services london

What is commercial cleaning? Commercial cleaning is a wide term predominantly used by cleaning companies. Typically these cleaning companies vend their services via a trained sales force, advertising, or websites. Commercial cleaning services manage to operate during off-peak hours because they are cleaning commercial places when they aren’t being worked. Commercial cleaners use procedures that… Read More

Advantages of Spring Cleaning In London

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Spring cleaning is a practice in London that’s most important during springtime. During winter, London feels too cold and people stay inside the home. People those who go to office and come home, bring dirt inside the home. Many dirt that’s present in the boots, would get stuck in carpet. During winter, it… Read More

The Differences Between Dry and Steam Carpet Cleaning

EOT Cleaners

Steam Cleaning: The term “steam cleaning” catalogues a water-based method of cleaning carpets supported by some professional companies. It’s not the steam that sanitises the carpet, though it’s the cleansers implemented to the machine which the steam initiates. Professional steam cleaners will have the experience to use hot water based method and how to implement… Read More

Why You Require EOT Cleaning In London

Best EOT Cleaning in London by Experts

End Of Tenancy Cleaning is referred to as one of the most demanded service in London. As the population in London continues to grow every day, the demand for rented houses are at its maximum heights. The major reason for this demand is because London acts as a business hub for tonnes of business from… Read More

Home Cleaning Mistakes To Be Avoided

home cleaning

Home Cleaning: Housecleaning is all about keeping your home clean, away from mess, dirt, and unclean actions to make your household look better. Cleaning can be done by sweeping and vacuuming regularly for better surroundings. Cleaning the entire home may also include collecting all washable items, do the laundry, and clean swipe windows. End Of… Read More

The Best Way To Clean Carpets in London

Carpet Cleaning london

Best Carpet Cleaning Service: A Carpet is a textile floor covering that consist of fibres attached to the backing. The pile is made of wool. The pile usually consists of confused clumps which are typically heat-treated to control their fabrication. Carpet manufacturers are highly unanimous. They do more works to make a fibre carpet that… Read More

Why Stream Cleaning Is Required As A Good Method?

Stream Cleaning

Cleaning Carpets are used to cover the floors in the houses. Despite your efforts to clean stains, dirt, and grime from your carpet as an individual, it is much difficult. Carpet cleaning has to be done with much care. It must not harm your carpet. When you use any unwanted chemicals, your carpet fibers may… Read More

Carpet Cleaning Guidelines You Should Know!

Carpet cleaning guidelines in London

With our day to day activities, the carpet in our home gets accumulated with dirt and dust. Irrespective of our daily cleanliness practices, dirt and dust penetrate deep into the carpets to a level that it requires professional assistance to clean them up! It’s always better to clean your carpet regularly for the better living.… Read More

Equipment Used By Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning equipments in London

Remove stains and dirt from your carpet to make your carpet look good. Even after too many cleaning done by you personally, there may be few uncleaned dirt inside your carpet. It is always important to take off your carpet and perform a deep clean on them. Carpet cleaning professionals use advanced equipment to deep… Read More

After Builders And Home Cleaning Checklist

end of tenancy clean homes from after builders

If you have just completed renovating your residency, you might have to clean the mess that builders leave back. Clearing off the waste and spills is a bit difficult task. The dust and wooden fibre will be present at every corner of the house. Its a time-consuming task to clean every corner of the house… Read More

8 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

cleaning tips in london

Spring Cleaning gives you a perfect finish than any other annual cleaning. For many people, the pleasant appearance is visible only after deep cleaning is done throughout the home. This makes the home look beautiful. Spring cleaning brings healthy living. After a long winter, One must take the responsibility to clean your home and be… Read More

Tips: After Builders Service In London

Builder Waste Clearance in London

Building your home will be taken care by professional builders in London. You have a wide variety of agencies who does the construction work in London. The construction companies generate a lot of waste that gets scattered around the construction site. After Builders Service in London takes care of the construction site cleaning works! Here… Read More

Our Brand New Video Series In London!

