What To Avoid Cleaning During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy may cause different types of influence on a woman’s body and mind. Some ladies blossom like flowers during that period. Others feel sick and get exhausted even by normal and regular activities like doing the laundry, cooking going for a walk, or cleaning during pregnancy. However, you should be very careful in the last months of pregnancy. You may have some pains and definitely will have more weight to carry around while your baby is growing. In that condition, cleaning your home might become a really tough task.

cleaning during pregnancy pregnant woman

Even if you feel great, there are some recommendations, concerning what to avoid in cleaning during pregnancy.

1. Be careful with some cleaning products.

Every household is full of different types of cleaners. Usually, women do not pay much attention if they contain risky solvents. Most of the time you just pick up the most effective cleaner. The situation is much more different when you expect a baby. There are a few rules you should follow when cleaning during pregnancy:

  • cleaning during pregnancy irritant cleaneralways read the cleaners’ labels – check if there are some warnings for pregnant women or instructions for a specific use, choose non-toxic products or make a natural cleaner yourself by using white vinegar and baking soda, avoid buying any cleaner with a label that says “danger”, “corrosive” or “irritant” even if you have used it without a problem before your pregnancy;
  • do not use harsh chemicals that contain bleach or ammonia – their mixture may be especially dangerous for you, the toxic fumes and strong-smelling chemicals will make you sick and can provoke unpleasant reactions with your nose and eyes;
  • pay serious attention to oven and window cleaning products – they usually contain glycol ethers, if you inhale some fumes while cleaning, it could be dangerous for your baby;
  • skip using mildew cleaners – most of them contain phenols, which is also dangerous for the normal growth and development of your baby; what is more, mould and mildew, that form in your bathroom or kitchen, produce some poisonous substances and it is not recommended to clean it yourself, ask someone else to do it instead of you and if the problem is serious call a professional cleaning company;cleaning during pregnancy open window
  • make sure there is proper ventilation when cleaning your home – open the windows or switch on the fan to let some fresh air in the rooms, one space that you really need to avoid in cleaning during pregnancy is your oven, that is because using an oven cleaner in this tiny and narrow place will be toxic for you and you will not be able to breathe normally;
  • wear protective gloves when using cleaning products – no matter what kind of cleaners you use (professional or homemade) do not forget to put on some gloves, your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and you should protect it.

2. Avoid doing some actions that can put you in danger while cleaning.

Your belly is literally growing every day and probably you cannot wait to see your baby. However, in the last few months of your pregnancy, that sweet big belly will create some difficulties with the usual movements of your body. Have in mind that you should be very careful when bending, getting up from your knees, squatting. In addition, you should not carry anything that is more than 1 or 2 kilograms. So when you clean your home, you have to avoid:

  • washing high windows;cleaning during pregnancy cleaning mop
  • moving furniture;
  • mopping floors or stairs (it may become slippery);
  • vacuuming carpets ( when your vacuum cleaner is too heavy);
  • wiping dust under some furniture ( when you need to bend);
  • being in tight spaces where there is no ventilation and fresh air.

When your baby arrives at your home you will probably have something to clean or wash every day. Think about your condition now and you will make the conclusion that it is a good idea to save your strength for later. So if you decide to avoid cleaning during pregnancy or at least the last few months, just call a professional cleaning company. Enjoy your expecting!

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