Vacation Rental Cleaning For Agencies And Airbnb Hosts

AirBnb-Cleaning-ServicesWe understand how hectic it can be cleaning a rental property once a renter has gone, and a new one is on the way. This is especially so if you’re managing more one than one rentals. Our Airbnb cleaning services will grant you convenience and the assurance that the next guest finds the place impressively spruced up. We assign special maids who’ll clean up the rooms, change the beddings and replace the sheets with clean, fresh ones. Remember that image counts a lot and first impression matters so much in holiday rentals. Airbnb guests will leave comments in reviews that help in ranking. Ours is to ensure that guests find the rental property clean, spruced up, and welcoming. Most guests tend to leave in the morning hours and as such, we’re always pleased to dispatch our cleaners at noon.

How to book us super fast;

  • Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to speak to you. Alternatively, you can contact us online and we’ll organize an appointment.
  • You should also give us details of the property, its size, location, and so on.
  • We prefer that you have your own cleaning tools and detergents, so that ours is to simply send over a professional cleaner. The cleaner can bring her own cleaning products, but on special request.
  • We’ll liaise closely with you so that we know the exact time a guest leaves and the place is ready for cleaning. We’re punctual and always keep time.

We offer Linen hire services;

The secret to remaining on top of the listings in Airbnb and other major rental businesses, you have to surprise your guests with new ideas, ways of doing things. Our maids can bring clean and quality sheets, pillow cases and towels at the end of occupancy of a renter, and take away the used ones for cleaning and ironing. Usually, we assign two pairs of sheets, towels; so that when one is being used another set is clean and ready for the next guest. With such an arrangement, you will rest assured that your property is ever ready for occupancy at any one given time. As a regular client, we are able to assign a special account manager who’ll be in charge of overseeing the cleaning and housekeeping of your rental property.  The cleaner will take photos of the property immediately they arrive to clean it and some shots of the place once the cleaning is done. Special attention is given to ensure that the kitchen and bathroom are thoroughly spruced up; these are the places most guests look at first.

What rental agencies and Airbnb hosts can expect from our cleaning services;

Like aforementioned, we’re punctual and like to keep time. Seeing that most guests tend to leave in the AM hours, we have a policy of dispatching cleaners from noon. By the time he or she arrives, we expect that the renter has already picked up their personal belongings and left. You should also facilitate the cleaner’s access to the property. Cleaning usually starts with mopping and dusting up the place, scrubbing the tiles, sinks, windows, and so on. We’ll also clean the oven as well as your fridge and freezers. Once through, the cleaner will then change the used linen and replace it with clean and fresh sets. It’s also important that the windows are opened for a few hours in order to help freshen up the place. By the end of the exercise, the rental space is attractive and extremely welcoming to the next guest.

We also resupply toiletries;

Affordable-End-Of-Tenancy An Airbnb checkout cleaning exercise ought to be holistic and thorough; cleanliness is one thing, convenience is another. This is a fact we understand so well and as such, we can help in resupplying toiletries to your property. It’s not enough that the place is clean and spruced up; we will bring packages of toiletries that will surely guarantee the comfort of the next guest. These include;

  • Bin bag liners, toilet rolls, a shower cap, and a tea towel
  • Shampoo, bath and shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, and showering soap

Most visitors will be keenly reading reviews of past guests to your Airbnb property and the best you can do is to make their stay wonderful. Our professional cleaning services are tailored to ensure that the minute a guest arrives at the property; he or she finds a place that’s clean, warm, and welcoming. There should be no lapse in sprucing up the place between the time one guests leaves and another comes in. We offer same day services and the cleaner will get the place cleaned up in a matter of a few hours.

We’re a reputable company; you can never go wrong with us;

  • All our cleaners are professionals, they are thoroughly vetted. They’re insured and passionate about what they do.
  • We cover London and the immediate surrounding areas. Just get in touch today and share details of the property you want cleaned up.
  • Our holistic approach to cleaning means that we also offer laundry collection and linen hire services.
  • We also resupply toiletries
  • Like aforementioned, we offer same day cleaning services and on short notice. However, once you become a regular customer, we’ll assign a special manager who’ll oversee cleaning and upkeep of your rental property for the agreed duration.
  • Our cleaners will help in the preparation of a check in and checkout report. This includes taking photos of the property immediately a renter has left, and others at the end of the cleaning exercise. If the cleaner has noted any damage upon arrival at the property, that’s noted down in the report.
  • Together with holiday rental cleaning, we also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning.

When it comes to holiday rentals cleaning, trust and integrity are two crucial considerations. Which is why like earlier mentioned, we ensure that all our cleaners are carefully picked and vetted, before hiring. Thus, by the time we’re sending them to come to your property we’re 100% certain that they’re trustworthy. In the years that we’ve been offering our cleaning services, we’ve never reported any incidents of loss or damage to property. We take utmost care and caution to ensure that no items or valuables get lost or damaged when cleaning.

Airbnb cleaning tips;

When guests are leaving reviews and comments on Airbnb, 90% will make conclusions based on the cleanliness of the property. Below, we have compiled a quick guide on the essentials of holiday rental cleaning. This list always guides us in our cleaning exercises;

  1. Ventilation; most property owners do much to clean and spruce up the place, but little to ventilate the space. The next guest doesn’t want to be met with a lingering scent of the previous guest’s perfume, aftershave, or food they prepared! Ventilation is important; it helps improve on the air quality.
  2.  Dust hunting; secondly, it’s vital to note that dust tends to hide in the most unlikely of places. On the widow sills, photo frames, on top of cabinets, curtain rails; these are some of the areas that our cleaners always give priority.
  3. Get rid of trash; most guests tend to leave much trash behind, whether in the bins, kitchen countertops, and so on. We help empty such trash and disinfect the bins.
  4. Kitchen cleaning; there’s more to kitchen cleaning than just sprucing up the floor and other surfaces. Always ensure that other appliances in the kitchen are also cleaned. They include toasters, fridges, and ovens, to mention but a few. One trick we advise property owners to try is the use of tea bags to help the fridge get rid of bad odour. Alternatively, baking soda also helps in keeping the fridge free of bad odour.
  5. Remove hair; it is sad but true, that something as small as a hair can make you lose your ratings on Airbnb! Always check the bathroom drainage and sinks to ensure that no hair is left behind. Similarly, search for it in the bathroom and near mirrors, vacuum the place if need be. Guests have a tendency of being blind to the good and perfect, but quick to notice what’s astray. Watch out for stray hair that may easily ruin a guest’s good opinion of your property.
  6. Bathroom has to be clean; pay special attention to mirrors and glass, use a clean cloth to wipe off dust, tooth paste remnants, and such like. Stubborn soap scum in windows and shower heads can be gently wiped with vinegar and a piece of cloth. Basically, a rental property is only as clean as its bathroom; ensure that the cleaning is thorough and impeccable.


For more details on our vacation rental cleaning services and pricing, feel free to speak to us today. We have a professional customer care team that’s on standby 24/7.  Get in touch now and you’ll be impressed by our thorough and affordable cleaning services