How To Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

With spring in full bloom, it’s time to start the seasonal cleaning sessions. However, after you’re done with mopping the floors and dusting your furniture, there comes the dreadful task of cleaning the windows. While this can be an easy and fast job for the ground floor ones, the high windows might prove to be a challenge.  One easy, fast and reliable option would be to hire a cleaning company, however, if you want to attempt to do it yourself, this is what you will need:

  1. Broom with extendable handle
  2. Garden hose
  3. Microfiber cloths
  4. Detergent solution
  5. Bucket
  6. Vacuum cleaner
  7. Steam cleaner

Cleaning windows from outside

If you don’t have a ladder or you just don’t like heights, the best way to reach the high windows is by using a broom with an extendable handle. Soak a cloth in a window detergent solution, wrap it around the broom and wash the window thoroughly.

After you make sure each corner is properly washed, turn on the hose and wash away all the soapy cleaning solution.

Extra tip: dry the windows with a microfiber cloth instead of leaving it dry naturally so you avoid any streaking.

Cleaning reversible windows

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

If you have reversable windows, your life gets slightly easier as you won’t need to go outside in order for you to be able to clean the exterior. First of all, you need to make sure you remove all the spider webs. To do so, you can use a vacuum cleaner. This will allow you to reach as far as you would need to be able to clean around the exterior of the window.

Cleaning with an extendable handle broom

If for some reason you still are not able to reach the whole window when washing it, you can make use again of the broom with the extendable handle. Climb onto a chair carefully and clean the outside window thoroughly with window cleaning detergent. Once you done, make sure you wipe the windows dry to avoid getting and streaking.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner

Another method would be to use a steam cleaner, if you have one. If not, some microfiber clothes and window detergent solution will do the trick just fine. But let’s say you do have some laying in your cupboard, cleaning with a steam cleaner can be very efficient not only for cleaning windows but also other surfaces such as cleaning the car seats. You will need to use the squeegee attachment that comes with the cleaner, this will allow you to polish the window nicely.

Warning: Be extra careful if you need to climb on a ladder or chair to lean outside the window. 

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