After Builders And Home Cleaning Checklist

If you have just completed renovating your residency, you might have to clean the mess that builders leave back. Clearing off the waste and spills is a bit difficult task. The dust and wooden fibre will be present at every corner of the house. Its a time-consuming task to clean every corner of the house and more manpower is required for such activity in London.

end of tenancy clean homes from after builders

Deep cleaning of the entire house helps you to maintain hygiene and have a fresh look. To retain the fresh look of your house, it’s always recommended to hire after builders cleaning service. As a professional service, they will know all the dos and don’ts of cleaning process which they have tailored based on years of experience in London. Also, they use Advanced equipment to clean every corner of the house with the required amount of manpower.

Professional cleaning service will maintain a checklist. It is used to schedule a dedicated time and take the required manpower for each activity. The checklist helps to clean each and every place of your home soon.

Professional Checklist:

Cleaning Every Room:

Cleaning the Living room, dining room and hallway is the key to make the home look fresh! Since we spend most of the time in these rooms, it’s important to deep clean those room and make it dust free.

Dust and clean all the attachments, fixtures and furniture completely.

Clean the floor space, carpets and vacuum the boards behind the furniture. Dust each room’s windows and then use a smooth scrub to wash them thoroughly.

Clean the door, door knobs, electric fixtures. Cushion covers to be removed. Dry wash the covers and then replace. Professional Cleaners use chemical free detergents to mop the floor.


We clean vegetables and cook food. These tiny food waste will be present in many other places inside the kitchen. This invisible dust may spoil your health. Hence cleaning the kitchen includes:

  • Clean the cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Remove any left behind food
  • Remove the debris from washbasin
  • Rinse them thoroughly
  • Degrease the walls and remove food deposits
  • Clean the refrigerator by removing all the contents inside.
  • Wash all the plates and organise them neatly.
  • Organise all the things in the kitchen to look beautiful.


Odour from bathroom showcase the symptoms that may cause many diseases. Hence clean the shower space, get it descaled and rubbed.

  • Wall tiles to be cleaned using a detergent.
  • Clean the bathroom mirrors.
  • Remove soaps and shampoo spills.
  • Clear the Cabinet and clean them on both sides.
  • Floors to be scrubbed and sanitised, if there is a carpet, the carpet should be removed and vacuumed.
  • Polish the Laundry Storage containers