Things To Leave Behind When You Move Homes In London

If you are moving to a new home in London, make sure you leave these items to make sure your transfer is smooth and time effective! Shifting houses with these items left behind will reduce your burden to a greater extent.

Things to Leave when you are moving

Custom Fittings in Current House

leave these items behind when you move homesYou should have customised many things for your current house. Like wardrobes, shelves and Holders thats sticking around your home. Transferring these items is a really bad idea when you are moving to a new home in London. For example, consider you have a floor-to-ceiling wooden wardrobe thats customised for the current home. As its fitted and furnished for the current home, it a bad idea to dismantle and shift it to a new home. Issues that may rise:

  • Building Interior Height may vary
  • Structure of the wardrobe may not fit
  • Cost of dismantling, Packing, Transfer, Installing and customising for your new home will definitely require a lot of man power + will attract Cost.

Very Old Furnitures

Yes, this is the most common scenario in End of Tenancy cleaning and Transfer of homes in London. When you are leaving your old place, carrying the furniture thats almost broke makes no sense. The best is to leave it behind or drop them for re-cycle.

Anything that does not work?—?Just leave them!

You might have some Computers, Electronic toys of your children, Gadgets or some exercise equipment that does not function properly. Its a good idea to leave them behind instead of paying to transfer them!

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