Kitchen Cleaning services in London by EOT

We are back on Facebook with our brand new video series for End Of Tenancy Cleaning in London. We utilise the power of video promotions and 360 Degree Live Sessions! What is End of Tenancy Cleaning? End of the tenancy cleaning is a complete cleaning of furniture, electrical appliances, and other fittings in all rooms.… Read More

Professional Advice: Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet Cleaning bebefits in London

Cleaning your home is a boring job and it consumes a lot of time. There are many things that may go wrong during cleaning. Many people think that cleaning service is an easy task. But that is not the case here in London. While we talk about dusting furniture and washing plates be definitely easy… Read More

Benefits Of Spring Cleaning In London

Spring cleaning in London by EOT Clesning London

Spring cleaning is usually seen as a way to say goodbye to the winter and welcoming in the spring. The sign of milder climate is so wonderful, also encourage people to deep clean their home. Cleaning home from top to bottom as an individual consumes more time. Instead of doing this boring activity as an… Read More

Why You Must Hire After Builders Cleaning Service

Best After Builders Waste Cleaning in London-min

Building companies would construct beautiful houses. But once they are done with their construction work, it is not customary that they do the deep cleaning job. Possibly, they will do a little cleaning. Still, when it comes to cleaning everything, it is no longer their responsibility. Deep Cleaning of whole construction site may consume lot… Read More

3 Things To Check During End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning company

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London will make sure that the property is clean and perfect without any specks of dirt. The Cleaning services can be categorised as After Builders Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and various other services. In End of Tenancy Cleaning, all the services were included in the single package. Because the End… Read More

Different EOT Cleaning Services Tailored For London

professional eot cleaning in london by experts

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London is in huge demand which helps the people to keep their property neat and clean. At EOT London, we offer Cleaning Services like After Builders cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning and a wide variety of cleaning services tailored for your needs. So you may hire the cleaning services… Read More

Things To Leave Behind When You Move Homes In London

Things to Leave when you are moving

If you are moving to a new home in London, make sure you leave these items to make sure your transfer is smooth and time effective! Shifting houses with these items left behind will reduce your burden to a greater extent. Custom Fittings in Current House You should have customised many things for your current house.… Read More

How To Be Eco Friendly In London

Eco Friendly EOT Cleaning in London

Eco friendly cleaning is one of the most advanced and efficient cleaning techniques that reduces the waste getting generated while cleaning. This is on-demand, when it comes to after builders waste removal in London. How this system works? The concept of eco friendly cleaning in London is not Unique. But, the way we handle cleaning… Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips – End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Ready to give your home a top-to-bottom polishing? Let’s discuss about the most important cleaning types to be covered in spring cleaning. Doormats Cleaning: Mats to be Shaken and washed with a swab. It gives them the excellent cleaning that a guest can feel. As we go out and enter the home, all the germs… Read More

Why We Need After Builders Cleaning Services?

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company

After a Construction or Renovation work, the building will be covered with dust and material wastes. So it’s necessary to clean the building after construction or any renovation work. It’s a difficult task to make the builders finish all the works perfectly. Things to be Done Before Working As construction dust and waste will spread… Read More

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

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Taking few minutes to think about all the dirt hidden deep down in the Fiber of your carpet, which may include dust, bacteria, pests and human hair that might cause several issues related to health. Hence it’s important to clean the carpet periodically. Few benefits of cleaning your carpets: Carpets are expensive! Regular cleaning of… Read More

After Builders Cleaning Service In London

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No construction project is properly done until the whole project area is examined and cleansed thoroughly. Proper cleaning of the building is more important than simply removing debris that is visible. Deep cleaning makes sure that the building is completely cleaned end to end. Floors are cleaned, windows are rubbed, every particle is vacuumed and… Read More

Importance Of Domestic Cleaning In London

Domestic cleaning service in London

Any cleaning which has to be done as a part of our daily life refers to Domestic Cleaning! It is mandatory to keep your environment clean for many reasons, the most important one is the health of your family. Dirt and dust around your surrounding may cause several health problems. Domestic cleaning is important as… Read More

Importance Of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial EOT Cleaning in London

No matter what business you are running, it’s important to make sure that your Business place (or) working environment is cleaned daily and should consider them as the highest priority. Hiring a commercial cleaning Expert team for day-to-day cleanliness & maintenance helps in clean appearance of business location. Hence, the appearance can give a big… Read More

Seasonal EOT Cleaning By Professionals

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The Season has arrived! Its time to clean and organise your home. Keep dusting, sweeping, mopping your home for deep clean and feel energetic. End Of Tenancy Cleaning helps you to clean your home thoroughly (some parts that you haven’t cleaned often) during the season. An EOT cleaning professionals deep clean your home for comfortable… Read More

Carpet Removal Professional Tips

carpet cleaning tips by professionals

Removal of old carpet and installing new carpet can completely give the new feel to any room. However, it’s important to know how to aviate the process. Here are few professional tips from our experts. When purchasing your new carpet, make sure you will be ripping out the old carpet and stuffing. Have a professional… Read More

