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End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide: Bathrooms

All tenants have a duty to ensure that their rental property is up to scratch by the time to vacate and hand the keys back to the landlord. In most cases, landlords will withhold your deposit until you’ve cleared and cleaned the premises – whether it’s a rental home, office or commercial property. If you… Read More

Guide To End Of Tenancy Cleaning In 2019

Guide To End Of Tenancy Cleaning In 2019

When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, many companies on Google doesn’t know how to do it right. For example, if you check some of the companies that are on top that says they know how to do end of tenancy cleaning doesn’t even know how to perform after tenancy cleaning according to… Read More

How End of Tenancy Cleaning Can Improve Corporate Image

How End of Tenancy Cleaning Can Improve Corporate Image

In such cities as London, business people are always shifting to better locations. Some will stay within the city while others will relocate to other cities. In such situations, these businesses are those that operate on rented spaces and once they move out to new locations, other businesses move into their former location. To make… Read More

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Every Landlords Dream

End of Tenancy cleaning: Every Landlords Dream

Every landlord would want their premises to be left clean always, whenever a tenant decides to vacate. This isn’t something that every tenant is keen to do before their move away so sometimes it’s not done right. If a housing unit is left dirty some extra strain is left on the landlord since the premises… Read More

How To Know If You Have Hired The Right EOT Company

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team

End of tenancy cleaning is an important exercise to perform when moving out of a rented property. Whether it’s the tenants or landlords responsible for this process it should be done properly. Usually, a house is likely to have all sorts of dirt while it’s occupied since all the amenities are active. These are the… Read More

Stains Which Require A Professional Cleaning Service

Stains Which Require Professional Cleaning Service

Stains are tenacious discoloration marks which stand out once they form on a surface or fabric. Various forms of dirt can cause stains on different places in a house. Some places are commonly stained than others depending on the daily routines that take place. Every residence or household is likely to encounter different types of… Read More

Trustworthy And Professional Cleaning – London

Trustworthy and Professional Cleaning - London

The importance of trusting people in your homes is tremendous, this is just one of the reasons to employ EOT Cleaning London to give you an exceptional service while leaving you with peace of mind that you can trust your home with our professional company.  Here at EOT Cleaning we need space an time to… Read More

How To Have Maintenance Contract For EOT Cleaning

Maintenance Contract For EOT Cleaning

Having a maintenance contract is important if you own many properties in London. At EOT Cleaning, we provide customised solutions for Estate agencies and Property owners. With this Maintenance system, you can get maximum ROI for your estate agency cleaning activities as well as you can gain maximum returning users in London. The Process of… Read More

Why You Require EOT Cleaning In London

Best EOT Cleaning in London by Experts

End Of Tenancy Cleaning is referred to as one of the most demanded service in London. As the population in London continues to grow every day, the demand for rented houses are at its maximum heights. The major reason for this demand is because London acts as a business hub for tonnes of business from… Read More