How To Clean A Patio Properly And Easily

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to sit around and absorb the sun from your patio. However, after months of not properly being used, your patio might not be in its best shape and it might need a proper clean to bring it back to life. Whether you do it to enjoy it yourself, or the end of your tenancy is approaching, and you need to do some final cleaning before handing the property back to your landlord, here are some tips on how to clean your stone and concrete patios.

Prepare the battleground

You’ll need to start the process with a little spring cleaning. The first step in cleaning your patio is by removing all the furniture or décor that’s in the way, from the loungers to the garden gnomes, remove any items that are laying around.

The second step is to brush away any leaves, soil and other types of garden grime. Sweeping away any debris that’s in the way will make it easier for you to clean the patio thoroughly.

If there are any weeds growing in between the patio tiles, get a simple kitchen knife and remove them. Weeds never looks appealing, especially those randomly growing in between your patio tiles, so if you want your backyard to look like it deserves to be a show home, make sure you get in between those tiles!

How to clean a concrete patio

Cleaning patio with bleach

If your patio is made out of concrete slabs, one way to clean it is with none other than bleach. You will need to mix one cup of bleach with 5 coups of water to dilute it. If the patios is exceptionally dirty you can use pure, undiluted bleach, but its best to go with the diluted version if can as there are less risks of it ruing the concrete tiles over time.

After the concoction is made, get a stiff brush and scrub your patio thoroughly. Make sure you keep the substances away from any plants as the bleach might kill them.

If your patio is very dirty and you chose to go with the undiluted solution, you should pour it on the patio and let is rest there for about 30 minutes, to an hour. After the bleach has rested for a while, get the stiff brush and start scrubbing away the dirt from your concrete tiles.

Cleaning patio with soap

Another way to clean your concrete patio, without the chemicals, is by using soapy water. This method is mostly for the patios that are not in that bad of a state. If your patio is really dirty, then we recommend the bleach method.

If you chose to go for the soap method, brown soap will get you the best results. Dilute the soap into water and use the stiff brush method as previously.

How to clean a stone patio

Cleaning patio with soda crystals and brown soap

If you have a stone patio, one way to get it cleaned is by using a soda crystal and brown soap concoction. Add the mixture in a bucket of water and scrub the patio with a stiff brush as mentioned before.

Cleaning patio with white vinegar

For an extra touch you of cleanliness can spray white vinegar in between the patio tiles to remove any weeds or dirt that might’ve not been properly cleaned.

Last step

At the end, make sure you wash away any product you have used by rising your patio thoroughly with the hose. However, try to avoid getting that soapy water on your plants as it can harm them.

For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch! Simultaneously, if you’d prefer us to clean the patio for you, why not check out our cleaning services.