Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Microwave

Probably we can find a microwave in every modern home. Their use is an everyday fact because it is the fastest way to heat food. If we have to compare, cleaning your microwave is much easier than cleaning your oven. It will take you less effort and time. So you just need to get into the right mood and spend only 15 minutes making the microwave in your kitchen fresh and clean.

cleaning your microwave clean_microwave

Here are our domestic tips for cleaning your microwave.

1. Choose the right product for cleaning.

If you prefer natural cleaners, you can use:

  • lemon;
  • white vinegar.

If you decide to buy some chemical products for cleaning your microwave, you can use:

  • dish soap;
  • window cleaner.

2. Prepare materials for cleaning.

No matter what method you have chosen you will need:

  • some water;cleaning your microwave materials
  • a cleaning product (lemon, white vinegar, dish soap);
  • one microwave-safe bowl;
  • a toothpick (it is not necessary);
  • a sponge;
  • a clean rag or paper towels.

3. Start cleaning your microwave.

cleaning your microwave lemonPour one cup of water with a half cup of cleaning product into the bowl. If you have a lemon in your kitchen and you like to do it naturally, squeeze it in the water and put there the lemon pieces, too. What is more, the pleasant scent of a lemon is really refreshing.

Placing a toothpick in the water solution depends on whether your bowl is completely smooth or not (usually they are not). This is a precaution for explosions. When water boils, some bubbles appear. They cannot form on very smooth surfaces. That is why you can put a small wooden object like a toothpick to collect the bubbles on itself. By doing that you avoid any chances for the liquid to explode.

cleaning your microwave wipe_microwaveHeat the water solution in your microwave for five minutes on high power. The boiling water will form steam. There is no need to open the microwave door right away. Leave it for two minutes more after the time is up. In this way, steam will do its job by loosening all food gunk and dirty spots. Use oven mitts or a thick towel when you remove the microwave-safe bowl. It will be very hot. Take out the turntable tray and wash it in the sink. Now dip the sponge in the water mixture and wipe the inside of the microwave oven. Scrub away any dirt from the ceiling, sides, floor, and door of your microwave. Finish by using a clean rag or paper towels to dry it.

4. Pay more attention to stubborn spots.

cleaning your microwave heat_foodThere is a big chance to have some stubborn spots and unpleasant smells in your microwave. Usually, people do not notice all that dirt inside until it is hard to wipe it clean. Steam cleaning makes your efforts easier. So you can leave that bowl with water solution for a longer time in your microwave. After that, you can use not only a sponge but also an old toothbrush for easy access to corners or tiny dirty spots.


As a result, you should have a white and clean microwave where food can be heated with no worries. If you need some help cleaning your microwave and kitchen, you can always call a professional company. It is really nice to cook in a bright and clean space and to know that someone else can take care of all that cleaning!