What Is The Difference Between Deep Cleaning And Regular Cleaning?

We are constantly asked what the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning is. Simply put, regular cleaning is what you would do on a consistent basis to keep your home tidy and clean. This can include:

  • Mopping the floors and hoovering/dusting around the house
  • Tidying up the objects around your house
  • Cleaning the bathrooms – this includes, the toiler, bath, sink, mirrors and floor
  • Cleaning the kitchen normally

Regular cleaning is something that should be done everyday if you want to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness in your house. When it comes to deep cleaning, this is usually done on special occasions such as during the end of tenancy or if tenants move in or out. However, if you think your house would benefit from deep cleaning we recommend doing it regardless of the occasion.

Deep cleaning involves cleaning every crevice of your home so thoroughly it will look brand new. By the end of it there won’t be any dirt or grime in your house.

So, what does a deep house cleaning include:

Getting behind and under any appliance in the house

Deep cleaning involves getting behind and under any appliance in the house, this can include the washing machine and oven, making sure you get rid of all the built-up grime.

You need to make sure you don’t forget the area under the sink, along with the insides of the appliances (e.g. oven and microwave).  

Remove all the limescale in the house

Limescale removal is also an important part of deep cleaning. This needs to be done in every room that has tiles or other objects that could have limescale build-up such as the sink or the shower doors.

Deep dusting

While dusting might seem like a regular cleaning job (which it also is), you need to do it during deep cleaning as well, only this time you need to make sure check every corner or the room for any spider webs.

Don’t forget to also clean the dust on surfaces such as your blinds and the lamp shades, they need to be taken care of as well.

Inside appliances

During a deep clean you need to make sure not to forget to clean inside your appliances as well. Take everything that’s inside your fridge for example and clean it properly with a gentle surface wipe. Do NOT use any bleach or other strong disinfectant to clean inside your fridge. If it touches your food, that could potentially make you feel very ill.

Don’t forget about the windows

Cleaning your windows should also be part of the deep cleaning process. Make sure you take the time to remove any mould that could’ve formed around the window edges as mould can cause serious health issues. If you have trouble cleaning the outside windows, check out our post on ‘How to clean outside windows you can’t reach’.

Should I do the deep cleaning myself?

Deep cleaning your house is a very tedious and time-consuming process. Anybody who has the time and energy to spend on it can do it, however if that is not an option, we offer a wide range of cleaning services that you can choose from, so your house can become spotless without you lifting a finger.

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