How To Choose The Right After Tenancy Cleaning Company

End of tenancy cleaning is dirty, tiresome and time-consuming. But at the end of the tenancy in a rental property, an outstanding cleaning job is the renter’s responsibility and is essential for the full return of your security deposit.

Rather than doing it themselves many people choose to outsource their end of tenancy cleaning jobs to professional companies. But how do you find the right cleaning company? And how do you avoid the wrong one?

These questions below should prove helpful…

1. Will they clean thoroughly?

Be sure your cleaning company does more than just a quick wipe-down of surfaces. You want a thorough cleaning that leaves the property looking as good as when you moved in.

2. Do they provide an end of tenancy cleaning checklist of exactly what you can expect?

The best companies have a list of what they do. That list should include: cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms; vacuuming rugs and upholstery; washing floors; cleaning all glass (mirrors, picture frames, insides of windows, etc.); dusting/wiping of windowsills, banisters, wooden furniture, etc.; disposal of rubbish and debris; and so on.

Download Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning Task List

3. Are they reliable?

You want a company with a reputation and a website. Don’t cut corners by hiring the kid down the block who has his mother’s mop and broom—you’ll risk losing some of your deposit.

4. Does the cleaning company have both tenants and landlords as clients?

A business that serves landlords as well as tenants is in a great position to know what landlords require.

5. Will they do a re-clean if needed?

The best services never have to re-clean, but make sure this company will, in case you need it.

6. Do they have a high level of customer satisfaction?

You don’t want a company that satisfies customers some of the time—you should require 100% customer satisfaction.

7. Do they have standardised pricing?

No guesswork, no surprises, no unexpected add-ons—make sure the cleaning company tells you the price up front. Better still, make sure prices are shown on the company’s website.

Use these questions as a guideline, and you’ll be sure to get a great end of tenancy cleaning job that will please you—and your landlord!

How To Choose The Right End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company?

So choosing one over the others company is not an easy task and choosing the right one for you is even more harder and time consuming than you can think. But if you follow our guidance you will have a great starting point.