Tips To Identify If A End of Tenancy Cleaning Company Is Certified Or Not

Everyone deserves to get the bets services from any company that they hire. This is because they all struggle to look for the money to pay for such services which ought to pay off. End of tenancy cleaning is something which should be taken as serious especially if your rent deposit money depends on it. Getting it in full is what most of us desire since it can equally be used as deposit to the new house. This money can serve other purposes and we all have a right to getting it full. End of tenancy companies come in handy to help in ensuring that the landlords are satisfied with the way you leave their rentals hence paying you. It is however important to identify an end of tenancy cleaning company in London that is certified. A certified cleaning company means that it has been operating for a while and has qualified to render services to the people. It also means that it has met all the necessary qualifications that allow it to keep running. The need of identifying a certified company and hiring it guarantees you high quality satisfactory services. With the rise of fraud end of tenancy cleaning companies in London, this are the tips to identify if the company is certified or not.

  1. Ask for proof of certification

This is the ultimate proof that a cleaning company has been certified. Presence of a certificate either the original or copy is important. When a cleaning company is certified, a certificate to show this is issued and should be provided upon request.

  1. Check for staff identification cards

Certified end of tenancy companies insist and provide identification for their employees. This identification has a passport photo and name that matches the card holder and a unique employee’s number. This number can be confirmed at the cleaning company through a phone call. This is the next step to ensure that the cleaning company has sent those agents if there is any doubts.

  1. Check for insurance cover

Most certified end of tenancy cleaning companies are stable enough and provide insurance covers to their customers. The insurance helps to protect against damage by the cleaners allocated. They should be able to pay you if they damage you assets. The employees are also insured against illnesses or accidents that may occur when they are at work. This should be included in your package plan and the company should be able to hold its end of the deal. Doubts of whether that company is certified should immediately arise if none of the above compensations are mentioned. Yes, you have the right to question them and yes you can forfeit the agreement as long as the company has not rendered any services,

Tips to Identify if the End of Tenancy Cleaning Company in London is Certified or Not

The above are the basic tips to ensuring that the end of tenancy cleaning company in London is certified or not. It should be noted that one should not invite the sent cleaners in the house or property if there is any shred of doubts. Calling the necessary people is essential and having to cross checking all the documents given is also important. Security should be alerted immediately if the cleaners are not who they say they are and the issue reported to the necessary authorities. You should be alert and aware of the above tips and make sure to check online if the company is certified or not. Check for any complaints and go for companies with the most positive reviews if it’s your first time.