Tips To Reduce Home Wastage In London

Home Waste:

If you are not cleaning your home for a long time, tons of dust particles gets stored in corners that are actually unreachable in your home. These minute dust particles often make you feel uncomfortable and at worst case, causes health issues. Hence cleaning your home with just a wet mop is not enough, we have to clean home in a way that’s 100% Free from dust particles and germs. This will help you create a good-looking environment and great feel with the ambience of cleanliness.

eot waste management tips

Deep home cleaning is the process of cleaning each and every corner of your home. Professional cleaning experts first dispose of waste items in the home, sweep and mop the floors!

Waste Segregation

Waste segregation relates to the division of wet waste and dry waste. While cleaning home, the main purpose is to recycle dry waste and to do wet waste as fertiliser.

Why Waste Segregation?

When we separate waste, there is the decrease of waste that is sent to be dumped in waste landfills which utilises space. When we segregate waste into different types, we therefore minimise the pollution in Air to a considerable level.

Segregating waste also makes the recycling process simple. We will have the ability to utilise techniques like – composting, recycling and incineration can be implemented to various kinds of waste removal.

Steps to manage and segregate waste:

  1. Maintain separate containers for dry and wet garbage in the kitchen.
  2. Put two containers for dry trash collection such as paper and plastic, for rest of household waste use a separate one.
  3. Once the containers are emptied, make sure its kept clean.
  4. Transfer wet garbage out of your home every day. Save and export dry waste out of the house, once a week.

A group of like-minded people can practice this waste management methods as recommended by cleaning experts. This will help in reducing the amount of waste that’s being generated everyday!

The method of waste separation should be thoroughly disclosed to family / neighbours.