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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Fulham

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Fulham

Residents of Fulham looking to move out, landlords looking to clean their new rental units in readiness for next occupants, real estate owners looking for a cleaning company to manage their houses; EOT cleaning Services is humbled to welcome you to our end of tenancy cleaning, we are a reputable and affordable end of tenancy cleaning company that serves residents of Fulham and immediate environs. We always deliver; what we promise is what we always do. Doesn’t matter the size of your premises, or how dirty it is; as long as you need a company that can clean it and leave it sparkling, then we are your best bet. Don’t settle for a substandard end of tenancy cleaning company that will do a shoddy job, or exploit you for no apparent reason. We are affordable and more importantly, we always have your satisfaction at the front.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your End Of Tenancy Professional Cleaning In Fulham;

  • To begin with, EOT Cleaning offers very affordable professional cleaning rates. Considering that we offer you professional and thorough end of tenancy cleaning, our rates are some of the best you’ll find anywhere around in Fulham.
  • We also have a flexible time schedule. This means that we work at your convenience, we can dispatch our cleaners to your premises on short notice including on the same day.
  • In addition to that, we clearly understand the importance of end of tenancy cleaning; we know that some landlords will not set for anything less than pure excellence. Rather than risk losing your deposit, we always put ourselves in your shoes. We assure you, our work is thorough and holistic, your landlord will be pleased with the job we do.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and give you reason to hire us again in future. Read more
  • Our team of professional cleaners is made up of young, energetic and passionate cleaners that are keen to detail. Therefore, you can rest assured that your home will be well cleaned including the hard to reach corners.
  • Another interesting thing to note with EOT is that we use high quality, Eco friendly products for professional cleaning. We also ensure that the cleaning products we use are modern and meet all safety standards. In addition to that, we will advise you on what can be recycled or reused from the waste and rubbish left behind when you move out.
  • Lastly, our team of professional cleaners has been professionally trained on how to handle all type of cleaning from rough to smooth surfaces ensuring that your entire home is carefully handled during the cleaning process. Show Less

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The Services That We Provide:

  • We remove all the typical perennial dirt from your home. This is dirt that is hard to notice and is often found on kitchen countertops, shelves, on the loft, window sills, and so on.
  • We scrub off grease deposits on all surfaces
  • With our professional special tools and our professional skills, we carefully restore your surface’s shiny look and make them look good as new.
  • For hygiene purposes, we provide disinfection and fumigation services to your entire home.
  • EOT Cleaning also has special cleaning products that help us remove odor from your home, leaving it with a pleasant fresh scent.
  • We clean carpets and wallpapers in your home but on special request.

Kindly note that our end of tenancy cleaning does not involve our employees dangling dangerously on windows, especially if you live on a top floor. EOT Cleaning exercises great caution in ensuring the safety of our employees is guaranteed. For more details on our rates and duration it’ll take to get the job done, just give a call. Or drop us an email, we will respond promptly.