Carpet Cleaning Checklist For EOT Cleaning

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Carpets are extremely comfortable on the feet. They are warm in the winter and highly tribute the decor of any room. One must ask a question to themselves, Does my vacuum cleaner get all the dirt out of such a succulent floor covering? The answer is, “No”. Despite your best effort to clean carpets, it… Read More

Professional Hallway Cleaning Tips For End Of Tenancy

Hallway cleaning is always difficult if its crowded. Here is a best collection checklist items to have while you are cleaning your hallway! Remove Cobwebs – This is usually caused due to old and dusty place. Clean cornice / curtain rails in the Hallway Clean mirrors throughout with Microfiber cloth Clean and polish windows fully… Read More

Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide For Your Kitchen!

Sideboard Cleaning by EOT Experts

Searching for a complete End Of Tenancy Cleaning guide to clean up your kitchen? Check this clear and pre-defined steps for your end of tenancy cleaning as recognised by many agencies in London! Our Cleaning Checklist for Kitchen: Defrost freezers in Advance. Make sure you defrost at least 5 to 6 hours before you start the… Read More

How EOT Cleaning In London Happens With A Premium Checklist

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At the point when an occupancy’s arriving at an end, the landowners and tenants can make things go smooth on the last day of the tenancy. We’ve sketched out data underneath about potential occupants through the property, doing the last property examination, and getting the security discounted. #1: Indicating potential inhabitants through the property In… Read More

How Facebook Promotions Helps Us Reach Our Customers?

Facebook, A Powerful Tool We use to reach maximum Audience in our Niche! Why we Utilise Facebook?—?A Primary Branding Tool Facebook is our primary lead generation channel in which we source majority of our leads. This is done through targeted re-marketing in multiple ways like: Tracking People who visit our website Tracking People who have interest in… Read More

How To Get Your Rented House Cleaned Professionally?

When you are moving out from a rented place, it’s your responsibility to hand-over neat and tidy to your Land-Lord. Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Rented House in London! Never Try To Do It Yourself! Unless you are Jobless. Many people try their best to clean their house before moving out. Yet, they end up loosing a… Read More

Welcome To Our New Website

Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Welcome to our new online home! website. Clickdo nicely designed and and launched the End Of Tenancy London website Kasun did the design and Madhura did the development work. E.O.T Cleaning Services London provide high quality cleaning services throughout London, carried out by our very experienced team of professionals completing all cleaning to the highest standards. We provide services ranging… Read More

Why You Should Wash And Polish All Work Places

Are you are in London and looking for professional people to clean your workplace or property? Are you moving into your own house from a rented place? Did you know that most landlords and property owners nowadays insist for their places to be cleaned whenever someone moves out? All of these situations are tiring and… Read More

Remove All The Old Stuff From Your Place!

We must all agree that we all have too much of our stuffs that we rarely use and we must also agree that most of these stuffs are very old, yes? Whenever we want to have a quick start and get new stuffs we are discouraged by the thought of having to sort all these… Read More

How To Clean Leather Sofa Domestic Cleaning Tips

Having leather sofa in your home adds some elegance and sophistication to space. Moreover, leather is long-lasting material that can fascinate you and your guests for many years. Knowing the best ways about how to clean your leather sofa with household products regularly, will keep it looking as good and shine as new. When cleaning your leather… Read More

How To Protect A Newborn From Mould In Your Home?

Your newborn has just arrived in your home and you want everything to be perfect. Probably, one of the things that you worry about is germs. Have in mind, that not all germs can hurt your baby, but there are some of them, which can be really harmful. When we talk about germs and babies… Read More

To Clean Your Home Or To Live Your Life?

To clean or to live? That is the question that every woman asks herself? No matter if you are a housewife or a working lady, probably you spend many hours cleaning, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc. That might be really overwhelming and stressful. Perhaps the answer is in finding the “golden mean”. While thinking about… Read More

What Not To Do When Cleaning Stainless Steel Surfaces?

Nowadays you can find stainless steel appliances in every modern kitchen. These shiny surfaces make your home more elegant and add one gleaming image to your kitchen space. Keeping that image, however, needs some effort from your side. Cleaning stainless steel surfaces may be a real pain in the neck so We would like to… Read More

What To Avoid Cleaning During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy may cause different types of influence on a woman’s body and mind. Some ladies blossom like flowers during that period. Others feel sick and get exhausted even by normal and regular activities like doing the laundry, cooking going for a walk, or cleaning during pregnancy. However, you should be very careful in the last… Read More

Why Should You Use Professional Services For Office Cleaning?

