End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning The Bathroom

Tackling the bathroom is perhaps the worst job in the home for end of tenancy cleaning, or routine clean-ups. The following tips won’t make bathroom cleaning more enjoyable —nothing can!—but they might make it easier and a bit less unpleasant.


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Our Top End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Cleaning The Bathroom

  1. Stay on Top of Things. If you clean your bathroom regularly any clean-up will go faster because you’ll have less disgusting dirt to deal with.
  2. Prevention. Prevent dirt from building up by cleaning each day. Wipe down the counters and tile each morning. Put cleanser in the toilet at night; swish with the toilet brush and flush each morning.
  3. Stop Messes before They Start. Turn away from mirrors and windows when brushing your teeth to avoid splatters. Switch to shower gel and facial gel to eliminate soap build-up.
  4. One at a Time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, even in a single room, so think of the bathroom in terms of areas—floor, tub, sink, toilet, windows, walls, etc.—and tackle one at a time.
  5. Get Ready. Assemble products and tools in advance—that way, you won’t have to run to the store for a toilet brush in the middle of the cleaning job.
  6. Think Teeth. An old toothbrush makes a great tool for scrubbing grout between tiles. A string of dental floss can be wrapped around fixtures to clean tiny crevices.
  7. Launder and Replace. Wash towels, window curtains, shower curtains, etc. regularly. Replace bath mats, window sheers, and shower curtain liners during end of tenancy cleaning or when they start to look worn.
  8. Be Organised. Keep shelves and drawers nicely arranged. Don’t let clutter build up. Throw away outdated and no-longer-used products.
  9. Be Aggressive. For end of tenancy cleaning, go after dirt aggressively. Make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned corners and out-of-sight areas, too, such as the under-the-sink cupboard.
  10. Eliminate Mould. Mould is unsightly and dangerous. Scrub mouldy areas with a solution of half bleach and half water; be sure to wear a mask and rubber gloves.

If you haven’t kept things tidy, be prepared to use elbow grease during your end of tenancy cleaning. And keep in mind the potential reward—getting your deposit back!


End Of Tenancy Cleaning - Bathroom Cleaning Tips


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