What You Need To Know About End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

All tenants have a duty to ensure that they clean up the rental properties they occupied when it is time to vacate. Most landlords will actually withhold the deposit you paid until you’ve cleared and cleaned up the premises. This could be for rental homes, offices, and basically any other commercial property. It’s vital that you make use of a checklist to enable you to carry out a thorough and meticulous cleaning of the property. Chances are that your landlord will use the same checklist to check that you’ve done everything properly.

  1. Bedroom cleaning; when clearing the bedroom, you want to ensure that everything is left clean and dust free. Thus, start from the top of the room to the bottom; clear up cobwebs on the ceiling and on the walls. The top of wardrobes and cupboards, shelves also; dust up these areas thoroughly. Dust on photo frames should not escape you, as should the curtain rails, lampshades, light fittings, finishing with the sockets. You can then clean up the floor to ensure the room is sparkling clean. Door knobs and handles can also be wiped with a wet cloth.


  2. Bathrooms; your bathroom can be the deal maker or the deal breaker when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. You want to ensure that the toilet, tiles, and baths are all thoroughly cleaned. You should clean baths, basins, and sinks using bleach as this leave them sparkling white. Towel rails and radiators should be wiped and polished to restore their allure. It’s also important that you leave all drains cleared and unclogged; as for glass surfaces and mirrors, these should be wiped then dried up using newspaper. Also, don’t forget to leave the toothbrush area clean.

  3. Kitchen; cleaning the kitchen can be quite laborious, but worth it. The kitchen is one of the rooms we use most and as such, there is much to be done here. Start by cleaning the counter tops, loft, shelves, and other worktops around. The inside of drawers and cupboards should also be thoroughly cleaned up. Any food leftovers should be thrown away. Make an effort of degreasing the tiles on the walls, wash and polish the taps and sink. If the house is self contained, it is your responsibility to clean up the freezers, microwaves, and any other appliances you’ve been using. Even the bins have to be left sparkling clean.


  4. Compound; this is one of the areas that most tenants tend to forget. It’s vital that you leave the compound very neat and tidy. EOT cleaning will come and help you clean any littering around, empty the garbage bins, and ensure that any outside drainage’s are unclogged. The garage must also be cleared of any junk and damaged items. Tall grass and hedges should also be trimmed to leave the entire place looking hospitable.


Seeing that an end of tenancy cleaning can be tedious, you’re advised to get a reliable cleaning company. Such a company will help you get a thorough job done within a short time so that you’re always assured of leaving your landlord satisfied.