Clean and fresh spaces should be a priority for every respected company. A well-organised office is more attractive and preferred not only by employees but also by recent and future clients. Using professional services for office cleaning is always the easiest way to demonstrate attention for details. That is how you can show your attitude… Read More

Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Microwave

Probably we can find a microwave in every modern home. Their use is an everyday fact because it is the fastest way to heat food. If we have to compare, cleaning your microwave is much easier than cleaning your oven. It will take you less effort and time. So you just need to get into… Read More

Preparing Your Home For Your Newborn

Waiting for your newborn to become part of your life is a very special moment. Nine months seem like enough time to get used to the thought that everything in your life will change. That change includes your home, too. As time flies away really fast, you need to think about many details, especially during… Read More

How Can You Enjoy Your Autumn Cleaning?

A lot of people do not like autumn coming. All summer vacations are in the past, days become shorter, temperatures – lower and you probably wonder what to wear every day. On the other hand, others adore it. This is the season of delicious pumpkins, rich yellow and orange colours, children playing with falling leaves.… Read More

Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Windows

It is really surprising how different your home may look with clear and sparkling windows. All at once, spaces become brighter and even cosier. You should schedule washing your windows at least two times in the year. Have in mind that if you live in an area with a lot of pollution or you are… Read More

Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a place of heaven in your home. Everybody loves to take his or her refreshing shower in the morning or, if we have the time, to relax in the bathtub in the evening, surrounded by many soap bubbles, music, aroma candles. On the other hand, when it comes to cleaning this… Read More

Regulations For Garbage Removals

Do you want to remove your old furniture or your storeroom is full of unnecessary stuff? Then you will definitely need a professional garbage removal company. Of course, you can do this job yourself, but in that case you: must have at least one day to collect and remove your old furniture (sometimes that garbage… Read More

How To Prepare Your Home For The Winter?

The calendar days are passing, December is coming, snow is whispering – the winter is on its way. But are you ready for it? If you want to protect yourself of sky-high utility bills you need to get your house in a raw for the coming cold. Wondering how to prepare your home for the… Read More

What Should I Know About My End Of Tenancy?

Certainly there are several common situations when tenancy may be ended: by the written agreement and its fixed date of ending; by your landlord before that date; by yourself before the date of the fixed-term agreement. No matter what is the reason, that requires a month notice at least. The period might be even longer,… Read More

Home Cleaning – Organising Your Home Office

Growing numbers of households include a home office, or at least a corner of a room that functions as an office. Cleaning your home office is just important as anywhere else, and it’s perhaps even more important as dust and dirt can interfere with the proper functioning of equipment such as printers and keyboards. Here… Read More

Decorating Ideas When After Builders Cleaning Is Done

After Builders Cleaning Done? Time To Decorate

So you have finished that home extension or alteration, builders have finally left and the after builders cleaning has been done. What now though? You have some decorating ideas but unsure how to proceed. We thought we would put a quick guide together that may be able to give you some really useful pointers, so… Read More

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning The Bathroom

Tackling the bathroom is perhaps the worst job in the home for end of tenancy cleaning, or routine clean-ups. The following tips won’t make bathroom cleaning more enjoyable —nothing can!—but they might make it easier and a bit less unpleasant.   Our Top End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning The Bathroom Stay on Top of… Read More

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Useful Checklist

Spring literally brings a breath of fresh air to a home, so here’s a spring cleaning checklist. The good news is that even though it may not be spring and your home is due for a deep or seasonal clean, you can use this list too. Here’s a short video to giving you some great… Read More

How To Do Spring Cleaning In 2 Hours

Spring Cleaning In 2 Hours

Everyone wants to clean quickly and get it over with. Spring cleaning can be even more rigorous than everyday cleaning, and so it’s even more difficult to do it quickly. However, it is possible to do a complete your spring cleaning in just 2 hours. Here’s how:   Make Plans It’s easy to get overwhelmed… Read More

After Builders Cleaning Is Important

Its Important To Do After Builders Cleaning When The Project Is Completed

Who doesn’t enjoy stepping into a brand-new sparkling kitchen? However, before you can enjoy the wonderful aftermath of a home-building project, there’s the tedious job of cleaning. The best option is to speak to a professional cleaning company who have specific experience doing cleaning after builders have completed the project. However if it was a… Read More

