How To Make Your House Smell Nice In 6 Steps

Do you struggle to keep your house smelling good all the time? Well, maintaining a nice, fresh smell is essential to creating a warm and inviting environment, and can even affect your mood, according to scientific studies – it’s that important!

But making sure your house smells amazing every day, can seem like an impossible task – but it doesn’t have to be! To make your house smell nice, make sure you follow our 6 top tips below!

1. Have a deep clean

The first vital step is to have a deep clean! Often the way a house smells is indicative of how clean it is, so try to deep clean your home at least once a month, to help eliminate unwanted odours.

You may be thinking, what’s the difference between a deep clean and a regular clean? Well, a regular clean will occur every day, whereas a deep clean is much more thorough and usually takes place once or twice a month. A deep clean will get rid of any remaining dirt and dust from secluded areas of your home which may have been missed when carrying out a daily clean. By taking time out of your busy schedule to carry out a deep clean each month, it will prevent the build-up of dust in wardrobes, window seals and other areas to create a fresh-smelling house.

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2. Eliminate any odours

Adding candles, air fresheners and incenses can be an inexpensive way to make your house smell good and significantly help to eliminate odours effectively. When choosing scents, it is important to pick carefully. Ideally you want a candle with a strong, natural scent in order to fill the room and make it noticeable.

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However, bear in mind that if there is rotting food, cat litter and other foul smells infiltrating your home, no artificial scent will mask these odours effectively.

In order to make your house smell great, you must tackle the source of bad odours first. Often the key culprits are as follows:

• Rotting food
• Unclean pet beds
• Dirty Carpets
• Kitchen and bathroom drains
• Bins
• Unclean furniture
• Unwashed bed sheets, pillows and throws
• Room corners or windowsills
• Neglected oven or microwave

3. Open your windows

If adding air fresheners and candles is simply not working, another quick and easy technique to make your house smell good is to open your windows and let in some fresh air. According to research, opening your windows once a week for around 5 minutes, on average, will help eliminate any unwanted smells, such as stale, musty air.

Furthermore, allowing sunlight into your home has been proven to kill mould and other odour-causing bacteria, making this an all-round effective technique to restore your home to its former glory and get it smelling its best once again.

Although you may find this technique more challenging throughout the cold, winter months, opening one window for just a few minutes will make a difference and help make your home smell fresh.


If you’re still struggling to eliminate any lingering odours, or simply do not have enough time to deep clean your home, explore End Of Tenancy cleaning services today.

4. Get cooking!

Cooking is a useful and effective technique to fill your home with the smell of fresh, home cooked food. But, when choosing which food to cook, it is important to bear in mind which foods create a nice aroma. Avoid fatty, greasy foods such as bacon and garlic, as these won’t produce welcoming smells and make your house smell nice to inhabitants or guests.

Instead, you might want to opt for foods which create warm, homely smells, such as cookies, banana bread and cinnamon rolls. Alternatively, you can create a fresh baked smell, by cooking coconut milk chicken or frying onions.

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5. Create perfume bombs

An old but classic trick that really does work is creating perfume bombs. To do this, collect several cotton balls, before soaking them in your favourite scent, perfume or cologne. After this, hide these cotton balls in various places around your home. This will secretly deposit scents into each room, giving little whiffs of heaven.

Some good hiding places around the house include:

• In or between furniture, such as a sofa
• In cupboards/wardrobes
• Inside your vacuum canister

6. Use your washing machine

Let’s be honest, freshly laundered clothes is one of the most wonderful smells in the world. Therefore, it is no doubt that people do this in order to make their house smell fresh quickly.

Wash any dirty clothes, bed sheets and throws, before hanging them to dry around the house, to ensure the freshly laundered smell fills the home from corner to corner. Furthermore, placing dry fresh bed sheets in hidden areas, such as within wardrobes, is an effective way at making your house smell good all the time.

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Making your house smell nice can be time consuming, and if you only have limited time on your hands, you may struggle to keep your house smelling fresh. Don’t stress. Here at End Of Tenancy, we offer professional, reliable and efficient domestic cleaning packages. Our cleaners will leave your house looking and smelling fresher than ever. Get in touch with our expert team today to make an enquiry.