Stains Which Require A Professional Cleaning Service


Stains are tenacious discoloration marks which stand out once they form on a surface or fabric. Various forms of dirt can cause stains on different places in a house. Some places are commonly stained than others depending on the daily routines that take place.

Every residence or household is likely to encounter different types of staining. Some of the stains cannot just be removed by simple cleaning home remedies. They require professional cleaning services like end of tenancy cleaning service providers who can remove the stains when a tenant vacates a premise. Each stain requires a specific solution depending on what causes it. A stain caused by food may need a weaker removing agent than a stain resulting from rust.

After a rental tenancy move out what you must do as a tenant?

When moving out of house stains can pause a huge challenge especially if they have accrued during the period of your occupancy. Removing them by yourself might prove futile prompting you to seek an end of tenancy cleaning service who are to have the expert skills of wiping them off.

So, what kind of stains require the service of an end of tenancy cleaner?

  1. Floor stains; this is the most common type of staining that any household is likely to deal with. Floor stain depends on what kind of finishing material the floor has, is it a wooden floor? Is it tiled? Or is it the ordinary concrete floor? Most of the floor stains can be removed by home remedies. Other floor stains may pause a great challenge requiring a professional end of tenancy cleaner;
  • Wood floor stain; has the stain just affected the surface or penetrated further through into the wood beyond the finish? If it has gone further the end of tenancy cleaning service providers are your best bet. This kind of stain may require expert cleaners since they are trained and familiar with remedying stains.
  • Tile floor stain; it’s very hard to stain tiles since there are made of a material that hardly allows any kind of dirt to penetrate. If you happen to stain the tiles you will notice that it’s equally difficult to remove the stain, well it may be for you but experts can and will. An end of tenancy cleaning service provider in London is the best solution to the stains on the tiles.
  • Concrete floor stain; it’s not very easy to stain concrete floors but it’s absolutely possible. Concrete floors are porous but when given enough time they will soak up that dirt you left on them for too long. Once it gets there your home remedy will do little to help that’s why you need that end of tenancy cleaning services to avoid issues with your landlord.
  • Vinyl flooring stain; this is a kind of flooring commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens because it has good stain resistance ability. Water mixed with other dirt or chemicals will still cause staining and scuff marks. Special cleaning agents and techniques which you or landlord probably do not know about can be used on this type of staining.The end of tenancy cleaners are experts in this field and can sort out the mess.
  1. Carpet stains; this are probably the most notorious and most likely stains a household will encounter. If you live in a rented carpeted house you will at one point or another come across this stain. A carpet absorbs any liquid that pours on it be it milk or your favourite wine. Removing stains from carpets pause a great challenge and professional help is certainly necessary. End of tenancy service providers in London will ensure that you don’t lock horns with your landlord over this stain.
  1. Sink stains; there are other types of stains that you can barely avoid. If they accumulate, however, your landlord will not like it because they will be very visible and it’s bad for business. Be it porcelain, stainless steel or fibreglass sink it will probably get stains if not regularly cleaned. End of tenancy cleaning service providers will clear those stains and you can get all the deposit back from your landlord.
  1. Wall stains; dirty walls are the first thing your landlord will notice and it will not look good on you if you have handed in the moving notice. The landlord will expect his walls to be left clean. The walls are susceptible to stains things like grease. The tricky part is not on only removing the stains but how to do it without inflicting more damage. If it’s really bad repainting could be the solution, if it makes you wonder whether it can be removed without repainting then it necessitates an end of tenancy cleaning service provider who has most likely done it before.

Stains could be nasty and tenacious but not impossible to remove, it goes beyond your ability, and it probably won’t make it halfway beyond good end of tenancy cleaners.