Why Spring Cleaning Is So Important

Why Spring Cleaning Is So Important - End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Spring cleaning is important because it’s an opportunity for a full deep clean-up beyond what you usually do. It doesn’t have to be done in the spring, of course, but a full deep cleaning should be done at least once a year, and spring is the traditional time. However, when spring arrives chances are you… Read More

Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Fridge

Domestic Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Your Fridge - End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

When it comes to domestic cleaning, the fridge can be a nightmare to deal with and no fun to clean. Refrigeration helps keep food bacteria-free, and to achieve this, a fridge should be cleaned regularly. Here are nine steps for refrigerator cleaning.   Hopefully your fridge isnt this dirty, but whether it is or not… Read More

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers

Spring Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers - End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

When you are moving out, the idea is to get as much of your initial deposit back from your landlord as you can. To do this thorough end of tenancy cleaning is a job that you or a professional cleaning company will need to do. Unfortunately, this deep cleaning will stir up a great deal… Read More

Cleaning Up After Kids

Cleaning Up After Kids - End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Even wonderful children make a mess. If you have kids here are some tips to help make cleaning up after them a little easier for you…especially if you have to do it often. American humorist Erma Bombeck said, “Cleaning the house while the children are growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.”… Read More

Speed Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Cleaning Tips | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Is unexpected company coming? Did your neat-freak mother-in-law just call to say she’ll be there soon? If so, you may need to clean your home FAST! Here are 13 cleaning tips that will get your home clean in 30 minutes.   Photo courtesy of Editor B(CC Attribution) Our Speed Cleaning Tips For Your Home It’s… Read More

20 End Of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

20 End Of Tenancy Cleaning Tips - End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Some of you may want to do your own cleaning when you move out. This is not something we recommend as carrying out your own end of tenancy cleaning may not be as thorough and your landlord may still require professional cleaning to be carried out. For those who want to do there own end… Read More

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Spot Bed Bugs Before Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Bed bugs can be difficult and annoying to get rid of when carrying out your end of tenancy cleaning so its important though that you do check for them. You may lose your deposit (or part of it) if you don’t spot them or get rid… Read More

Making Cleaning Chores Fun For The Kids

Make Cleaning Fun For Kids | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

When trying to encourage everyone to do their bit around the house, it can be especially challenging to get the little ones involved. However, cleaning tasks around the house don’t have to be reserved for the adults, as there are plenty of small but helpful ways in which children can contribute to the running of… Read More

Cleaning Products: Natural vs. Chemicals

Cleaning Products | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Most of us want a clean and healthy living space but are “clean” and “healthy” mutually exclusive? In order to shed some more light on the matter, here’s a rundown on cleaning products, as well as the differences between natural and chemical. Are chemical cleaning products harmful?  If a product’s label says something along the… Read More

Kitchen Cleaning And Organising

Kitchen Cleaning | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

When it comes to kitchen cleaning and organisation, End of Tenancy London are the experts, and we have plenty of advice following our many years of delivering professional kitchen cleaning services to homes and commercial spaces throughout the capital. In this blog, we will share our top tips and advice on how to keep your… Read More

Christmas Cleaning Tips

After Christmas Cleaning | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Hosting Christmas at your home often carries a great deal of stress, from cooking for your guests right through to entertaining them. But what about cleaning? When they visit to enjoy the festivities, you want your guests to focus on holiday joy and not your dusty home, so here are some of our experts’ pre-Christmas… Read More

End of Tenancy Cleaning – What Landlords Look For

End Of Tenancy Cleaning - What Landlords Look For

This article will share with you what you need to know if you’re a tenant moving out, the things your landlord will expect from you and will check if they are up to standard. We will also give you some tips on finding a professional end of tenancy cleaning service and ways to secure 100%… Read More

Removing Red Wine Stains

Red Wine Stains After A Party | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

No matter how cautious we are, red wine spillages are commonplace and happen to the best of us, no matter how many safeguards we put in place to prevent them. So, if you’ve done all you can to prevent red wine stains from your soft furnishings and still fall victim to them, the next best… Read More

Cleaning your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning London | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Cleaning your carpets using specialist carpet cleaning equipment can be a great way to get your carpets looking as good as new, as long as you avoid the most common mistakes that people make when purchasing and using this type of equipment. Here are some of our carpet cleaning tips and tricks from our expert… Read More

Tips And Hints For Removing Stains

Cleaning Tips To Remove Stains | End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Stains can be troublesome, no matter where they are – whether it be a red wine stain on your sofa or mud on your carpets. Here are some tips and hints for removing stains from End of Tenancy London. How to get rid of stains on fabric Stains can ruin a fabric and cleaning them can be… Read More