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Use Our Mobile App To Book Cleaners Online

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Mobile App

When you are looking for cleaners in London to come to your house and perform a cleaning session, you can now book us directly on our mobile app which is on ISO and Android. As the leading professional cleaning services company in London, EOT Cleaning is always looking for better ways to make it easier… Read More

Common Types Of Home Wastes In London

types of home waste in London

Home waste can be classified into either liquid or solid waste. When this waste gets stored for a loner time, it end in creating health hazards in home. Waste has to be removed frequently from your home in order to keep yourself free from unwanted infections and diseases. Liquid and solid waste, both are dangerous… Read More

Home Cleaning Services In London

End of tenancy cleaning company

A clean and fresh environment gives comfortable and healthy living. When you clean your home daily, you will be free from diseases and many other infection-causing bacteria. When you clean as an individual, there is a chance that you leave rest of place uncleaned. When you hire a professional cleaning service, they help you in… Read More

Advantages Of Commercial Cleaning Services

cleaning services london

What is commercial cleaning? Commercial cleaning is a wide term predominantly used by cleaning companies. Typically these cleaning companies vend their services via a trained sales force, advertising, or websites. Commercial cleaning services manage to operate during off-peak hours because they are cleaning commercial places when they aren’t being worked. Commercial cleaners use procedures that… Read More

After Builders And Home Cleaning Checklist

end of tenancy clean homes from after builders

If you have just completed renovating your residency, you might have to clean the mess that builders leave back. Clearing off the waste and spills is a bit difficult task. The dust and wooden fibre will be present at every corner of the house. Its a time-consuming task to clean every corner of the house… Read More

Benefits Of Spring Cleaning In London

Spring cleaning in London by EOT Clesning London

Spring cleaning is usually seen as a way to say goodbye to the winter and welcoming in the spring. The sign of milder climate is so wonderful, also encourage people to deep clean their home. Cleaning home from top to bottom as an individual consumes more time. Instead of doing this boring activity as an… Read More

Why You Must Hire After Builders Cleaning Service

Best After Builders Waste Cleaning in London-min

Building companies would construct beautiful houses. But once they are done with their construction work, it is not customary that they do the deep cleaning job. Possibly, they will do a little cleaning. Still, when it comes to cleaning everything, it is no longer their responsibility. Deep Cleaning of whole construction site may consume lot… Read More

3 Things To Check During End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning company

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London will make sure that the property is clean and perfect without any specks of dirt. The Cleaning services can be categorised as After Builders Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and various other services. In End of Tenancy Cleaning, all the services were included in the single package. Because the End… Read More

Different EOT Cleaning Services Tailored For London

professional eot cleaning in london by experts

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London is in huge demand which helps the people to keep their property neat and clean. At EOT London, we offer Cleaning Services like After Builders cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning and a wide variety of cleaning services tailored for your needs. So you may hire the cleaning services… Read More

Why We Need After Builders Cleaning Services?

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company

After a Construction or Renovation work, the building will be covered with dust and material wastes. So it’s necessary to clean the building after construction or any renovation work. It’s a difficult task to make the builders finish all the works perfectly. Things to be Done Before Working As construction dust and waste will spread… Read More

Importance Of Domestic Cleaning In London

Domestic cleaning service in London

Any cleaning which has to be done as a part of our daily life refers to Domestic Cleaning! It is mandatory to keep your environment clean for many reasons, the most important one is the health of your family. Dirt and dust around your surrounding may cause several health problems. Domestic cleaning is important as… Read More

Importance Of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial EOT Cleaning in London

No matter what business you are running, it’s important to make sure that your Business place (or) working environment is cleaned daily and should consider them as the highest priority. Hiring a commercial cleaning Expert team for day-to-day cleanliness & maintenance helps in clean appearance of business location. Hence, the appearance can give a big… Read More

Seasonal EOT Cleaning By Professionals

Premium EOT Cleaning Service

The Season has arrived! Its time to clean and organise your home. Keep dusting, sweeping, mopping your home for deep clean and feel energetic. End Of Tenancy Cleaning helps you to clean your home thoroughly (some parts that you haven’t cleaned often) during the season. An EOT cleaning professionals deep clean your home for comfortable… Read More

Carpet Removal Professional Tips

carpet cleaning tips by professionals

Removal of old carpet and installing new carpet can completely give the new feel to any room. However, it’s important to know how to aviate the process. Here are few professional tips from our experts. When purchasing your new carpet, make sure you will be ripping out the old carpet and stuffing. Have a professional… Read More

Carpet Cleaning Checklist For EOT Cleaning

carpet cleaning in london by eot cleaning

Carpets are extremely comfortable on the feet. They are warm in the winter and highly tribute the decor of any room. One must ask a question to themselves, Does my vacuum cleaner get all the dirt out of such a succulent floor covering? The answer is, “No”. Despite your best effort to clean carpets, it… Read More

How To Get Your Rented House Cleaned Professionally?

When you are moving out from a rented place, it’s your responsibility to hand-over neat and tidy to your Land-Lord. Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Rented House in London! Never Try To Do It Yourself! Unless you are Jobless. Many people try their best to clean their house before moving out. Yet, they end up loosing a… Read More