Long Term Benefits Of Hiring An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Company


As a landlord keeping your rental units clean is a top priority. Rental units should be presentable and clean always. Once a tenant has left people in need of a place to stay get an opportunity to occupy your property. Sometimes getting new tenants is not easy and a dirty apartment complex will not make it any easier.

The landlord bears the burden to ensure that their property is clean and ready for viewing and occupancy by other willing tenants. In order not to miss out on the new business prospect the housing unit should be sparkling clean as soon as somebody moves out. This might be too much work for you as a landlord and very challenging since some dirt left behind by tenants might require more than just some water and a detergent.

This is where end of tenancy cleaning services come in handy. As landlord you might chose to hire them on a long-term or short term basis depending on your needs. The more units you’ve got the more likely it is that a long term end of tenancy cleaning service provider is the best fit.

What are the benefits that comes with hiring a long term EOT company?

  • Its time saving; it’s very likely that as a busy landlord the last thing you want to spend your time doing is cleaning that recently vacated apartment. The cleaning process might take so much of your time and you still get it wrong. Once you hire a long term EOT company you will no longer waste your time trying to clean. Whenever a tenant vacates you will not have to stop what you are doing to clean the house. A professional end of tenancy cleaning company will jump in and get the work done, not only well but fast enough for your next tenant to move in. 
  • Well-equipped and reliable; a long-term end of tenancy cleaning company has probably been at it for a long time. After they work for you for some time they can deliver very reliably. This is because they are well equipped and have worked with you for some time, they know your expectations and priority and can clearly focus on the clear-cut deliverables. 
  • Cleaning without supervision; working with an EOT for a long-term basis will require minimal or no supervision. Supervision is a time consuming but sometimes necessary activity. If you hire a different EOT company whenever people vacate, you might likely supervise the process each time because you don’t know them nor the quality of work they are likely to put in. working long-term with one company eradicates this concern and you can go on with other important things even when your house has been recently vacated. There will be no qualms at all because the company has worked for you on many other occasions and they know how to meet your expectations. 
  • It’s economical; Every time you hire a different one off EOT Company you pay different rates. These rates keep changing as you shift from one company to another. Dealing with one company on a long-term basis makes things more economical. As a landlord you have a higher bargaining power since all the volume of your work is handled by one company and their rates are more likely to be stable than hiring a new company each time. 
  • Professionally well-kept rental units; an EOT company that is on a long-term agreement with the landlord will provide good services which will leave your premises well maintained. This is because it’s not a one off thing and they will still be held accountable for any mistakes, this will motivate them to be through each time. 
  • Enhance occupancy rate; long-term EOT Company can contribute to a higher occupancy rate. A housing unit with a reliable long-term end of tenancy cleaning service is always clean and ready. Cleanliness is a top priority for any landlord and tenants. The more clean and presentable a property is the high the rate of occupancy. 
  • Minimises deposit refund disputes; most tenant deposit refund conflicts arise from cleanliness issues. As a landlord, you are not obligated to refund the deposit if the agreement stipulates that the tenant should clean the property and they haven’t done so. If the tenant cleans the house and fails to reach the expected standard a dispute may arise and can be time consuming if it’s to be solved legally. A long term EOT cleaning company will ensure this does not happen. 

Opting for a long-term end of tenancy cleaning service provider is rewarding. Familiarity with each other establishes expectations which are well understood between the two parties. It’s much convenient hiring one EOT Cleaning company to be your one stop shop for all your end of tenancy cleaning service. End of tenancy cleaning companies are known to charge more pocket friendly prices than regular cleaning services companies which are an added advantage economically.