Professional Hallway Cleaning Tips For End Of Tenancy

Hallway cleaning is always difficult if its crowded. Here is a best collection checklist items to have while you are cleaning your hallway!

  • Remove Cobwebs – This is usually caused due to old and dusty place.
  • Clean cornice / curtain rails in the Hallway
  • Clean mirrors throughout with Microfiber cloth
  • Clean and polish windows fully
  • Upholstery should be vacuumed
  • Cushions should be moved and clean below
  • Clean the doors throughout and wipe them to make sure it’s dry
  • Clean all skirting boards and wood works, do not use wet wipes
  • Clean switches & fittings, plugs, lamp shades, sockets and bulbs
  • Clean cupboards and furnishings
  • Remove Dust and polish all flat surfaces
  • Mop the floor and let it dry