How To Choose The Right After Tenancy Cleaning Company

When it comes to cleaning, most people aren’t the biggest fans. This is especially true when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning – the mammoth task that gets in the way of all the other things you need to do. Hiring a professional team to do this takes all of the stress away, but how can you choose the right after tenancy cleaning company? 

By choosing the best company for you, you are ensuring you get the job done exactly as you want it. They’ll stick to your instructions but offer professional advice when you need it, making sure you are left with the results you need. 

How End of Tenancy Cleaning can help you

Moving is an incredibly stressful task, even when renting. There are so many areas that need your attention – new contracts, packing, sorting out transportation – so you don’t need anything else piling up on top of it. 

End of tenancy cleaning is dirty, tiresome and time-consuming. But at the end of the tenancy in a rental property, an outstanding cleaning job is the renter’s responsibility and is essential for the full return of your security deposit.

Rather than doing it themselves, many people choose to outsource their end of tenancy cleaning jobs to professional companies but a question that often weighs heavy on their mind is how to avoid the wrong one. 

8 questions for picking the right end of tenancy cleaning company

1. Will they clean thoroughly?

Be sure your cleaning company does more than just a quick wipe-down of surfaces. You want a thorough cleaning that leaves the property looking as good as when you moved in. A thorough cleaning job includes focusing on your oven (both inside and outside), fridges, freezers, windows, bathroom and shower head, bedroom and living room spaces. 

This is especially important as the end of tenancy clean will have a direct impact on the return of your deposit. If it is not up to the standard of the landlord then they are able to withhold part of your deposit to cover all costs required to fix this. 

2. Will they give you what you expect?

The best companies have a list of what they do. That list should include cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuuming rugs and upholstery, washing floors, cleaning all glass (mirrors, picture frames, insides of windows, etc.), dusting/wiping of surfaces and the disposal of rubbish or debris.

When you first get into contact with a professional cleaning company, they should be able to tell you exactly what they’re able to do and the pricing for this. 

3. Are they reliable?

You want a company with a reputation and a website. Don’t cut corners by hiring the kid down the block who has his mother’s mop and broom—you’ll risk losing some of your deposit.

A good after tenancy cleaning company will give you the exact time and date they’ll be able to attend to your rented property and will stick to this. To make sure, you can read through reviews on Trustpilot to see how other customers found their services. 

4. Who do they serve?

A business that serves landlords, as well as tenants, is in a great position to know what landlords require. As they have extensive experience in getting a house ready to landlord standards, they’ll be able to give you advice on what areas they usually look for and important cleaning tasks. 

If they just serve tenants, the company will have a very one-sided view of end of tenancy cleaning and this may cost you further money down the line. 

5. What is their customer service like?

The best services never have to re-clean, but make sure this company will, in case you need it. At the stage of enquiry, make sure you ask any potential cleaning teams what their policy is if their customers are unhappy with the level of their cleaning. 

You don’t want a company that satisfies customers some of the time – you should require 100% customer satisfaction.

6. Do they have standardised pricing?

No guesswork, no surprises, no unexpected add-ons – make sure the cleaning company tells you the price upfront. Better still, make sure prices are shown on the company’s website.

This transparency tells you a lot about a company. The lack of hidden extras shows confidence in their services and the prices they have in place. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extensive price list from any cleaning company you are interested in and avoid the ones who can’t provide one. 

7. Do they follow health and safety guidelines?

The right cleaning company for you will have a good knowledge of health and safety guidelines and will put this to use during their jobs. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt because the team decided to speed up the process by taking a dangerous shortcut.

Cleaning can be a surprisingly dangerous task, especially with various chemicals mixing, so choosing a company that follows health and safety guidelines is paramount. 

8. Can they adapt to your requirements?

The last area to consider is, is the company flexible and ready to adapt to your requirements? They should not have a one-size-fits-all policy and instead changes their approach depending on individual factors of the customer and household. 

If you have specific areas you want the team to focus on, then they should be more than happy to do so. 

End of tenancy cleaning for landlords

When a tenant moves out and leaves the rented property in a mess, it’s up to landlords to fix this. They can’t let a new set of tenants move into a dirty house so they must act quickly if they want their cash flow to continue coming in. 

The above questions are great for landlords too as many of the same guidelines apply. However, it can be helpful to know whether any cleaning company will offer some form of discount if regular work is promised which can then lead to a great partnership between the two. 

Following our advice on choosing the right after tenancy cleaning company will save you a lot of time, effort and potentially a lot of money. It pays to be picky when it comes to large jobs like this so don’t be tempted to cut any corners and instead come to the best first.

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