Importance Of Using A Checklist During End Of Tenancy Cleaning


During any process that follows strict procedures, a checklist is important. It’s a crosschecking list of requirements which is meant to ensure that no important activity that will be skipped. End of tenancy cleaning process requires a checklist to avoid missing out some important details which could sabotage the process.

All rooms need to be cleaned and every room has its own cleaning needs. To ensure that none is forgotten a detailed checklist should be prepared by the end of tenancy cleaning company. Once all parts listed are cleaned and confirmed the service can be deemed satisfactory.

What is an end of tenancy checklist likely to consist of?

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Carpets
  • Windows
  • Drawers
  • Appliances
  • Fridge
  • Freezers

Under every listed item the parts to be cleaned are listed. Activities that will take place in each room are identified for instance if it’s the kitchen things like; clean the oven, the microwave, discard leftovers, clean grime from hobs, remove stains from the sink and decrease the oven are listed. 

So, what’s the importance of using a checklist during the end of tenancy cleaning?

  1. Preparation tool; one of the reasons as to why a checklist is very important to the end of tenancy cleaning company is that it helps to be well prepared. After the evacuation of the premises in need of cleaning it’s easy to identify the equipment and tools that will be required for the work. If the end of tenancy cleaning company notices some unreachable windows they will know a squeegee is required for them to completely finish the job. Detergents and stain removers and other cleaning agents for specific places captured in the checklist enables the team to be well prepared.
  2. Acts as a guide; a checklist acts as a route map during the end of tenancy cleaning. Since it lists all the necessary cleaning activities, the cleaners can follow the list step by step in each room ensuring they go over all the required parts of the house. It’s difficult to leave out any part of the house if the checklist is followed to the latter.

 3 Serves as a reminder; cleaning a house is an involving task even for the end of tenancy cleaning service providers and it’s important for any required cleaning task not to be forgotten. It’s easy to forget the sink in the dining room while concentrating on the kitchen, cobwebs can be left out easily. A checklist comes in handy to ensure that the door handle you had missed by mistake has been remembered and given the attention required.

  1. Enhances timekeeping; a checklist enhances timekeeping since all activities have been written down. Clearly, listed details can help the end of tenancy cleaning service provider estimate the amount of time they may require to get the job done. Once all activities and places to be cleaned have been identified the team will work time consciously. If the list is long the team knows better than to spend too much time on one thing. The checklist gives them a sense of urgency that might be necessary while handling a big house. Time is an important aspect both for the tenant and the landlord.
  1. Acts as organisation tool; another importance of a checklist is that it can be used as an on the organisational tool by the end of tenancy cleaning team. The list can be used to assign duties among the EOTs members, this then translates into a more organise workflow as every member of the team concentrates on their given tasks. The organisation is important for achieving any cleaning objective and indicates true professionalism.
  1. Acts as inspection tool; before the official inspection the end of cleaning service providers can inspect the work they have done by going through a checklist, this is an important practice which highly depends on the checklist. In every room they will read what was to be done and make sure that even the little were not left out, this really seals the possible loopholes for mistakes during the cleaning process.

Once a checklist adheres too strictly efficiency is achieved.  The landlord, tenant and the end of tenancy cleaning company can all be satisfied. The EOT can also use the checklist to delegate duties to the teams depending on each member’s expertise. The same list can be used for accountability where questions are raised at the end of the process. A checklist is quite functional especially in such a strict process because the house is expected to go through inspection which ensures a tenants deposit is also a good practice by in the EOT process and shows great professionalism. The last thing you want is a team that cannot even identify which details they missed.